• Decoration mode of common design mode of golang


    Presumably, as long as you are familiar with Python, you will not be unfamiliar with decoration mode. This kind of decorator that Python supports natively from the syntax greatly improves the application of decoration mode in Python. Although the decoration pattern in go language is not as widely used as in Python, it also has […]

  • Recommend 21 windows software commonly used by bloggers


    catalogue preface ☀️ Software introduction Tinder 🏀 IDM 🎾 Bandizip for Windows ⚽️ Geek Uninstaller 🎱 PotPlayer ⚾ Vitality wallpaper 🏄 Microsoft Edge 🏊 Everything Toolbar 🎿 Memreduct 📛 Ditto 🎻 ShareX Windows 10 system optimization tool 🎤 AutoDarkMode Universal format converter Win10 switch version ⛳️ Office Tool Plus Empty Folder Finder 🎬 QuickLook Windows […]

  • Mybatis plus querywrapper handles the problem of judging the size of dates


    Mybatis plus querywrapper handles the problem of judging the size of dates This format wants to be handled in the format of querywrapper <if test=”pageDtos.startTime !=null”> and a.create_time &gt;= #{pageDtos.startTime} </if> <if test=”pageDtos.overTime !=null”> and a.create_time &lt;= #{pageDtos.overTime} </if> if(Objects.nonNull(dto.getPushDataStart()) && Objects.nonNull(dto.getPushDataEnd())){ queryWrapper.between(EduTollOrderEntity.PushData, dto.getPushDataStart(), dto.getPushDataEnd()); } else if(Objects.nonNull(dto.getPushDataStart())){ queryWrapper.ge(EduTollOrderEntity.PushData, dto.getPushDataStart()); } else if(Objects.nonNull(dto.getPushDataEnd())){ queryWrapper.le(EduTollOrderEntity.PushData, dto.getPushDataEnd()); […]

  • Study day 30


    C language Common body It is also called a consortium. Several different variables are placed in the same memory unit, but the contents will overwrite each other Definition form, Union common body name {member list,} variable list; Similar to structure Structure student common body union The memory occupied by the structure is the sum of […]

  • Detailed explanation of Linux mount command


    Linux is an excellent open source operating system, which can run on all kinds of computer systems from large to huge to small to handheld. With the increasing maturity and stability of Linux system and its unique advantages of open source code, Linux has been more and more widely used all over the world. Nowadays, […]

  • WordPress bonus? In 2011, PHP topped the list of web server programming languages with 78.8%!


    W3techs recently released a statistical report showing the historical trend of Web server-side programming language use since January 2010. According to the report, PHP still has a very high proportion in the programming language of web server, which is 78.8%; The second place is ASP Net, accounting for {8.3%. Looking at the chart, we can […]

  • How to read and use ISO image file under Linux


    If you copy locally, you can use mountMount filename mountpoint – O loop, filename is the image file name (*. ISO, *. IMG),Use case: if I have a / home / RHEL5 2. ISO CD image file,mkdir /mnt/b mount /home/rhel5. 2. ISO / MNT / B – O loop, so enter the directory / MNT […]

  • How to set a disk of the computer to be shared?


    For convenience, sometimes we need to set up disk file sharing between two or more computers, so that other computers can easily access the contents on the hard disk of another computer. The following Xiaobian will introduce how to set a disk of the computer as a sharing method. Let’s have a look. Method / […]

  • [C + + learning notes] it’s enough to have an in-depth understanding of C + + structures and utilities!


    Structs and unions are data types that already exist in C language. C + + extends them. The biggest change is to allow member functions to be defined in structures and public bodies. The following will explain their characteristics and usage through examples.   1.struct The following is a C + + program that uses […]

  • How to share printers, scanners, etc. in MAC


    When working, we sometimes need to share a machine with others, such as printers, scanners, etc., so how do we share these machines in Mac? Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to share scanners in MAC. First: how to share scanners connected via USB on the network 1. Select system preferences from the apple menu. […]

  • Overview of data link layer


    In the previous section, we discussed an idealized physical layer model with two hosts as examples. Now, we will further extend the problem: how to realize pairwise communication between multiple hosts? We take three hosts as examples to discuss As shown in the picture above, there are_ 3_ The name of each host is:_ ant_ […]

  • Illustration of shared implementation of springboot session


    This article mainly introduces the realization diagram of spring boot session sharing, which is very detailed through the example code, which has certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work, and friends in need can refer to it 1、 Create a project and import dependencies <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-data-redis-reactive</artifactId> </dependency> <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-security</artifactId> </dependency> <dependency> […]