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  • [php design pattern] singleton pattern


    Three key points for realizing singletons: 1. Use a static member to maintain a single instance 2. A private constructor allows the class to be instantiated only in the internal method of the class 3. In the static method of instantiating an object, it is first judged whether the static variable has been assigned, and […]

  • Initial Learning Notes for Design Patterns (Single Case Patterns)


    About design patterns, long ago through reading some information on the Internet about the design patterns (recommended big-story design patterns), although it seems to understand, but each time when the need to use the relevant design patterns, always can not remember, mainly for each design pattern use scenario has not been thoroughly studied, has remained […]

  • [iOS-OC] OC Foundation-Implementation of Singletons


    Multithreading should always be considered in client development. I started with front-end development, and I often didn’t think enough about it. Bear in mind. Common Writing of Singles There are actually two common ways to write singletons 1. dependent locks + (id)sharedInstance { static testClass *sharedInstance = nil; @synchronized(self) { if (!sharedInstance) { sharedInstance = […]