• I drew 13 pictures and spoke HTTPS in the most easy to understand words. Take it!


    preface Hello, I’m Lin Sanxin,Speak the most difficult knowledge points in the most easy to understand wordsIt’s my motto,Foundation is the premise of advancedIs my first heart. I’m sure you always talk to me HTTPS Dealing with, for exampleRequest interface, visit websitewait.. Then we will often think: HTTPS What is it? HTTPS What is the […]

  • Shell script to start PHP built-in fastcgi server


    The working platform was updated from Ubuntu 9.10 karmic to 10.04 lucid a few days ago, because the official source of lucid comes with PHP5 3.2, previously useddotdeb I can’t use the source of. I’ve always liked this source. It not only provides PHP5 3 and PHP5 FPM is a very practical fcgi process manager, […]

  • Grpc application practice: (III) grpc four request modes


    Series articles: Grpc application practice: (I) Introduction Grpc application practice: (II) grpc environment construction and simple demo Grpc application practice: (III) grpc four request modes 3.1 Preface Grpc mainly has four request and response modes: simple RPC, server side streaming RPC and client side streamingRPC), and bidirectional streaming RPC. In fact, many people can know […]

  • Use bloc mode to build your flutter project


    Original text:Use bloc mode to build your flutter project Hey, man! I came back with another new article about flutter. This time, we will discuss and demonstrate “how to build the flutter project“. In this way, you can easily maintain, expand and test your fluent project. Before delving into practical topics, I would like to […]

  • GoLand environment variable configuration


    【linux】 1. Download binary package wget https://golang.google.cn/dl/go1.17.6.linux-amd64.tar.gz 2. Unzip the downloaded binary package to / usr / local directory cd /usr/local tar -zxvf go1.17.6.linux-amd64.tar.gz 3. Add the / usr / local / go / bin directory to the path environment variable (1) Edit profile cd ~ vim /etc/profile (2) Add content # goland export GOROOT=/usr/local/go […]

  • Common problems of Vue simple uploader


    catalogue How can option or query be made dynamic? How to make target dynamic? How to limit the number of uploaded files or ignore some files? How to customize the request parameters of the interface? Dynamic modificationattrsUnsuccessful problems Display of some custom verification statuses (about MD5 and MD5) On the logic of second transmission and […]

  • Shence analysis Android SDK network module analysis


    preface In the information age, data has become a valuable resource for mobile Internet enterprises. The acquisition, reporting, storage, analysis and even visual presentation of data have become an important research direction. Of course, the core of big data analysis is data, and the source of data is more important. The core problem that needs […]

  • How can the theme activity answer applet obtain the mobile phone number, and each mobile phone number can only participate once


    background Well, some time ago, I didn’t answer the project requirements of a small program for online answer in a knowledge contest. Among them, one activity rule is as follows: information entry: each participant shall fill in the company name, name and mobile phone number (wechat authorization verification method, each person is only allowed to […]

  • Write an RPC framework S03 (protocol design) with go


    preface The RPC supports TCP, KCP and UNIX, so we need to design the protocol https://github.com/dollarkill… Define handshake protocol Handshake logic: Establish a link and transmit the AES key to the server through asymmetric encryption (carry the token) The server verifies the token and records the AES key, and then uses symmetric encryption to interact […]

  • 【GO】grpc


    reference material https://www.jianshu.com/p/9ea…https://www.cnblogs.com/baosh…http://doc.oschina.net/grpc?t…https://pkg.go.dev/google.gol…https://www.jianshu.com/p/b72…https://grpc.io/docs/language…https://www.cnblogs.com/ExMan…https://blog.csdn.net/u011518…https://grpc.io/docs/language…https://www.cnblogs.com/aweso…https://blog.csdn.net/zhangmi…https://blog.csdn.net/xp17817… 1. Concept RPC(remote procedure callRemote procedure call) actually provides a set of framework mechanism, so that applications on different machines in the network can communicate and call each other, and also comply withserver/clientModel. Called by the client when usingserverThe interface provided by the client is like calling a local function. Generally, RPC […]

  • Write an RPC framework S04 with go (write the server core)


    preface Through the study of the last two articles, we have learned about the registration, configuration and protocol of local services on the server. Now we begin to write the core logic of the server https://github.com/dollarkill… Default configuration Let’s look at the default configuration first func defaultOptions() *Options { return &Options{ Protocol: transport.TCP, // default […]

  • PPPoE protocol of hcna Routing & Switching


    Previously, we learned about the topics related to HDLC and PPP protocols in Wan. For review, please refer tohttps://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/15174240.html; Today, let’s talk about PPPoE protocol related topics; Digital subscriber line (DSL) is a transmission technology with telephone line as the transmission medium. We usually call all DSL technologies xDSL, and X represents different kinds of […]