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  • Laravel Cultivation: service container binding and parsing


    preface   to be honest, the first time my boss asked me to read the laravel framework manual that morning, I was very desperate, because I really didn’t touch it. For me, the entry threshold of laravel is really a little high, but I still have to read it (although I still don’t understand and […]

  • Laravel Cultivation: Service Provider


    preface   the last blog post collected knowledge about the laravel service container(Portal)We know that the service container mainly has two important functions: binding and parsing. The framework of laravel integrates so many functions that our project may need to introduce some additional function packages. These binding must have a unified management tool, which is […]

  • ICBC’s practice of building financial micro service architecture based on Dubbo service discovery


    By Zhang YuanzhengSource|Alibaba cloud official account Reading guideDubbo as a distributed micro service framework, many companies in practice based on Dubbo for distributed system architecture. After restarting open source, we not only seeDubbo 3.0 the latest “roadmap” releaseIn addition, we can also see that Ali is starting to promote its e-commerceIntegration of Dubbo and internal […]

  • Springclub02 Eureka registry


    2、 Registry 1. Introduction to Eureka Eureka is the core service of microservice systemRole: registration and discoveryTo start all services, you need to register your address in the registry; to call other services, you need to get the registry from the registry to find other services.Service IDHost addressitem-service—localhost:8001user-service—localhost:8101order-service—localhost:8201 2. The working mechanism of Eureka: register […]

  • 1、 Dubbo registry and service registration source analysis


    1Overall design Dubbo overall design and call with link reference to the official website http://dubbo.apache.org/zh-cn/docs/dev/design.html 2Dubbo’s registry   1、Please refer to the official website of the registration center  http://dubbo.apache.org/zh-cn/docs/user/references/registry/introduction.html    2、ZK Registration Center     2.1 directory structure     +- dubbo      +- com.demo.service.HelloService      +- consumers       +- consumer://***      +- providers       +- dubbo://***      +- configuration      +- routers     Explanation: (1) When the service […]

  • Constructing a framework of simulating laravel MVC routing


    In our daily use of laravel framework, there are many design concepts and development ideas that we should learn. How to make code more “elegant”. In the core architecture, componentization, service container and database ORM are all worthy of our exploration. In this series of blogs, we will use theComponentizationTo build a mini MVC framework […]

  • Dry goods early warning, an article takes you to thoroughly understand the underlying operation principle of laravel framework!!!


    preface When they first came into contact with the framework, most people were confused and didn’t know how to implement it. They didn’t have some basic knowledge. If they went to see the source code of the framework directly, they would be directly discouraged,LaravelFramework is a very good modelPHPFramework, this article is to take you […]

  • Reforming laravel application with spool


    Reforming laravel application with spool Tags (space delimited): PHP 1. Overview 1.1 introduction to swote Swoole is a production level asynchronous programming framework for PHP. He is a pure C development extension, he allows PHP developers to write high-performance, scalable concurrent TCP, UDP, UNIX socket, HTTP, websocket services in PHP, without having too much non […]

  • Core concepts of laravel


    1、 Dependency management and service container 2、 How to bind classes and services (binding) 3、 How to resolve objects or services without dependency injection 4、 Service container 5、 Service provider 6、 Custom service provider 7、 Improve service provider to improve maintainability and extensibility of code 8、 How to use facade 9、 What’s going on with […]

  • Using Python – requests to add a SMS verification code to the project, it only took 3 minutes


    Recently, we developed a project that needed to use SMS verification code as a registration login. We found an interface access of SMS service providers in various cloud markets. The code is as follows, which can be taken away if needed:`import requests url = “https://vip.veesing.com/smsApi/verifyCode” payload = ‘appId=41KYR0EB&appKey=IIWCKKSR7NOQ&phone=1561894**&templateId=1043&variables=1234′headers = { ‘Content-Type’: ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=utf-8’} response = requests.request(“POST”, […]

  • RPC simple microservice architecture based on hyperf


    This demo has been uploaded to GitHub: Link: hyperf RPC demo Why RPC? Not http 1. In short, RPC does not have so many HTTP request and response body fields, such as:content-type、user-agent、accept-language、content-encoding、expiresAnd so on. Often these fields account for 70% of the message content. If the number of requests is too frequent, you can imagine […]

  • Microservice practice — integration of service discovery and registration component Eureka under spring cloud


    Talk about service discovery registration Many services and fast iteration are the obvious characteristics of microservices. Then, in the fast small version iteration business, if the update service is released in the traditional way, it is very troublesome and tiring to manually modify the calling relationship between some services. A typical scenario may be that […]