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  • Golang implements single sign on system (go SSO)


    This is a single sign on system based on go language, which realizes mobile number registration, mobile number + verification code login, mobile number + password login, account logout and other functions. User authentication adopts cookie and JWT. The related methods of sending and receiving SMS have been provided, and only need to make corresponding […]

  • Session and login mechanism


    githubAddress: stamp here session concept A solution for maintaining state between client and server The storage structure of this solution Characteristic BecauseSessionIt is stored in the form of a text file on the server side, so it is not afraid of the client modifying the session content. (you can also use other storage methods such […]

  • How to implement single sign on based on JWT in spring boot


    Preface Recently, our group is going to integrate one management system a with another system B. in order to make users more convenient and avoid multiple system logins, we hope to achieve the effect that users can operate in these two systems only by logging in once. It is obvious that this is the effect […]

  • Implementation of multi site single sign on


    Today I am writing about the implementation of single sign on under multi domain name. In such a scenario, there are multiple sites with different domain names under the company. We expect users to log in at any site and open several other sites in the logged in state. This process is single sign on. […]

  • Implementation scheme of multi-site single sign-on


    Today, I will write an article about the implementation of single sign-on under multiple domain names. In this scenario, there are many sites with different domain names under the company. We expect users to log in at any one site, and when they open several other sites, they will also be logged in. This process […]