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  • The most grounded set of PHP interview questions (it’s not easy to summarize. I stepped on the pit and hung up a lot of interviews)


    Series articles: The most grounded set of PHP interview questions (end) (it’s not easy to summarize. I stepped on the pit and hung up a lot of interviews) The most grounded set of PHP interview questions (it’s not easy to summarize. I stepped on the pit and hung up a lot of interviews) About some […]

  • Application of five data types in redis


    Five data types and usage scenarios of redis String type String type is mostly used for caching Set key value (value can be JSON string) Setnx is mostly used for distributed locks (detailed later) Counter Incr article: {article ID}: readcount Get article: {article ID}: readcount Web Cluster session sharingRedis realizes session sharinghttps://www.cnblogs.com/cxx8181602/p/9759645.html Global serial number […]

  • Angularjs learning notes – Chapter 2 – functions


    1.angular.copy angular.copy(source, [destination]); If no destination is supplied, a copy of the object or array is created If a destination is provided, all of its elements (for arrays) or properties (for objects) are deleted and then all elements/properties from the source are copied to it. If source is not an object or array (inc. null […]

  • Angularjs learning notes from books – Chapter 4 – Cases


    1. Use the angular feature to build a simple shopping cartThe following code combines HTML and controller.js for easy reading. <html ng-app> <head> < title > shopping cart < / Title > </head> <body ng-controller=’ctrl’> <h1>Shopping cart</h1> <div ng-repeat=’item in items’> <span>{{item.title}}</span> <input ng-model=’item.quantity’> <span>{{item.price | currency}}</span><!– Convert the price through the filter currency and […]

  • Complete example of shopping cart class implemented by PHP + PDO


    This article describes the shopping cart class implemented by PHP + PDO. Share with you for your reference, as follows: <?php session_start(); class Cart { public $pdo = null; public function __construct($config) { $host = $config[‘host’]; $user = $config[‘user’]; $db = $config[‘db’]; $pwd = $config[‘pwd’]; if (empty($_SESSION[‘user_id’])) { Return show (0, ‘please log in first’); […]

  • Good operation helper | Huawei DTM helps e-commerce applications realize rapid tracking of marketing data


    For e-commerce, sales is the lifeline. Business operators need to pay real-time attention to the order volume, transaction volume, payment conversion rate, etc., and make comparative analysis from various dimensions. Regardless of the increase or decrease, they need to find the reason immediately and intervene by landing operation means. It is particularly important to get […]

  • PHP session realizes shopping cart function


    In the Wamp environment, use the session control of PHP to complete the effect of the shopping cart. The data is stored in the array for practice. There is no connection to the database. The effect is good and easy to understand. The following is the code of each part common.php <?php header(“content-type:text/html;charset=utf-8”); $arrPro = […]

  • React hook + TS shopping cart actual combat (performance optimization, closure trap, custom hook)


    preface This article starts with a basic shopping cart requirement, and takes you step by step to deeply understand the pit and Optimization in react hook Through this article, you can learn: ✨ Write react hook + typescriptBusiness componentPractice of ✨ How to use react.memooptimize performance ✨ How to avoid hookClosure trap ✨ How to […]

  • PHP anonymous function


    /*Anonymous functions, also known as closures,Allows you to temporarily create a function without a specified name. The value most often used as a callback function parameter.Of course, there are other applications. Anonymous functions are currently implemented through the closure class.A basic shopping cart, including some added items and the quantity of each item.One method is […]

  • PHP event traceability


    This article is reproduced from [how to decouple]:https://codedecoupled.com/php… Event sourcing is one of the architectural patterns in domain driven design. Domain driven design is a business oriented modeling method. It helps developers build models closer to the business. In traditional applications, we store the state in the database. When the state changes, we update the […]

  • Xiaoai children’s shoes @ you, let’s roll out a small program


    preface Since the release of the applet, it has been singing all the way and becoming more and more popular with the advantages of no installation, run out of time, within reach, no registration, no login, and social fission. It has revolutionized the development cost of mobile applications and catered to the habits of users. […]

  • Cascading method of dropdown menu of element


    The documents provided on the official website only provide one layer I saw a friend asking dropdown how to cascadeNow post the code belowThe practice of three couplets and four couplets is consistent <el-dropdown trigger=’click’ :hide-on-click=’false’> <span class=”el-dropdown-link”> <el-link type=”primary” style=’margin-left:10px;’>{{title}}</el-link> <!– <i class=”el-icon-arrow-down el-icon–right”></i> –> </span> <el-dropdown-menu slot=”dropdown”> <template v-for=”item in menu”> <el-dropdown-item v-if=’!item.childer’>{{item.title}}</el-dropdown-item> […]