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  • IOS bottom learning [KVC]


    1. Definition of KVC agreement The key value code isNskeyvaluecoding informal agreementA mechanism enabled by which objects are providedIndirect access to its properties。 When the object conforms to the key value encoding, its properties can be through string parameters through concise and unifiedMessaging interfaceAddressing. This indirect access mechanism complements the direct access provided by instance […]

  • If you don’t understand bean in spring, you must have a good look at this article


    Scope of bean Bean life cycle Bean assembly code Entity class package com; import java.util.List; public class User { private String username; private String password; private List<String> list; /** *Set value injection requires bean class: *1. The default parameterless construction method must be provided *2. Provide setter methods for properties */ public User() { } […]

  • Using the filter of CSS to write the mouse over effect


    Using the filter of CSS to write the mouse over effect <div class=”filter-div”> <img class=”filter-img”/> </div> <style> .filter-div { width: 67px; height: 50px; background: #fff; &:hover { background: #5d7aae; } } .filter-img { width: 67px; height: 50px; &:hover { filter: brightness(100); } } </style> Before the mouse is put on After putting the mouse onIt’s […]

  • Learning notes of KVC and KVO


    In programming, the most common is that the flow of the program depends on the values of various variables and attributes you use. According to the values of variables and attributes, you can determine the code to run later. Sometimes you can check whether the object has been added to the array or removed. Therefore, […]

  • Tomcat source code analysis series (17) Coyote adapter


    prefaceIn the last article, we analyzed how the http11processor ා process method processes requests. The key point is to call the relevant methods of coyoteadapter. 1. CoyoteAdapter#asyncDispatch @Override public boolean asyncDispatch(org.apache.coyote.Request req, org.apache.coyote.Response res, SocketEvent status) throws Exception { Request request = (Request) req.getNote(ADAPTER_NOTES); Response response = (Response) res.getNote(ADAPTER_NOTES); if (request == null) { throw […]

  • Use, set value, value and clear value of antd form form


    use {this.props.form.getFieldDecorator(“key”,{})(<Input />)} Set value this.props.form.setFieldsValue({ key: ‘123’, }) Value this.props.form.validateFields((err, values) => { if (!err) { console.log (form information, values); } }); Clear value this.props.form.resetFields();

  • Creating a digital currency price monitoring tool on Mac with electron


    I’ve been playing digital currency recently. I don’t think it’s very convenient to stare at the disk during working hours( A kind of ), just recently I learned a little about electron, so I used electron to write a digital currency price monitoring application in the tray area. The effect chart is as follows:Functions: Add, […]