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  • C ා using selenium to realize browser automatic operation


    summary Selenium is a free distributed automated testing tool, supporting a variety of development languages, whether it is C, Java, ruby, python, or C ා, you can complete automatic testing through selenium. With a simple example, this paper briefly describes the browser simulation operation of C ා using selenium, which is only for learning and […]

  • Listvie simple implementation of shopping cart function


    This example for you to share the listvie simple implementation of shopping cart specific code, for your reference, the specific content is as follows 1. Customize view to add and subtract public class MyView extends LinearLayout implements View.OnClickListener { private OnAmountChangeListener mListener; private int count; private TextView numText; public MyView(Context context) { this(context,null); } public […]

  • Use cookie to save value temporarily


    Product details: //Cookie zero time storage cart function addcar() {   //Determine whether the cookie has a value   if (getCookie(“shopcar”) == null) {   //Array type   setCookie(“shopcar”, “[]”);   }// in this example, the value is written dead   var obj = {     Name: “shoes”,     Price: “1200”   };   //Gets the value, in this case of string type   var liststr […]

  • Positioning and arousing sleeping users


    Xiaoguang comments: many app users are “sleeping”. If you don’t wake them up, the app may face uninstallation. We should make full use of push to find a way to wake up the sleeping users. IOSIt is not so fast for users to unload applications. This window of opportunity is larger. When you think about […]

  • How to use Alibaba icon library for small programs


    Select the Font Icon Library in the shopping cart   Click on the shopping cart of Alibaba icon library to come to this page and click add item     After adding the project, as shown in the figure, click font class cumulative import, click view online link, copy link URL to visit online link […]

  • Vue realizes shopping cart selection function


    Using Vue to make a shopping cart function is just a test version, focusing on the function implementation, the interface is not good, and the data is also simulation data Don’t say so much, go straight to the code <template> <div> Select all < input type = “check box” V-model = “checkall” @ change = […]

  • Simple PHP shopping cart code


    This paper introduces a PHP shopping cart code, complete function implementation, has a certain reference value Here we provide you with a simple PHP shopping cart code, from the increase of shopping products and the occurrence of purchase, in the mall development, this function is indispensable The specific analysis is as follows: The operation of […]

  • You haven’t heard of sveltejs yet?


    React, Vue and angular almost occupy the majority of web development, but svelte has gradually attracted more and more people’s attention in the last half year. What’s so amazing about the svelte framework? This article will analyze the reason why svelte is popular, and use svelte to build a simple Bookstore application (bookshop) to help […]

  • Common application scenarios of redis


    String store Click count function, incr key:001 Self increasing, such as link hits Distributed lock set key value NX PX 1000 / / set random value and set expiration time through setnx. If the value is written successfully, the lock is added successfully. Session sharing in cluster environment List store Often used in queues, stacks, […]

  • be based on vue.js Realize shopping cart


    The example of this article is shared for you vue.js To realize the specific code of shopping cart for your reference, the specific content is as follows template <template> <div> <div> <span>Shopping cart</span> </div> <ul> <li> <input type=”checkbox” v-model=”checkedAll” @change=”checkedAllChange()”> <label for=”all”></label> Select all </li> <li>Commodity code</li> <li>Commodity name</li> <li>Unit price of goods</li> <li>Quantity of […]

  • Check boxes of shopping cart written by Vue + van UI framework


    Design of shopping cart page     List of goods     code: {{item.goods_name}} {{item.now_price | formatMoney}} – {{item.goods_qty}} + Product list Check boxes selected all   Code selected all: Select all Administration complete delete total {{ totalPrice }} settlement Radio change event code: //Radio change event chooseChange(id) { if (this.selectedData.indexOf(id) > -1) { this.remove(this.selectedData, […]

  • E-mall project development (background function module development)


    Background landing page login.php $adminuser, ‘id’ => $res[‘id’]] ); $login_at = date(‘Y-m-d H:i:s’); $ip = $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’] == ‘::1’ ? ‘’ : $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]; $login_ip = ip2long($ip); $sql = “UPDATE {$prefix}admin SET login_at = ‘$login_at’, login_ip = ‘$login_ip’ WHERE id = ‘{$res[‘id’]}'”; execute($sql); //4. Go to https://www.cnblogs.com/chenying0/p/index.php header(‘location: https://www.cnblogs.com/chenyingying0/p/index.php’); } else { Setinfo (‘wrong user name or […]