• Shape outside and clip path for irregular display of CSS content


    shape-outside shape-outsideThe CSS property of defines a non rectangular shape around which adjacent inline content should be wrapped. By default, inline content surrounds its margin box;shape-outsideProvides a way to customize this wrapper by wrapping text around complex objects instead of simple boxes. Example picture:To implement this style, we need to useshape-outsideFirst, we create a simple […]

  • R language garch-dcc model and DCC (MVT) modeling estimation


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=7194 This short presentation illustrates the use ofrThe DCC model of the software package and the use of its method, especially another method for Level 2 DCC estimation in the presence of MVT distribution shape parameters. The first phase and pass it to dccfit  cl = makePSOCKcluster(10) multf = multifit(uspec, Dat, cluster = cl) Next, the DCC model is estimated. fit1 = dccfit(spec1, data = Dat, fit.control = list(eval.se = TRUE), fit = multf, cluster = cl) In […]

  • Representation of various mouse shapes


    <a href=”http://” style=”cursor: auto;”>auto</a><br/> 02 <a href=”http://” style=”cursor: crosshair “>crosshair </a><br/> 03 <a href=”http://” style=”cursor: default “>default </a><br/> 04 <a href=”http://” style=”cursor: hand “>hand </a><br/> 05 <a href=”http://” style=”cursor: move “>move </a><br/> 06 <a href=”http://” style= “cursor: e-resize “>e-resize </a><br/> 07 <a href=”http://” style=”cursor: ne-resize “>ne-resize </a><br/> 08 <a href=”http://” style=”cursor: nw-resize”>nw-resize</a><br/> 09 <a href=”http://” […]

  • Analysis of Tetris game in C language (picture and text + source code)


      The following article comes from embedded Linux. The author writes code for basketball crazy I hope you can see some excellent Tetris code and try it out from the Tetris game recently. I hope you can get some inspiration from Tetris. #Let’s first understand some shapes of Tetris Altogether divided into  7  Shape, some […]

  • Guided anchoring: Online sparse anchor generation scheme, embedded instant 2AP | CVPR 2019


    Guided anchoring solves the problems of conventional manual preset anchors by generating anchors online, and provides two implementation methods for embedding according to the adaptive characteristics of the generated anchors. It is a very complete solution  Source: Xiaofei’s algorithm Engineering Notes official account Thesis: region proposal by guided anchorage Thesis address:https://arxiv.org/abs/1901.03278 Thesis Code:https://github.com/open-mmlab/mmdetection Introduction Anchor […]

  • [CSS advanced] use CSS gradient to make gorgeous gradient texture background effect


    preface I’ve always been interested in gradient background, but because I’m too busy working overtime every day, I have a lot of tasks. Therefore, I can only study the knowledge of gradual change background in my off-duty time. On the one hand, I can satisfy my curiosity, and on the other hand, I can have […]

  • Learn go and rust through examples — interface and trait


    Go’s interface and rust’s trait are often compared together. We can use them to calculate the area and perimeter of different geometric shapes. Go type geometry interface { area() float64 perim() float64 } type rect struct { width, height float64 } type circle struct { radius float64 } func (r rect) area() float64 { return […]

  • Bash tip: print shell scripts of various shapes of colored Tetris


    In Linux bash, you can use the shell script described below to display various colored Tetris shapes. Hard coded display of colored Tetris The following code uses ANSI escape code to set the display color of terminal characters, so as to display the color box content. The meaning of each ANSI escape code is explained […]

  • Dotnet openxml SDK shapes fill gradient theme colors


    In some interesting designs of office documents, colors and brushes can be inherited, including property inheritance. The gradient used in shape filling can put some attributes in the theme. It is mainly used to find the brush in the theme and replace the content defined by the shape itself I got an interesting courseware. From […]

  • Pytorch3d stereo implicit shape rendering: teaching you to build 3D scene structure


    Content guide 3D deep learning has always been a difficulty in the field of machine vision. In order to accurately and efficiently establish the three-dimensional model of the scene and get relatively real rendering results, some large factories in the industry have opened their own R & D achievements. This article starts with WeChat official […]

  • The application of clip path in practice


    background In the first half of this year, I wrote a lot of articles, and my heart was cramped. I’m really busy. Recently, I’m also engaged in performance related matters. When this month is over, it will be almost settled. I’ll give you a good explanation. I haven’t made any systematic summary recently. In order […]

  • Android realizes the gradient effect of shape attribute


    1, gradient 【1】 < gradient > is used to define gradients, including two-color gradients, three color gradients, and gradient styles <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?><shape xmlns:android=”http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android” > <gradient     android:type= [“linear” | “radial” | “sweep”] // there are 3 Gradient types, linear gradient (default) / radial gradient / sweep gradient       android:angle= “Integer” // gradient angle, must be a […]