• STM32 shadow register


    Last article《Detailed explanation of STM32 basic timer》The shadow register is mentioned in. The shadow register will be described in detail below. 01. General In the timer block diagram, there is a small detail. There is a shadow under some registers Those with these shadows indicate that there are shadow registers in these registers. There is […]

  • CSS3 learning notes (technical)


    CSS3 learning notes (technical)  Interview questions Progressive enhancement and graceful degradationA: progressive enhancement is to meet most browsers first; Elegant downgrade is to meet most users first. For example, at present, chrome has the most users, so make the chrome end the best, and then adapt to other browsers. Tools, websitesThis website can see what […]

  • Unseen problems after setting box shadow


    Introduction When fixing the problem, it was found that an element was setbox-shadowAttribute, other elements also have common, but the shadow of this element is invisible. Try to make the color value more obvious, but it is still invisible. problemExample, example QR code. Origin My GitHub Cause of problem First, think about whether the attribute […]

  • Lua and c# Chuan Shen


    1) Lua and c# Chuan Shen2) there is a screen problem when unity releases the IOS version3) Android’s view becomes part of the unity interface4) Unity upgrade causes the project to take too long to start5) Settings of cascaded shadows at the mobile end in unity This is the 258th UWA technical knowledge sharing push. […]

  • Study on volume occupancy rate of oil storage tank based on yolov3 satellite image


    By MD. mubasirCompile VKSource: towards Data Science Before 1957, there was only one natural satellite on earth: the moon. On October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched the world’s first man-made satellite. Since then, about 8900 satellites from more than 40 countries have been launched. These satellites help us with surveillance, communication, navigation and so […]

  • Image edge shadow in blog


    Image edge shadow problem The code effect comparison is shown in the following figure: The specific code is shown in the figure below: Blog notes This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this article Hacking

  • CSS whimsy | single div drawing skills


    Often see articles about CSS drawing, such as using pure HTML + CSS to draw a Doraemon picture. The way to achieve this is to stack divs step by step to achieve the picture one by one. There is no problem with this technique, but it is less difficult. With patience, many graphics can be […]

  • CSS3 animation


    Transition Transition property: Specifies the name of the CSS property that sets the transition effect. transition-property:width ,height; All means all the attributes. The default value is Transition duration: specifies how many seconds or milliseconds it takes to complete the transition effect. transition-duration The unit of time required is s sec MS MS 1s = = […]

  • Fbutton & fswitch


    FWidgetsCarefully provide exquisite components to help you build exquisite applications. Hey, developer, stop buildingOld GUI! If you have noticed, you will find that we need more exquisite onesNew GUI! In order to help the developers to build a smartGUIModern applications,[Alibaba Feizhu fliggy Android team technology team]LaunchedFWidgetsSeries components. Just a few days ago, we openedFWidgetsThe first […]

  • Front end daily combat work 177: hover and slide effects of multiple pictures


    One way to arouse the interest of visitors is to hide part of the content instead of presenting all the content to the user immediately after the page is opened, and the other content needs to be displayed after the user interaction. This way is very suitable for those niche websites that want to create […]

  • Android control overlay display


    Scheme 1 Using layout control to display priorityIn XML, relative layout and FrameLayout are displayed in the upper layer. Using margin attributeThe margin property controls the distance between controls. When the value of the property is positive, the larger the distance, the closer the distance.So you can do it by givingandroid:layout_marginTop ,android:layout_marginBottom, android:layout_marginLeft ,android:layout_marginRight。 These […]

  • Front end daily action No.173: in memory of basketball superstar Kobe Bryant


    The world is changeable, the superstar falls. This work commemorates basketball superstar Kobe Bryant. Effect preview Press the “click preview” button on the right to preview in the current page, and click the link to preview in full screen. https://codepen.io/comehope/pen/OJPGGmV Source code download Please download all the source code of front-end combat series from GitHub: […]