• Introduction of sleep EDF data set


    For some reason, I came into contact with sleep staging related projects. The following translation introduces the sleep EDF public data set and adds my own understanding for future reference. 1. Introduction of data set sleep-edf(European Data FormatEuropean data format: a simple and flexible format for exchanging and storing multichannel biological and physical signals). Version […]

  • Music post processing: Music distortion effect production


    Distortion, also known as “distortion”, refers to the deviation of the signal in the transmission process compared with the original signal or standard. In music post-processing, the output waveform of a sound is exactly the same as the input waveform, so the sound has no distortion effect. However, if the output waveform is not exactly […]

  • Interface between 65nm SRAM of cypress and ASIC / FPGA / controller


    Cypress aims to grow faster than any semiconductor industry in the automotive, industrial and consumer electronics markets. In security wireless technology, together with MCU, memory, analog IC and USB controller, it provides obvious competitive advantages for the field of Internet of things, and has made great leaps in emerging markets, including networking equipment and autonomous […]

  • Eight usages of killing process under Linux


    The Linux command line provides many commands to kill processes. For example, you can askkillCall a PID to kill the process;pkillThe command uses a regular expression as input, so processes that match the pattern are killed. But there’s another order calledkillallBy default, it precisely matches the parameter name and then kills the matching process. In […]

  • go micro config


    micro.newService New options in () func newOptions(opts …Option) Options { opt := Options{ Auth: auth.DefaultAuth, Broker: broker.DefaultBroker, Cmd: cmd.DefaultCmd, Config: config.DefaultConfig, Client: client.DefaultClient, Server: server.DefaultServer, Store: store.DefaultStore, Registry: registry.DefaultRegistry, Router: router.DefaultRouter, Runtime: runtime.DefaultRuntime, Transport: transport.DefaultTransport, Context: context.Background(), Signal: true, } for _, o := range opts { o(&opt) } return opt } Initialize a bunch […]

  • go micro web


    Examples / web is a simple example of web service.HandleFunc(“/”, helloWorldHandler) The second parameter defines a function as long as the condition is satisfied handler func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request) In the actual project, it’s impossible to use go micro only and roll all the other wheels from 0. Can we introduce the common framework into go micro? […]

  • Primary analog circuits: 9-1 differential mode and common mode inputs


    Back to the catalog In the previous chapter, we analyzed ideal operational amplifiers. Theoretically speaking, the description of abstract ideal devices and their circuit analysis should belong to the category of basic principles of circuits. In this chapter, we will analyze the characteristics of non ideal OP AMP and its parameters. The open-loop voltage gain […]

  • Signals & slots of QT


    Official help document: https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/signalsandslots.html Signals & slots are used for communication between objects. Signal and slot mechanism is the core feature of QT, and it is probably the most different part from other frameworks. Signals and slots are implemented by the meta object system of QT. Background In GUI programming, when we change a widget, […]

  • QObject: the base class of all QT objects


    QObject is the core of QT object model. The main functions of the model are signal and slot mechanism. Q_ Object macro Q_ The object macro is used to enable metaobject properties such as dynamic properties, signals, and slots.For any object that implements signals and slots, you must add Q_ Object macro. Signals and slots […]

  • Operating system — deep understanding of process and thread


    1. Definition of process and thread Process: is a program in execution, a program is loaded into memory and ready to execute, it is a process, is a basic unit of system resource allocation and scheduling. Thread: is an entity of a process, is the basic unit of CPU scheduling and dispatching, it is smaller […]

  • Explore the truth of reload process in nginx


    Today’s article mainly introduces the reload process of nginx. In fact, in the previous article, when we change the nginx configuration file, we will execute the nginx – s reload command. The reason why we execute this command is that we hope that nginx will not stop the service, and always process new requests while […]