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  • E-commerce shopping website – demand and design


    1. Function introduction Users can complete registration and login, and browse the goods after login. After logging in, users can purchase and add relevant products to the shopping cart. Users can add, reduce and delete the goods in the shopping cart. The user can settle the goods in the shopping cart. 2. Technology selection This […]

  • E-commerce shopping website – database design


    1. Database introduction MongoDBThe following is a brief introduction: MongoDBIs an open sourceNoSQLDatabase, compared toMySQLThat kind of relational database, which is more lightweight and flexible, is very suitable for occasions with large data scale and weak transaction. At the same time, it is also an object database. There are no concepts such as tables and […]

  • E-commerce shopping website – shopping cart settlement


    1. Add views and collections Add product link In the last lesson, we have realized the addition and display of goods. Next, we start the operation of goods – adding shopping cart. First, add links to the add shopping cart button and shopping cart View button on the product page, as shown below: < a […]

  • Implementation of cross terminal e-commerce website


    The system realizes the e-commerce website from the front end to the background. Two sets of pages are realized, which are respectively used for PC and mobile phone. The background realizes the user’s login and registration, adding shopping cart, settlement function, and very simple commodity information entry function. The JS library used in the front-end […]

  • Gold three silver four, the latest sorting of test thinking interview questions!


    1. How to design test cases when creating functional modules of agent group? answer: functional testing, use the equivalence class division method to analyze the valid and invalid classes of each input item of the created agent, and design the corresponding test cases synchronously considering the boundary values: Smoke test shall be carried out first, […]

  • Redis – shopping cart


    Refer to redis actual combat demand 1. Record the last access time of the user and count the latest access records of the user2. Record the products that the user has browsed recently, and the quantity of products is 53. Record the number of times the product is accessed, and only 5 popular data are […]

  • About the purpose of SAP Spartacus loader meta reducer


    In order to give users better feedback, based on their behavior, we often need to retain information such as “loading shopping cart” and “failed to obtain user address”. For each individual application state, we must put metadata next to it. Used for shopping cart, user information, product data, etc. Manually implementing this logic in all […]

  • Evolution case of Internet e-commerce shopping cart architecture


    The main functions of shopping cart are: Similar to traditional stores, it is convenient for users to select multiple goods to settle at one time. Functions as temporary favorites. For businesses, shopping cart is one of the best places to sell to users. early stage picture ERP split Business service splitting WCS split Overview of […]

  • Shopping cart function of SAP commerce cloud Spartacus UI


    This feature was introduced in version 1.0 of the TUA Spartacus library. Shopping carts work differently in TUA Spartacus and core commerce Spartacus. They need to support product supply and complex pricing structure to support various types of charges, including one-time charges, recurring charges and use based charges. Among various expenses, for shopping carts, customers […]

  • Express + mongoose to realize simple background data interface


    I just started Vue and finished a simple and complete project of pure vue2 family bucket. The data is simulated and requested by local JSON; For details, please move here:vue-proj-demo In order to truly achieve the real access of the database, I started node + Express + mongoose again, and used it to write the […]

  • How to use SVG for uniapp? It’s effective for personal testing!


    Login iconfont The required icon will be displayedAdd to cart Click on the shopping cart,Add to project Resource Management – > my projectnewly buildComponent iconfont, and decompress the compressed package just downloaded toiconfontComponent directory iconfont.vue <template> <text class=”iconfont” :class=”name” :style=”[{color: color}]” @click=”$emit(‘click’, $event)”></text> </template> <script> export default { props: { name: String, color: String } […]

  • Getting started with navigation components


    Getting started with navigation components To add navigation support to your project, please add navigation support to thebuild.gradleAdd the following dependencies to the file: def nav_version = “2.3.0” // Java language implementation implementation “androidx.navigation:navigation-fragment:$nav_version” implementation “androidx.navigation:navigation-ui:$nav_version” Create navigation map To add a navigation chart to a project: In the “project” window, right-clickresDirectory, and then selectNew […]