• Implementation of IOS imitating QQ sidebar


    preface The new version of QQ has made a lot of updates in the UI, one of the more cool effect is its sidegliding navigation bar. Although this UI has been imitated to imitate rotten teeth, although some statistics say that the user experience of this design is not good. But I still like this […]

  • Some practical laravel tips


    Maybe you can use some of laravel’s common tips. 1. Sidebar Websites generally have sidebars to display categories, tags, popular articles, popular comments and so on. However, these sidebars are relatively independent modules. If the data related to the view is imported into each view with sidebar, it will be too redundant. Therefore, the best […]

  • IOS pure code writing sidebar function


    The principle of the code is to use uiview and move it. A twoview is used as the sidebar, and one OneView is used as the main interface. When the sidebar needs to be popped, the twoview is moved to the right by 200. When the sidebar is hidden, it is moved 200 to the […]

  • Some experience of rookie using WordPress to build a station


    Key words description: xindejianzhan can use rookie to create a theme article in this sidebar This week, I learned to use WordPress as an independent blog, and then I accumulated some rookie experience. I record it to help rookies like me. Please don’t laugh    One theme  1.1 column location  Topics are generally divided by column number. Some topics […]

  • Control your WordPress sidebar


    Of course, WordPress 2.7 has the “gadget” option to control the widget, but after repeated experiments, it was found that the style could not be unified and the controllability was low. I think it’s the function of comparing chicken ribs. I won’t talk about it here. Get to the point. The sidebar plug-in can only […]

  • WordPress Background Delete Unneeded Side Bar Menu Method


    This article illustrates the method of deleting unnecessary sidebar menu in WordPress background. Share for your reference. The specific implementation method is to add the following code in functions. php of the current topic: Copy code The code is as follows: function remove_menus() { global $menu; $restricted = array(__(‘Dashboard’), __(‘Posts’), __(‘Media’), __(‘Links’), __(‘Pages’), __(‘Appearance’), __(‘Tools’), […]

  • WordPress’s method of realizing the coexistence of its own sidebar and custom sidebar


    In this paper, an example is given to illustrate how WordPress implements the simultaneous existence of its own sidebar and a custom sidebar. Share for your reference. Specifically as follows: Maybe friends who use WordPress will find that the left side bar of the system can’t be displayed when we use the self-defined left side […]