• On the organization of API related codes of Vue project


    On the organization of API related codes of Vue project After reading the code of colleagues in the project team, we found that different projects have different organization versions Version 1: ├─apis │ a.api.js │ b.api.js │ b.api.js │ d.api.js This is the code in every API file // d.api.js import axios from ‘@/utils/http’ export […]

  • Node dynamic execution code


    Background: the ability to implement code execution such as online compare Eval not recommendedAdvantages: simpleDisadvantages: unsafe, unable to get context and variables Function classAdvantages: SafetyDisadvantage: only one function can be declared at a time VM classAdvantages: native, accessible context and variable, high degree of freedomDisadvantage: can only run on node

  • Front end Q & A – how to output new line on the page


    In our work, we have the following ways to collect user input Input input input box, single line, overall style, plain text. Textarea input box, multi line, overall style, plain text. Contenteditable, multiline, independent style, rich text. Other rich text editor, multi line, independent style, rich text. If you don’t want to use that heavy […]

  • [20190920] improve VIM to call sqlplus script.txt


    [20190920] improve VIM to call sqlplus script.txt / / formerly called sqlplus.txt in http://blog.itpub.net/267265/viewspace-2140936/=>[20170617]vim.–//Originally, I wanted to write a script to convert Oracle numbers, which is a little difficult for me. The UTL raw.cast to number function is relatively simple, but it has the following disadvantages–//The database is available. $ cat sql.vim” oraclenoremap  q1 Yp!!sqlplus […]

  • Micro service and interface gateway


    With the rapid development of Internet technology, the project structure is constantly upgraded and optimized. With the rise of enterprise microservices and the development of third-party APIs, API gateway, as the core component of microservices, is gradually recognized by more and more people. How does microservice evolve? How does gateway play a role in microservices? […]

  • Using chainofcommand package to implement single shortcut key of sublime text to execute multiple commands


    Sublimerepl is a good package for constructing Python ide on sublime text. After the corresponding environment is configured, use the online tutorial to make F5 the shortcut key for one click compilation: [ { “keys”:[“f5”], “caption”: “SublimeREPL: Python – RUN current file”, “command”: “run_existing_window_command”, “args”: { “id”: “repl_python_run”, “file”: “config/Python/Main.sublime-menu” } } ] The disadvantage […]

  • nginx dynamic resolve upstream servers


    problem Start / reload will be blocked if upstream is not resolvable When using nginx, if there is a server in the upstream that cannot be resolved. Start / reload will failWhen nginx is used as a gateway, there may be multiple services, and any service will hang up, resulting in the whole gateway being […]

  • Good tools that may be used


    Good tools that may be used All the things introduced in this article are usually used, cool stuff Drawing tools, UML, prototypes, etc When writing papers or documents, sometimes you need various diagrams, UML, prototypes, etc,At this time, we need a good app to handle these things easily. Processon is free and seems to be […]

  • A simple method of flattening JS array


    Delayering In a word, array flattening refers to changing a multidimensional array (including nesting) into a one-dimensional array Flattening Es5 toString const arr = [1, 2, 3, [4, 5, [6, 7]]]; const flatten = arr.toString().split(‘,’); console.log(flatten); Advantages: simple, convenient, no impact on the original data Disadvantages: it’s better that array elements are all numbers or […]

  • Five ways to realize three column layout


    Preface In front-end development, layout is the basic content of front-end, and three column layout is the most common in actual development and interview. Three column layout refers to the fixed width on both sides of the middle adaptive, while the Taobao home page (PC side) we often use is a typical three column layout. […]

  • On the understanding of recursive algorithm


    Recursion: The so-called recursion means that there are both transmission and regression. It is better to understand that it is a kind of “progressive” and “regular constraint” than to say that it is transmission and regression. Why do we say this? Compared with loop, recursion algorithm is more concise and clear in code structure. Recursion […]

  • Effective Java 3rd Edition (1) – Replacing constructors with static factories


    This article is the first in the Effective Java series, so it is necessary to outline the characteristics of this book. Of course, many people may have read it. After all, it is famous for one of the four famous Java works, but there will always be new ones, such as me! The third edition […]