• Linux terminal common commands


    Take bash as an example Ctrl + l ( ⌘ + l ) clear screen Ctrl + d (⌘ + d) closes the terminal The program started by nohup, after closing the terminal, the program is still in:For example nohup firefoxhttps://freecodecamp.orgbackground processnohup firefox https://freecodecamp.org & kill process by process namekillall firefoxKill a process by part […]

  • Bash skills: a shell script that greatly improves the efficiency of Android platform development


    A previous article introduced aquickcd.shScript, you can specify any top-level directory, and quickly run it under the top-level directorycdto a specific directory. thisquickcd.shScripts are generic and work with various directory structures. If you work on Android development, you often need to switch between Android source code directories. At the same time, some modifications can be […]

  • How to use shell scripts to perform routine initialization, system optimization and security hardening of the Ubuntu operating system (applicable to MEP 2.0)


    Ubuntu 20.04 system initialization security hardening Description: Applicable to the internal Ubuntu series server operating system initialization and system security hardening scripts. The content includes network initialization settings, software update source replacement and kernel version upgrades, time and time zone initialization settings, system security hardening (level 3 operating system host Check items) Security operation and […]

  • Advanced configuration user information of Git skills


    conventional As we all know, the daily configurationgitThe way of user information is usually: git config –global user.name ‘username’ git config –global user.email ‘mailbox’ Global mode configuration, written to ~/.gitconfigIn the file, this method can only set the most commonly used and general user information, and then when some warehouses (such as company projects) need […]

  • Bash trick: a shell script that can execute the corresponding command through command abbreviation


    This article introduces a shell script that can execute corresponding commands through command abbreviations. Suppose the name of this shell script istinyshell.sh。 For project development under Linux, some debugging and development commands are often used. These commands can be long, requiring multiple characters to be entered. For example, the command for Android system to grab […]

  • Dealing with PowerShell administrator privileges under windows


    execute in powershellStart-Process powershell -Verb runAs continue to re-executeset-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned chooseY The following is the success state diagram

  • Deploy your blog via let.sh


    Hey guys, I’m Bruski, a regular everyday normal engineer🎵 👨🏻‍💻 Say, do you guys wanna setup a blog site of your own? A blog site is a great place for us to record down our notes, daily thoughts or publish professional articles. By writing blogs, we can benefit from reviewing and outputing what we have […]

  • Common Commands for Linux Debugging


    1. Use curl to output the whole process of communication for debugging curl -v https://www.example.com Notes: curl is a file transfer tool that uses URL rules to work on the command line. It supports uploading and downloading of files, so it is a comprehensive transmission tool, but according to tradition, it is customary to call […]

  • A few days a Linux command – wc


    wc: Print the number of lines, words (Word number) and bytes of the file. word refers to a sequence of characters whose length is not 0 and separated by blank characters. Specific usage:wc [option] [file] Commonly used [options]: -c: print the number of bytes -m: print the number of characters -l: print line number -w: […]

  • The server implements elegant Internet access


    Identity authentication is required to go online in school, and this identity authentication mechanism is troublesome for people who often use the Internet. In order to solve this problem, here are a few feasible methods to avoid manual authentication to solve the pain point of needing to authenticate the identity to go online. personal host […]

  • Docker installs Jenkins to automate the deployment of Maven projects


    Jenkins version 2.277.4Docker version 20.10.5 Jenkins Chinese official website ->https://www.jenkins.io/zh/ Install Jenkins Everything is so simple to install docker, pay attention to check whether the 8080 is already occupied! docker run –name jenkins -u root –rm -d -p 8080:8080 -p 50000:50000 -v jenkins-data:/var/jenkins_home -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock jenkinsci/blueocean If the port number is not changedAfter the installation […]

  • Java application start, stop, restart Shell script template server.sh


    server.sh #!/bin/bash #java options APP_MAINCLASS=com.woo.erp.WooERPMain PROC_NAME=WooERPMain # Log path, with or without quotes. Note: There can be no spaces on both sides of the equal sign, otherwise it will prompt that the command cannot be found LOG_PATh=/data/application/woo-erp/nohup.out #Xms inin memery #Xmx max memery #Xmn young memery JAVA_OPTS=”-Duser.timezone=”GMT+8″ -Xms512m -Xmx2G -XX:CompressedClassSpaceSize=128m -XX:MetaspaceSize=200m -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=200m -Xloggc:logs/gc.log -cp .:classes/:dependency/* […]