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  • Actuator of mybatis


    In this article, let’s talk about the executors of mybatis, and see how to use different executors in different scenarios and the implementation principle of different executors (based on mybatis 3.4.6). Knowledge points What is an actuator Mybatis actuator type and when to use it Implementation principle of each actuator What is an actuator As […]

  • Python + appium automated test – repeat test cases


    There is a delay in updating articles on this website. If you need to view articles about Python + appium, please go to testome and follow me.https://testerhome.com/topics/27802 From the notes of beginners of APP Android automatic test, please give us more advice on what is wrong. In the process of functional testing, we often encounter […]

  • [IOS development] how to use the message extension of rongyun


    [IOS development] how to use the message extension of rongyun Starting from version [4.0.3], rongyun has added the message extension function. The document is as follows:https://docs.rongcloud.cn/v4/… Several key points in the summary document: Versions before 4.0.3 cannot be used. Message extension is the attribute of rcmessage class, that is, custom messages can also be used. […]

  • Paging Display Method of Single Article Based on WordPress


    In this paper, an example is given to illustrate how WordPress realizes the paging display of a single article. Share for your reference. Specific analysis is as follows: Many friends know that the Paging of WordPress Articles is usually implemented by plug-ins. Here we introduce the concrete method of realizing Paging Display of WordPress Articles […]