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  • How to improve the happiness of micro service?


    Introduction:With the popularity of microservice, more and more companies use microservice framework. Microservice, with its high cohesion, low coupling and other characteristics, provides better fault tolerance and adapts to the rapid iteration of business, which brings a lot of convenience to developers. However, with the development of business, the splitting of micro services becomes more […]

  • Accelerating laravel with spool


    Spool is a production level asynchronous programming framework for PHP. It is a kind of PHP extension written in pure C language, which enables PHP developers to write high-performance, scalable concurrent TCP, UDP, UNIX socket, HTTP, websocket services in PHP without too much non blocking I / O programming and Linux kernel knowledge. You can […]

  • Use spool to speed up your laravel application


    Swoole  Is a production level asynchronous programming framework developed for PHP. He is a pure C development extension, he allows PHP developers to write high-performance, scalable concurrent TCP, UDP, UNIX socket, HTTP, websocket services in PHP, without having too much non blocking I / O programming and low-level Linux kernel knowledge. You can take it […]

  • Truth: the market of traditional public cloud is saturated!


    Is the public cloud market saturated? Don’t panic! We’re talking about“Tradition”Public cloud market What is traditional public cloud? There are two characteristics ↓ The main customer group is the Internet industry (games, e-commerce, social networking, live broadcast, short video…) These once high growth “gold mines” Let public cloud vendors earn the first, second and third […]

  • Thinkpapi service update IP white list


    ThinkAPIunifiedAPIInterface service is a set of interface calling services and services encapsulated by official joint partnersSDK, designed to helpThinkPHPdeveloperMore convenient and lower costCall all kinds of official and third party servicesAPIInterfaces and services, so as to better build the developer ecology. This timeThinkAPIThe service updates are as follows: Add IP white list function In view […]

  • IDC distributed cloud report released, Inspur cloud as a typical service provider was included in the report


    Recently, we have released the report “local cloud service model and development trend of distributed cloud service” to analyze the concept, product combination, and product model of distributed cloud service. Among them,Wave cloudAs one of the typical service providers, it was included in the report analysis.IDC pointed out in the report that after the development […]

  • IDC distributed cloud report release


    Recently, IDC officially released the report “distributed cloud: local cloud service market research”, which analyzes and interprets the local cloud service mode in distributed cloud composition from the aspects of concept and characteristics, products and modes, application scenarios and development trends. Among them,As one of the typical service providers, Inspur cloud is included in the […]

  • Laravel’s event system


    Event and listener concepts Event: perform an action or process something, such as “delivery”. Listener: monitors the occurrence of an event to trigger a series of corresponding actions, such as sending a “delivered” notification message to the user after delivery, increasing the statistical data of delivery quantity, etc. Generally speaking, an event can correspond to […]

  • Tanhua make friends build distributed project


    1. Maven structure (illustration) 2. Engineering construction Tanhua: parent project, which defines the dependent version and the dependent information required by the project <parent> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-parent</artifactId> <version>2.1.0.RELEASE</version> </parent> <properties> <mysql.version>5.1.47</mysql.version> <jackson.version>2.9.9</jackson.version> <druid.version>1.0.9</druid.version> <servlet-api.version>2.5</servlet-api.version> <jsp-api.version>2.0</jsp-api.version> <joda-time.version>2.5</joda-time.version> <commons-lang3.version>3.3.2</commons-lang3.version> <commons-io.version>1.3.2</commons-io.version> <mybatis.version>3.2.8</mybatis.version> <mybatis.mybatis-plus>3.1.1</mybatis.mybatis-plus> <lombok.version>1.18.4</lombok.version> </properties> <! — General dependency — ><dependencies> <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-test</artifactId> <scope>test</scope> </dependency> <dependency> <groupId>junit</groupId> <artifactId>junit</artifactId> […]

  • Notes on a laravel performance analysis


    We all know that the laravel project is very cool to write, but its performance in the production environment is not high. Let’s analyze the running time consumption of my own project Bootstrap time consuming step time consuming Illuminate\Foundation\Bootstrap\LoadEnvironmentVariables 0.3058910369873 Illuminate\Foundation\Bootstrap\LoadConfiguration 3.6571025848389 Illuminate\Foundation\Bootstrap\HandleExceptions 0.78296661376953 Illuminate\Foundation\Bootstrap\RegisterFacades 9.0579986572266 Illuminate\Foundation\Bootstrap\RegisterProviders 101.02701187134 Illuminate\Foundation\Bootstrap\BootProviders 96.982002258301 Preliminary observation conclusion: laravel is […]

  • Elegant validation dates in laravel need to be greater than today


    Sometimes we come across a scene, such as buying a ticket. We need to query the remaining ticket. At this time, we need a date range, the start date must be greater than or equal to today, and the end date must be greater than or equal to the start date. Version Laravel 5.5.40 PHP […]

  • Laravel source code analysis starts from the entrance


    preface The way to improve your ability is not to use more tools, but to use your own tools. Today we start with the first step of laravel’s launch. Import file Laravel is a single entry framework, all requests must go through index.php define(‘LARAVEL_ Start ‘, microtime (true)); // get the start time Using composer […]