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  • Cascading method of dropdown menu of element


    The documents provided on the official website only provide one layer I saw a friend asking dropdown how to cascadeNow post the code belowThe practice of three couplets and four couplets is consistent <el-dropdown trigger=’click’ :hide-on-click=’false’> <span class=”el-dropdown-link”> <el-link type=”primary” style=’margin-left:10px;’>{{title}}</el-link> <!– <i class=”el-icon-arrow-down el-icon–right”></i> –> </span> <el-dropdown-menu slot=”dropdown”> <template v-for=”item in menu”> <el-dropdown-item v-if=’!item.childer’>{{item.title}}</el-dropdown-item> […]

  • Vant introduces custom iconfont


    Novice front-end, there are shortcomings, I hope you can help meRecently, I met a little bump when I was learning Vue + vant to write a project, so I’d like to share it here First of allAli vector libraryChoose your favorite icon from 1. Click Add to cart2. You can see the added icon in […]

  • Vue + node + mongodb with payment, junior internship


    about Some time ago, junior students in 2019 always wanted to develop a relatively complete project by themselves. In many applications, they chose meituan takeout to imitate. During this period, they used their spare time to develop. The front-end uses Vue + vuex + Vue router + Axios, because they need to use positioning and […]

  • Distributed things


    Distributed transaction solution In the case of a single database, data transaction operation has four characteristics of acid, but if multiple databases are operated in one transaction, database transaction cannot be used to ensure consistency. That is to say, when two databases operate data, one database operation may succeed while the other fails. We cannot […]

  • In the third stage, day19 users echo and encapsulate cookie products, and remotely call Shopping Cart module crud operation


    1. User module implementation 1.1 user information echo 1.1.1 page URL analysis 1.1.2 check page JS 1.1.3 edit jt-sso controller `/** *Business implementation: *1. Users query user data through cookie information and obtain service data in redis through ticket *2. URL request: http://sso.jt.com/user/query/+ _ ticket *3. Parameters: the parameters are in the URL. Get them […]

  • Use of wechat applet catch:touchstart Will result in child elements bind:tap Event cannot run


    In our use catch:touchstart This can prevent the page from scrolling behind the mask layer, but it also brings another problem, that is, the sub element event is invalid. Take the click event as an example: use catch:touchstart Code for 1 catch:touchstart=”prohibit”> 2 3 4 5 6 {{‘¥509-699’}} 7 {} please select color net content}} […]

  • SSM cookie, session, interceptor


    1 Cookie Cookie, which means “cookie”, isProposed by W3CIt is a mechanism developed by the Netscape community. A cookie is actually a small piece of text information. The client requests the server. If the server needs to record the user’s status, it uses response to issue a cookie to the client browser. The client browser […]

  • Django e-commerce website shopping cart design


    1. Because the shopping cart is a high-frequency refresh part, and the requirements for data relational structure are not very complex, NoSQL is selected as the storage tool;2. The front end and the back end need to dock four parameters, which are user ID and commodity code, namely SKU_ ID, how many items count and […]

  • Example of modifying shopping cart with Ajax


    1. Design of shopping cart Shoppingcartitem: package of a book, including three attributes: book name, quantity and price, and corresponding getter and setter methods. Shoppingcart: shopping cart encapsulation class, items are map < string, shoppingcartitem >, and add the shopping cart to get three functions: the total number of books in the shopping cart and […]

  • Beauty of design patterns II object oriented (2)


    6. Object oriented and process oriented comparison 6.1 what is process oriented programming Process oriented programming is also a programming paradigm or style. It takes process (which can be understood as method, function and operation) as the basic unit of organizing code, and takes the separation of data (which can be understood as member variable […]

  • E-commerce project 2020-11-26


    E-commerce projects Work content on November 26, 2020 Project introduction Project prototype reference Jingdong Mall, imitate a Jingdong Mall, analysis, clear function module modular function verification Graphic verification and SMS verification user Registration, login, user center Third party login QQ login Homepage ads Homepage ads commodity Product list, product search, product details Shopping Cart Shopping […]

  • Focus on knowledge points — review of servlets in JavaWeb (3)


    Basic overview of httpsession ** ** 1. Httpsession: a server-side technology. Like cookie, it is also a session between server and client. The object is obtained through the getsession () method of HttpServletRequest. This method also has an overloaded method, in which the boolean type is passed in. When it is true, the function does […]