• Web front end | HTML tutorial (extremely detailed! Suitable for beginners)


    With the rapid development of Web front-end technology, HTML and CSS have become necessary skills for programmers. If you want to make a web page, just knowing the language is not enough. You also need to learn CSS and JavaScript by yourself. HTML and CSS are easier than JavaScript. What is HTML? HTML:hypertext markup language, […]

  • The Ubuntu service completely removes the trilogy


    In many cases, the package management installation service is used. If it is interrupted, it will cause the lack of relevant dependent packages, so that we cannot complete the installation. If this situation occurs, you can use the following command to solve it 1. DeleteOwnerlessDependent packages forSome packages are used by usapt-get installThe dependent packages […]

  • Pluggable / decoupled scheme of fluent code


    background Because flutter prohibits dynamic features and reflection, flutter code cannot be separated at run time and can only be separated at compile time. Based on this background, uncoupling provides a physical separation scheme. Because it is implemented based on dart, it does not need to rely on the third-party running environment. Application scenario This […]

  • [simple] javascript GC garbage collection mechanism


    Writing is not easy. Reprinting in any form is prohibited without the permission of the author!If you think the article is good, you are welcome to pay attention, praise and share!Continue to share technical blog, pay attention to WeChat official account front-end LeBronNuggets original Why do I need garbage collection In C / C + […]

  • Self created solution! SetTimeout + Promise + async output order? A simple one!!


    preface Hello, I’m Lin Sanxin, aboutEventLoopThere are many knowledge points in the exam at ordinary times. In fact, they are closely related to our daily workEventLoopThe execution sequence can greatly help us locate the problem. Actually, it’s normalEventLoopThe order is easy to distinguish, but ifsetTimeout + Promise + async/awaitWorking together is very tricky. I’ll take […]

  • The content in the HTML pre tag wraps automatically


    In this case, you can use overflow: Auto; (when the code exceeds the container boundary, the scroll box is displayed), but this method is not applicable to all mainstream browsers. Some browsers will directly truncate the exceeded content. We all know< pre > labelPre formatted text can be defined. A common application is to represent […]

  • Golang uses Kafka’s posture correctly – details determine success or failure


    This article is transferred from Jack, who learned from me about im background development It is allowed to be released after being sorted and revised by openim technicians. Write in front Open IM is built by former wechat technology expertsOpen SourceInstant messaging component. Open im includes IM server and client SDK, which realizes important features […]

  • What is the feature level of SAP Spartacus UI


    Each minor version of the Spartacus library contains new features, which are usually improvements to existing components. These functions are usually expected by users, but in some cases, these updates may be regarded as destructive changes, especially when you build your own customization on a specific behavior or DOM structure. Feature level In order to […]

  • What is the code interpretation of SAP Spartacus UI


    For complex and rapidly evolving libraries, it can be challenging to improve existing functionality while maintaining backward compatibility. Code deprecation allows you to properly mark obsolete code and help users transition to better alternatives by warning them. To mark a function, class, method, or property as deprecated, use the @ deprecated tag. Here is an […]

  • Question 42: what is the JS garbage collection mechanism?


    JS memory life cycle Allocate the memory you need Use allocated memory (read, write) Release and return them when they are not needed What is garbage collection mechanism? The garbage collection mechanism is to find out those values that are no longer used, and then release the memory space occupied by them. The garbage collector […]

  • HTML tags must not be forgotten to close


    Building web pages that conform to web standards has always been a topic discussed by jb51.net. Then, do you remember to close all XHTML elements? Some elements in HTML do not need to be closed. When the next element starts, the previous element is automatically closed. This is not allowed in XHTML. All elements must […]

  • Redis + nodejs implements an asynchronous task queue system that can handle massive data


    Project warehouse: https://github.com/jrainlau/n… preface In the recent business, I received a demand to process about 100000 pieces of data. These data are given in the form of strings, and the steps to process them are asynchronous and time-consuming (it takes an average of 25s to process a piece of data). If it is implemented in […]