• Experience GUI programs such as idea in WSL of win11


      originallyGive up WSL for a long timeI’ve updated win10 to win11 these two days. I see that wsl2 has been released, and it seems that there is still a big upgrade available inWSL middle run Linux GUI application。 With the support of win11, it can be doneWin + Linux seamless link。 After installing the […]

  • How to make widgets on iPhone


    Learn how to make customizable widgets and widgets from third-party applications. You can do this on any iPhone with IOS 14 or later. How to make widgets on iPhone To make a widget, first download a third-party application, such as widget Smith, from the app store. On the home screen, click and hold until you […]

  • NPM link basic usage


    Reference documents NPM link official documentation function NPM link is a way to link the package to the package folder, that is, you can debug the NPM module without publishing it, and it will take effect in real time after modifying the module. It does not need to be installed through NPM install method Modules […]

  • Fluent – ide shortcut for rapid development


    Lao Meng Guide: This is a fine article translated by Lao Meng. The ownership of the article belongs to the original author. Welcome to Lao Meng’s flutter exchange group and translate 2-3 paid articles every week. You can’t miss it. Original address:https://medium.com/flutter-co… If you are a beginner in fluent, you must hate nested structures. How […]

  • Shortcuts that Ubuntu users should know


    No matter what operating system or software we use, shortcut keys are very useful, because they can start applications or jump to the required window, and can quickly carry out many operations without moving the mouse to click everywhere, saving time and energy and improving efficiency. Just like in windows, Ubuntu also has some hotkeys […]

  • 10 hands-free idea plug-ins. These codes don’t need to be written (the second bullet)


    This case is included ingithub.com/chengxy-nds/Springboot-… Hello, I’m Xiaofu~ Pigeons haven’t written for a long time. They don’t have to worry about writing something every day. They don’t have to worry about the poor amount of reading. They don’t stay up late and set aside more time to accompany their families. However, after being comfortable, you […]

  • Skill get · windows10 fix any format file to the start screen


    Reading time |0.6 minutes word count |960.8 characters primary coverage |1. Introduction & background “Skill get · windows10 fix any format file to the start screen“ Author | SCscHero Writing time | 2021/5/23 PM9:1 Article type |Series Degree of completion |Completed motto Every great cause has a trivial beginning. 1、 Introduction & background    Completion: 100% […]

  • Mklink – C disk cleaning, onedrive synchronization


    What is mklink? Mklink is a very interesting gadget in Windows system. To be exact, “NTFS symbolic link” is a kind of object in NTFS that points to another object in the file system. To put it simply, create an entry for a folder, application and these things again. When it comes to this, do […]

  • Windows common shortcuts


    Windows common shortcuts Source:Windows shortcut summary (from official)Organize according to personal needs. catalogue Windows common shortcuts Common keyboard shortcuts: Windows key shortcuts: File explorer keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts for virtual desktop: Taskbar keyboard shortcuts: Edge shortcut: Common keyboard shortcuts: table th:first-of-type { width: 200pt } table th:nth-of-type(0n+2) { width: 400pt } Key operation Ctrl + […]

  • I received a notification from the Internet Emergency Center! Remember the correct opening method of sqlmap.


    Last night, I received an email in my mailbox and automatically ran to the dustbin I felt something wrong at work this morning. I turned it out of the dustbin It looks like a very serious and official notification document. It’s about this long (anyway, I have to get up with the key information)   […]

  • Fluent quick development of MAC Android studio


    Lao Meng Guide: this shortcut is applicable to Android studio under Mac. For shortcuts under windows, please refer to this article:https://juejin.im/post/5efe71365188252e7d7fd0ca Quickly create a new stateless or stateful component Create a new stateless component, enter stless, and press enter: Create a new stateful component, enter stful, and press enter: Create a new animation component, enter […]

  • After the configuration of Linux crontab is completed, the task cannot be executed


    I configured the crontab of WWW users ] # crontab -u www -e * * * * * php /xxx/wwwroot/xxx/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1 * * * * * * echo `date` >> $HOME/1.txt Found that the second command is normal, the first command does not respond,Check the log sudo tail / var / log […]