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  • Hyperf full project -1-jwt authority authentication


    1. Installation dependency composer require phper666/jwt-auth 2. New Middleware <?php declare(strict_types=1); namespace App\Middleware; use App\Model\User; use Phper666\JWTAuth\JWT; use Hyperf\Utils\Context; use Psr\Http\Message\ResponseInterface; use Psr\Http\Server\MiddlewareInterface; use Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface; use Psr\Http\Server\RequestHandlerInterface; use Phper666\JwtAuth\Exception\TokenValidException; use Hyperf\HttpServer\Contract\ResponseInterface as HttpResponse; class JwtAuthMiddleware implements MiddlewareInterface { /** * @var HttpResponse */ protected $response; protected $prefix = ‘Bearer’; protected $jwt; public function __construct(HttpResponse $response, […]

  • Unified identity authentication platform


    Recently, a unified identity authentication platform has been developed in spare time. The main purpose is to uniformly manage user login information and provide single sign on (SSO) interface and token authentication interface. Technical selection: Front end: Vue, element UI Back end: java8, springboot, JPA, mybatis, redis, MySQL Access address (username / password: admin / […]

  • Redis migrate data migration tool


    You may encounter the problem of migrating data from a single point of redis to a redis cluster, but you can’t bother the O & M to do it. In order to facilitate the research and development of their own data migration, I have written a simple redis migration tool here, hoping to be useful […]

  • Keycloak article summary


    Keycloak article summary Keyloak is an open source tool dedicated to application and service authentication and access management. The purpose of protecting applications and services can be achieved through simple configuration. user management Your application does not need to develop login module, verify users and save users. Keyloak has developed user management, login, registration, password […]

  • Work problem summary II: H5 development, Android return key problem


    1. Route jump page overwrite In the component, it is necessary to jump to the page and do not let the user return, such as payment, login, logout, etc. Please make the following modifications: 1. This. $router. Push() is completely rewritten as this. $router. Replace() 2. < router link to = “/” > rewrite all […]

  • Brother song teaches you how to get started with spring boot + CAS single sign on


    In microservices and distributed systems, single sign on is becoming more and more common. SongGe also introduced the single sign on Scheme in two previous articles: Oauth2 + JWT scheme @Enableoauth2sso annotation scheme In these two schemes, JWT has a problem of logout and login, which needs some effort to be [email protected] Enableoauth2sso notes that […]

  • Spring boot implements the third scheme of single sign on!


    Brother song has published two articles earlier, which are also two solutions, talking about single sign on: Oauth2 + JWT scheme @Enableoauth2sso annotation scheme Today, let’s introduce the third scheme, which uses spring security to develop CAS single sign on system client. The last article talked about CAS single sign on and the construction of […]

  • Spring boot + CAS single sign on, how to connect to the database?


    In the previous two articles, SongGe shared with you the construction of CAS server and how to use spring security to build CAS client. However, there is a problem in the previous case, that is, the login user is written dead in the CAS server configuration file and does not connect to the database. In […]

  • Three implementation methods of single sign on


    Excerpt fromJava learner communityAn article for everyone to learn fromOriginal address preface Implementation method 1: parent domain cookie Implementation mode 2: Certification Center Implementation method 3: localstorage cross domain Supplement: domain name classification preface stayB/SIn the system, the login function is usually based onCookieTo achieve. When the user logs in successfully, the login status is […]

  • The default login page of spring boot + CAS is too ugly. What should I do?


    Recently, another one has plunged into spring Security + CAS. CAS single sign on has been written for four consecutive articles. Friends must read them in order so that the following articles can be easily understood. The last article shared with you the problem of CAS server accessing the database. Today, let’s see how to […]

  • First draft of JT project summary (3)


    JT project part of the detailed business code 1) Business introduction: 1.1) anonymous access ~~~~ If the user visits the shopping cart module or order module, the interceptor will intercept the request and redirect it to the user login page. Specific code: @Override public boolean preHandle(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response, Object handler) throws Exception { //1. […]