• How to use proxy IP for curl and WGet in Linux shell


    Preface As you all know, two very practical commands are provided in Linux shell to crawl the web page. They are curl and WGet. This article will give you a detailed introduction about the use of proxy IP by curl and WGet in Linux shell, and share them for your reference and study. Let’s have […]

  • ADB shell input keyevent controls the value of key input (favorite)


    The function of the ADB shell is very powerful, and many functions can be used. Today we will talk about how to input keyevent XX through the control button. The specific value XX is as follows Keycode? Call to dial 5Keycode ABCD endcall hang up key 6Keycode? Home button home 3Keycode menu 82Keycode “back key […]

  • Share a git abbreviation script


    Share a git abbreviation script Git shorthand command, add Linux, MAC aliasusage method:. / GSH [command name] [parameter, optional] Set set user name and mailbox, 1: name, 2: mailboxInit set git concise commandGST: code change status, GIT statusGd: view the current code changes, GIT diff, GIT diff Branch 1 branch 2GAM: [gam comment] code submission […]

  • How can docker play like this? Commercial level 4G agent construction practice!


    Time flies fast. It’s two weeks since the last article in this series, “commercial 4G agent building guide [preparation],” was released. Last week, due to all kinds of trivia, I had no time to write articles since Tuesday, so I googled. In the preparation part, we have learned about the hardware and software needed to […]

  • Introduction and command of variable scope in shell


    Preface It is well known that variables in a shell only work on the current process. To create a copy in a child process, use the export built-in command. Sometimes it’s convenient to use temporary variable syntax. Variable usage Shell variables can be defined anywhere, using = to separate variable names and variable values. =There […]

  • Environmental variables


    For a long time, the configuration of environment variables is a matter of insight, and the configuration of environment variables is not clear.Now let’s make up for the deficiencies. The main contents include: HOME Why do I need $, can’t I print home directly? Is there only one home variable in a system? How to […]

  • Sample code of using shell script to segment nginx logs


    This article introduces the example code of using shell script to segment nginx logs, which is shared to you as follows: 1. Log format Default log format: Main log_format main ‘$remote_addr – $remote_user [$time_local] “$request” ‘ $status $body_bytes_sent “$http_referer” ‘ ‘”$http_user_agent” “$http_x_forwarded_for”‘; For example, the default main log format records these items Remote IP remote […]

  • Nginx load balancing configuration


    This chapter will give you an introduction to the related configuration of nginx load balancing. First, let’s see the following diagram: As shown in the figure above, when a client initiates an HTTP request, it first processes and redistributes the request through the nginx server, and then distributes it to different servers, so as to […]

  • Running the SH file on Linux prompts for a bad interpreter: there is no solution to that file or directory


    Last week, I wrote a timer script, which prompted me when I ran it on Linux: -Bash: / data / www / myblog / curl. Sh: / bin / bash ^ m: bad interpreter: no file or directory I encountered this kind of problem when I was learning linux commands. At that time, I only […]

  • Examples of several methods to realize integer auto increment in shell


    Preface In the shell scripts we use in daily life, we often involve the case of integer auto increment in the while or for loop. In fact, there are many ways to realize auto increment. Here are the possible ways to share them for your reference and study. Let’s see the detailed introduction together [method […]

  • Ops.shell-linux shell notes: getting started


    Excerpt fromIntroduction to Linux shell scriptTo be continued!!! Escape, format printf “%-5s %-10s %-4.2f\n” 1 Sarath 80.3456 Color reset = 0, black = 40, red = 41, green = 42, yellow = 32, blue = 44, magenta = 45, cyan = 46, white = 47 echo -e “\e[1;31m This is red text \e[0m” Get environment […]

  • The method of building and using temporary files in shell


    Preface In our daily development, we often need to use temporary files. In this paper, we will introduce the relevant contents about the establishment and use of temporary files in shell, and share them for your reference and study. Let’s have a look at the detailed introduction together Although the need to create temporary documents […]