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  • Take you to the legendary Emacs


    By comparing with vscode, this paper briefly introduces the basic functions, features and some plug-ins of Emacs. Emacs in this paper refers to GNU Emacs, hereinafter referred to as Emacs. Basic concepts Emacs is a text editor, like vscode. It can be used to write code, markdown, and any other plain text; Each file opened […]

  • VIM technique: my. Vimrc configuration file, explaining the function of each configuration item


    The following is my. Vimrc configuration file. Each configuration item has added notes to explain the function of each configuration item, so as to confirm why to add this configuration item. “Use VIM’s model line to set the textwidth of the current file to avoid automatic line wrapping when more than 78 characters are entered […]

  • Android menu


    @Override public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) { // Inflate the menu; this adds items to the action bar if it is present. // getMenuInflater().inflate(R.menu.main, menu); MenuItem menusys = menu. Add (1001, 100, 1, “system menu”); Menusys.settitle (“menu I”); / * up to 6 submenus can be displayed*/ MenuItem menuuser = menu. Add (1001, 101, 1, “user […]

  • Zend studio shortcut key collection


    Edit function shortcutCTRL + / single line commentCTRL + Shift + / block commentAll code snippets selected by Ctrl + u are converted to uppercaseAll code snippets selected by Ctrl + L are converted to lowercaseCTRL + D copy cursor lineCTRL + e delete cursor lineTab add code indentShift + Tab decrease indentCTRL + Alt […]

  • How to disable the related Win + shortcut key


    Previously, the editor introduced a lot of “win key” start of the shortcut key combination, these shortcut keys can not only provide you with a convenient program entry, but also effectively improve the efficiency of operation. In order to facilitate everyone’s learning and memory at any time, Xiaobian specially made them into pictures that can […]

  • A picture lets you learn VIM editor shortcut key


    Pictures from the network, here do collection and use! Because the picture is zoomed, you can download it to see! VIM using shortcut key combinations Vim keyboard map The above picture let you learn that the shortcut key of vim editor is all the content shared by the editor. I hope to give you a […]

  • What are rubymine shortcut keys? Rubymine common shortcut keys and how to change them


    What are the common shortcuts for rubymine? I don’t know what tools we all use to develop ror. I feel that rubymine is very easy to use. Rubymine is built on the intelliji idea platform and provides all necessary ide functions, such as editing, debugging tools, source code control integration, code auto prompt completion, and […]

  • What are the common shortcut keys of vs Code


    Visual studio code is a cross platform source code editor running on Mac OS X, windows and Linux for writing modern web and cloud applications. By the majority of users like. What shortcuts do vs code use? It’s a question that many friends want to know. Today, Xiaobian brings you a complete list of common […]

  • Visual studio code shortcut key in Windows


    Visual studio code is an excellent editor, very suitable for writing ts and react. Recently, I was learning angularjs 2 and started to use vscode. I specially arranged and translated the shortcut keys on the official website. Because I am used to the shortcut key of sublime, it is not suitable to change to vscode, […]

  • How to change shortcut key in Visual Studio code? How to modify the default shortcut key by vscode


    How does vscode modify the default shortcut? Recently, when using vscode, I found that the keyboard shortcut conflicts with other software, and I just want to modify the shortcut key of vscode. Then, how to change the shortcut key of visual studio code? After the study of Xiaobian, we found that the original method is […]

  • How does visual studio code use global search shortcuts?


    There is a global search function in Visual Studio code. You can press Ctrl + F to search this page and Ctrl + Shift + F to search globally. Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: Visual studio code new logo Version (cross platform code editor) 1.17 official free installation of Chinese […]

  • Console shortcut key


    Running environment MacBook Pro,OSX 10.12.4 Shortcut keys Tab Autocomplete. Ctrl-_ Undo, separately remembered for each line. Ctrl-x-e Edit current command with your editor. Ctrl-a Move to the start of the current line. Ctrl-e Move to the end of the line. Ctrl-f Move forward a character. Ctrl-b Move back a character. Ctrl-Right Move forward to the […]