• A practical chrome tool: xtrace


    Difficulty: easy preface When we browse the Internet, we are often collected by websites. The collection behavior itself is not a problem, but some websites often need to click such interactive behaviors as “download app to read more” or “note that bloggers can read the full text” in order to drain or attract registration to […]

  • Flutter learning notes (41) — customized dialog to achieve version update pop-up window


    If you want to reprint, please indicate the source:Flutter learning notes (41) — customized dialog to achieve version update pop-up window Function points: 1. Update pop-up UI 2. The strong and the non forced are controlled separately 3. Block the physical return key (because the pop-up window will disappear if you click the return key […]

  • Communicating with other users on the Linux command line


    Hello, I’m Liang Xu Sending information to other users on the Linux command line is easy. Many commands can do this. The trouble is that you need to choose one of the many commands to use. Therefore, I have selected four common Linux user communication commands to share with you and show you how these […]

  • Web for pentester learning notes – XSS


    XSS learning is still relatively abstract. There are too many XSS in OA of a fund recently authorized to test. I feel that I can make a big collection. In addition, I have seen the blog of the big guy recently. So I also write a simple small range manual, which also helps me to […]

  • The use of cross env


    I found a very useful tool. I wrote a loader tool inside the company, but others found it useless package.json Node is set in scripts in_ Env = production. If environment variables cannot be set in this way under windows, cross env blocks the differences between different platforms. A CSS loader is attached package.json File, […]

  • This app: advertisement intercept sharp weapon, must catch fish online!


    I believe that when you browse the web and watch videos, you will encounter all kinds of advertisements. Whether you are on the computer or on the mobile phone, this kind of trouble always exists. Inadvertently, migrant workers found an app that can block web pages and remove video ads, which is very powerful. Next, […]

  • Engineer home LAN configuration reference


    “Engineer’s good things recommendation” is the latest column content launched by leancloud. Engineers will share some tools that can improve the quality of work and life for you. Welcome to watch. Maybe you will meet the good things you need here.  If you also have “good things” that you want to recommend, you can contribute […]

  • Google released the AI language model Electra as an open source model on tensorflow


    In a recent study, Google researchers proposed “effective learning of an encoder that accurately classifies token substitutions” (Electra), an AI language training technology that outperforms existing methods with the same amount of computing resources. A few months after the release, the co authors released tensorflow’s code base (and pre trained models), laying the foundation for […]

  • H5 wakes up APP


    H5 is a cross platform web page that can be quickly spread and easily iterated. Generally speaking, it has the following functions: Transmission effectIn general, it is to promote the brand so that more people can know and understand the brand Brand promotion, usually in the form of a small game, lottery, invitation letter, activity […]

  • Shell basic application


    What is shell? Shell is the interpreter program between you and the user suddenly in Linux, usually referring to bash, which is responsible for translating and communicating user / program instructions to the kernel How to use shell: 1. interactive execution instruction: manual intervention, low execution efficiency 2. Non interactive execution instruction: it is executed […]

  • I developed my own tool to print out all posts published by a user of Baidu Post Bar


    <html> <meta charset=”UTF-8″/> <style> a { color: green; font-family: arial; font-weight: bold } </style> <body> <div id=”container”></div> </body> <script> /* Jerry 2017-02-06 14:58PM update should use C:\MyApp\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe –user-data-dir=”C:/yaas” –disable-web-security and then FIRST LOG ON BAIDU successfully!!!! */ </script> <script> /* Jerry 2017-02-05 5:54PM This warning means that the requested resources may be blocked (by extension […]

  • Wechat domain name interception detection interface detects whether the domain name is stopped by wechat


    The company’s advertising business volume is very large, because wechat is very strict with the domain name link restrictions, which makes it easy for external linked domain names to run in wechat and be blocked, but he blocks you and will not notify you, which leads to running for a long time. It is found […]