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  • Source code analysis of Zipkin client link tracking


    As we all know, Zipkin can help us collect the call connection relationships among various systems in a distributed system, and besides servlets, it can also collect the call relationships among components such as MQ, thread pool, websocket, feign, hystrix, rxjava, Webflux and so on. This article will analyze how Zipkin completes these functions Let’s […]

  • Swift system share video (uiactivityviewcontroller)


    Uiactivityviewcontroller introduction The system sharing function is implemented by uiactivityviewcontroller. This class can share the content to be shared to social media, SMS, e-mail, etc. the shared content can be text, picture, link, video, etc. initialization UIActivityViewController(activityItems: <#T##[Any]#>, applicationActivities: <#T##[UIActivity]?#>) Uiactivityviewcontroller initialization needs to pass two parameters. The first parameter activityitems is the content to […]

  • Asp.Net Core hybrid globalization and localization support


    preface The recent novel coronavirus epidemic has led many people to isolate themselves at home and hope that the epidemic will soon disappear. Wuhan refueling, China will win! Asp.Net Core provides built-in website internationalization (Globalization and localization) support, and Microsoft has built-in internationalization service component based on resx resource string. You can find it in […]

  • Pinpoint: a study of agetinfo data of icons on the interface


    Preface When launching a spring boot project to mount pinpoint, the interface is displayed as the JBoss icon, so today I studied how this data came from. We know that different icons are related to service types. Different services have different icons. This is described by a ServiceType property in the code. Starting from agent […]