• Unidbg calls so file


    Unidbg is a reverse tool based on unicorn, which can directly call so files in Android and IOS on the PC side 1. Unidbg download address:https://github.com/zhkl0228/u… The unidbg project is written in Java, and the above download is a standard Maven project. Make sure that JDK and Maven are installed on the computer 2. Import […]

  • Let your Windows / Linux play switch!


    1 Preface One day inGithubThere are two on itSwitchSimulator for: yuzu Ryujinx So I wanted to try itLinuxPlay on itSwitch。 This paper first briefly introduces the two simulators, and then the installation, use and basic configuration of the two simulators. The appendix includesVulkanas well asOpenGLComparison andRyujinxandyuzuComparison of. Let’s take a look at what the two […]

  • Report to the boss, our H5 page is white on ios11 system!


    A week ago, a new version of the company’s a project was just developed and released after the test was completed. At this time, I am also ready to get out of the tense development state for many days, thinking I can relax a little. And I didn’t know then,I’m going to face a strong […]

  • Development and debugging of vscode configuration flutter


    Today’s content is not much, mainly about how to configure and debug some of the holes of the flitter, and record them. The dart code plug-in has been installed after the official website tutorial. Previously, I used the command line after the flutter emulator to execute the flutter run. Every time I update the code, […]

  • [flutter 1-3] Android studio error your CPU does not support VT-x


    First address of the article The reason for this problem Android simulator needs calculator processor, which must support one of the following virtualization extension technologies: Extension of Intel virtualization technology (VT, VT-x and VMX) Amd Virtualization (AMD-V and SVM) extension Most processors will support it. Take Intel processor as an example. Open in Bois If […]

  • Deveco studio 2.0 is designed for “efficient development” of cross end applications


    On December 16, the much anticipated beta version of harmonyos 2.0 was officially released in Beijing. At the same time, as a supporting ide tool for the beta version of mobile developers, Huawei deveeco studio 2.0 beta 3 also upgrades relevant features and functions for mobile phones, so that we can develop cross end applications […]

  • phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner


    I use the quasar project, and both capacitor and Cordova output an error prompt on the apple simulatorshell unable to obtain video capture deviceIt can be tested on real machine. This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the author and the link of this article quasar

  • Application of remote debugging in Linux vehicle


    Reading guide In the process of software development, debugging is an essential link. The debugging of embedded operating system is very different from that of desktop operating system. The visual debugging ability of embedded system is weaker than that of desktop operating system. For the development of complex business scenarios such as navigation, visual debugging […]

  • Flutter uses singletickerproviderstatemix to report an error


    Recently, I’m learning to develop a flutter application project. After creating tabbar and tabview, I make a network request and display the top tab tag, set tabcontroller, and make the class class implement singletickerproviderstatemixin. The code is as follows class _TravelPageState extends State<TravelPage> with SingleTickerProviderStateMixin{ TabController _tabController; TravelTabModel travelTabModel; List<TravelTab> tabs = []; @override void […]

  • A person to develop a product, small programs from 0 to 1, Chapter 1 development tools


    Since wechat app was officially launched on January 9, 2017, it has attracted the attention of the majority of users. Its low development cost and huge number of wechat users provide business opportunities for many enterprises and individuals. In order to help developers simply create new projects and efficiently develop wechat applets, the wechat team […]

  • Windows and MAC dual platform: the most complete dictionary of building flutter environment


    Building windows environment Step 1: prerequisite – install git (otherwise an error will be reported later) Step 2: download the SDK of flutter and unzip it (direct download is slow, use the following method) 1. Right click the download button on the official website, copy the link address, and change the original address (Mac version […]

  • ADB common commands


    Common commands of ADB View device connections:adb devices -l Installation: ADB install_ Study\apk\app-debug-v1.0-lfj.apk Get package name: ADB shell dumpsys activity top | findstr “activity” Uninstall: ADB uninstall com.my.app [package name] Record log: ADB logcat – V time > D: // desktop / TestMan_ Study\chs.log (PS: “Ctrl + C” exit logging) When error: more than one […]