• Can’t you understand the docker building tutorial? See if my is concise enough!


    A lot of tutorials, Some are built in Debian / Ubuntu images and then packaged. Docker plays like this?? Some functions are very rich. There are a lot of extension components, which are really “tall”, so that novices are “deterred”. I just want to run PHP. Just give me so much. As bloated as MIUI […]

  • Electron instance detection


    I don’t know the name of this function. Let’s call it instance detection for the time being. Sometimes we want to open only one application after clicking on the shortcut, but the display is always cruel. The default of electron is that after packaging, each click on the shortcut will generate a process instance (except […]

  • Idle time to study a small function: WinForm desktop program how to dynamically change desktop icons


    Today, I was resting at home. Due to the hot weather and the epidemic situation, I stayed at home. When I was free, I thought that a long time ago (about 3 years ago), the product personnel asked me whether the icons of WinForm desktop program could be changed dynamically according to the festival. This […]

  • Increasingly simple data class definition: named tuple


    I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been using Python for a long time. I found such a good thing as namedtuple for the first time. First code: from collections import namedtuple Point = namedtuple(‘Point’, [‘x’, ‘y’]) pt1 = Point(1.0, 5.0) pt2 = Point(2.5, 1.5) from math import sqrt line_length = sqrt((pt1.x-pt2.x)**2 + (pt1.y-pt2.y)**2) Isn’t it […]

  • Electron + Vue practice project


    GitHub address Original address:http://wushaobin.top/2017/08/… Local installation environment preparation Install node:*https://nodejs.org/en/download/ Configure webpack: NPM install – G webpack (sudo permission) Windows configuration cnpm: npm install -g cnpm –registry=https://registry.npm.taobao.org Because the default warehouse of NPM is abroad and the download is very slow, Taobao in China has set up a cnpm to synchronize every 10 minutes, which […]

  • Pnpm record


    What is pnpm? Pnpm is a package manager like NPM / yarn, Advantages of pnpm 1. Packing is fast enough to fly2. The use of disk space is very efficient. The same package will not be installed repeatedly, and pnpm will not lay all packages on the node_ In modules, the actual node_ The file […]

  • ubuntu16. 04 installing ulipad


    wget https://github.com/limodou/ulipad/archive/master.zip unzip master.zip cd ulipad-master python Ulipad.py Error report found Need environmentRequirements: Python 2.6+ wxPython 2.8+ Unicode Version Use cn99 sourceCheck all sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install python-wxgtk2.8 After installation python UliPad.py Run successfully Get ulipad shortcut to desktop sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/Ulipad.desktop [Desktop Entry] Name=Ulipad Comment=a Python IDE Exec = Python / home […]

  • Vbs script and windows timing task to realize the regular sending of QQ message expression package


    target After waking up the computer screen at a certain time, it will automatically send QQ information with expression package. After sending, close the computer screen. The whole process does not need too many programs to run. We use vbs script and windows timing task to realize this function. prepare VBS codeQQ info TXT textQQ […]

  • On adding shortcut shortcut to Android


    As we all know, application has four startup modes: Click app to start Shortcut Notification jump Input commands (ADB commands, etc.) Today, let’s briefly introduce the usage of shortcut startup~ Introduction to shortcuts Google officially added a desktop long press pop-up menu in Android 7.1 (API 25), and fixed shortcuts can be added to the […]

  • The chrome 91 version resolves cross domain requests for samesite


    Personal websitehttps://kuangyx.cn Before version 91 Address bar entry** chrome://flags **And enter Enter * * samesite by default cookies * * in the search field to search. There will be two settings Change to * * disabled * * and restart the browser The flag setting of version 91 has been removed. You need to modify […]

  • Code for creating shortcuts using vbs


    During the maintenance of Internet cafes, desktop shortcuts are often sent. What batch processing method can easily send desktop shortcuts? Take the steam distribution of Internet cafes here as an example to give you a reference. If you want to directly copy the following code and change the specific parameters. The code is as follows: […]

  • The unit application starts automatically


    Recently, a project needs to set startup and self startup, and this function is not set for the program in advance, so the shortcut must be generated every time when deploying, and then find the self startup folder, which makes it very crash. So I decided to fill this hole and wrote a general code […]