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  • Summary of four implementation methods of shallow copy in Python


    catalogue Method 1: use slice [:] Method 2: use factory function Method 3: use the copy method of the data type Method 4: use the copy method of the copy module Method 1: use slice [:] list ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 #Shallow copy [:] […]

  • JS object replication (deep copy and shallow copy)


    catalogue 1、 Shallow copy 1、Object.assign(target,source,source…) 2. Extension operator (spread) 2、 Deep copy 1. Use object serialization JSON Stringify() and JSON parse() 2. Use recursion to judge the object properties 1、 Shallow copy 1、Object.assign(target,source,source…) a. Multiple object replication is supported b. If the source and target attributes are the same, source will copy the target attributes […]

  • Detailed explanation of JS variable storage deep copy and shallow copy


    catalogue Variable type and storage space Stack memory and heap memory Basic data type reference type Graphic storage space Assignment of reference type Deep copy and shallow copy Deep copy Shallow copy Assignment of objects Comparison of the three Five common methods of shallow copy Object.assign() Extension operator Array.prototype.slice Array.prototype.concat() Handwritten light copy Common methods […]

  • Learn how to make deep and shallow copies of golang


    1. What is copy? When you assign a variable to B variable, you actually copy a variable to B variable a := “hello”    b := a  This is only the simplest form of copy, but some forms are very hidden. For example: You pass arguments to a function You pass objects into the channel In fact, these actions […]

  • Python direct assignment, shallow copy and deep copy case analysis


    The examples of this paper are Python direct assignment, shallow copy and deep copy. To share with you for your reference, as follows: Direct assignment: in fact, it is the reference (alias) of the object. Shallow copy: copies the parent object, not the internal child object of the object. Deep copy: the deep copy method […]