• Talking about ASP.NET Core middleware realizes distributed session


    1.1. Middleware principle 1.1.1. What is middleware Middleware is a piece of code used to process requests and responses. Usually, multiple middleware are linked together to form a pipeline. Each middleware decides whether to call the next middleware or not. 1.1.2. Middleware execution process Take an example to demonstrate the execution process of Middleware (there […]

  • JSP to get the session from action, clear session and judge


    There are several methods for JSP to obtain the session value from action For example, I have a session (“sessionid”, “sessionvalue”) in my action 1、 Use the struts tag to get: < s: property value = “# session.sessionid / > 2、 <%= request.getSession.getAttribute (“sessionid”); > session is also one of the built-in objects request.getSession It’s […]

  • Introduction and application examples of session in Servlet


    HttpServletRequest has two overloaded getsession() methods. One accepts the value of a boolean type, and the other does not take any parameters. The getsession() method has the same function as the getsession (true) method. That is, if the corresponding client has already generated a session, the old session will be returned. Otherwise, this method will […]

  • Analysis of modification examples of php7 list(), session and other modules


    This paper describes the modification of php7 list (), session and other modules. For your reference, the details are as follows: 1、 List () is no longer assigned in the reverse order list($array[], $array[], $array[]) = [1, 2, 3]; var_dump($array); The above code returns an array: $array = = [1, 2, 3] instead of the […]

  • Instance analysis of action using session method in JSP


    This paper analyzes the session method of action in JSP. Share with you for your reference. The details are as follows: In Struts2, if you need to use session in action, you can get it in the following two ways 1. Get it through the method getsession in actioncontext class 2. Action implementation org.apache.struts2 . […]

  • Analysis of session usage in JSP programming


    An example of this paper describes the use of session in JSP programming. To share with you for your reference, as follows: TTP protocol is stateless, that is, information cannot be passed through HTTP protocol itself. In order to track the user’s operation status, ASP applies the session object. JSP uses an object called httpsession […]

  • Spring boot integrates spring session to realize session sharing


    Recent use of spring Boot develops a system. Nginx distributes requests to multiple Tomcat for load balancing. At this time, the access page will distribute the requests to different servers. The session exists on the server side. If the first access is distributed to server a, the session will be saved to server A. when […]

  • Tensorflow source code analysis 2 — front and rear end connection bridge session


    1 session overview Session is a bridge connecting the front and rear ends of tensorflow. The user uses session to enable the client to establish a connection with the execution engine of the master, and triggers a calculation through session. Run(). It establishes a set of context environment, encapsulates the environment of operation calculation and […]

  • Interesting phenomena about Python not and is none


    Recently, I encountered a problem when I checked the source code of the flash sessioninterface. For example, I want to integrate redis as the storage of flash session. Reference: http://flask.pocoo.org/snippe… The following code snippets are found to be particularly confusing here: def save_session(self, app, session, response): domain = self.get_cookie_domain(app) if not session: self.redis.delete(self.prefix + session.sid) […]

  • Flash source code analysis: session


    This is one of the articles in the flash source code analysis series. The list of all articles in this series: Flash source code analysis: Introduction Flash source code analysis: application startup process Flash source code parsing: Routing Flash source code parsing: Context Flash source code parsing: request Flash source code analysis: response Flash source […]