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  • Writing method of direct parsing function in PHP string


    Writing method of direct parsing function in PHP string In theory, strings in PHP cannot parse functions, only variables. Recently, a special writing method has been found, which allows strings to directly parse functions. Writing method //Single line ${! ${”} = code} //Multiline ${!${”} = code } Personally, I think this writing method is actually […]

  • IOS development label set text ceiling status


    When writing labels, we usually set numberoflines = 0 if we encounter line breaks; This will automatically wrap the line. At this time, there will be a problem. If the number of words can be displayed in one line, the text in the label will be aligned up and down in the middle. At this […]

  • Tips! Research on CSS whole block text overflow and ellipsis


    Today’s article is very interesting. Let’s talk about some interesting details of the whole text overflow and omitting management. Text super long dot As we all know, up to today (2021 / 03 / 06), CSS provides two ways to make it easy for us to manage and omit ultra long text. aboutSingle line text, […]

  • [Linux] single line command – Part 2: bioinformatics one liners


    A single command can turn complexity into simplicity. The Epee has no edge and great skill. Next, learn the practical single line command of student letter. Basic awk and sed commands Sed: stream editor Extract columns 2, 4 and 5 of the file: awk ‘{print $2,$4,$5}’ input.txt Row equal to abc123 in column 5 of […]

  • Echo of form of antd


    Recently, I just started to use antd. I searched around the Internet, but it was not very clear. So save my usage. 1 using initialvalue render() { // @ts-ignore const {location} = this.props; const data = location.state; let responsiblePeoplePhone = {}; if(data){ responsiblePeoplePhone={initialValue:data.responsiblePeoplePhone||”}; } return( <FormItem {…formItemLayout} Label = “contact information of person in charge” […]

  • Golang comments


    In the last section, we learned how to write oneHello GoHowever, you may not understand why it is written like that. Let’s learn about it through notes We annotate some codes in the program by using our familiar language (for example, Chinese). This is the role of annotation, which can greatly enhance the readability of […]

  • Summer self-study day 09 | database (I) – SQL, DDL


    Series articles: Summer self-study day 09 | database (I) – SQL, DDL Summer self-study day 10 | database (II) – DML Summer self-study day 10 | database (III) – DQL Summer self-study day 11 | database (IV) – constraints Summer self-study day 12 | database (V) – multi table, database design Summer self-study day 13 […]

  • How does latex output backslashes and single line comments


    Single backslash Use “\ backslah” to represent “\”, as shown in the following figure: \backslash Double backslash “\ \” is represented by “\ backslash \ backslash”, as shown in the following figure: Single-Line Comments x+1=y\\ Latex blogging skills This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this article Hacking

  • Self taught PHP notes (I) PHP syntax


    This article is forwarded from:https://blog.csdn.net/KH_FC/a… PHP basic syntax PHP uses a special pair of tags to contain PHP code, mixed with HTML code. When the server parses the page, it can automatically filter out the PHP script and interpret it, and finally pass the generated static web page to the client. 1. PHP Tags Generally, […]

  • There are two kinds of left-right structure, two kinds of left-right structure, two kinds of left-right structure, one line ellipsis and multiple line ellipsis


    horizontally 1, text-align: center 2, magin: 0 auto 3. Flex layout, set justify content: Center Vertical center 1, line height single line center 2. Set padding to the parent element. PX 0 3. Flex layout, set align items: Center 4, position:absolute,top:50%,transform:translate(-50%)

  • Basic program structure of go language: Notes


    The function of annotation in the program is to annotate and explain the program, which is easy to read the source code. Adding annotations appropriately in the source code can improve the readability of the source code. There are two kinds of annotations in go language, one is single line annotation and the other is […]

  • Hide and show ellipsis beyond text


    //Single line overflow:hidden; //Text hidden beyond text- overflow:ellipsis; //Overflow is shown with an ellipsis white- space:nowrap; //Overflow does not wrap` //Multi line overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; display:-webkit-box; //As an elastic expansion box model. -webkit-box- orient:vertical; //Set the child element arrangement of the telescopic box — vertically from top to bottom -webkit-line- clamp:2; //Rows displayed