• Vue project performance optimization


    We have done quite a number of Vue projects and encountered many problems in the development process. Let’s sum up, Vue code level 1. V-for traversal should add a key to the item and avoid using V-IF at the same time (1) The official recommendation is that V-for traversal should add the key attribute to […]

  • Performance optimization is a trade-off philosophy


    Master moves are often not to consider who knows more knowledge, but to attract the enemy! At the beginning of learning to do performance optimization, many people just grasp the eyebrows and moustaches, and do everything they know, want to do, and can do. This is a typical hardworking force! I did a lot of […]

  • Resp protocol of redis


    Brief introduction of resp protocol In the upper layer of TCP protocol, an independent protocol named resp (redis serialization protocol) is used as the standard way of communication between the client and server of redis. Redis protocol makes a compromise between the following points: Simple implementation Quickly parsed by computer It’s so simple that it […]

  • Implementation of laravel Vue SSR spa server rendering / single page rendering


    Laravel-Vue-SSR-SPA It provides server-side rendering / single page rendering skeleton, integrates webpack package to build MD5 file name / gzip implementation, built-in Vue router, vuex, Axios and other Vue packages, and provides three common schemes, including PC side SSR rendering scheme, admin front-end and back-end separated single page scheme, mobile front-end and back-end separated single […]

  • Ruan Yifeng’s another open source masterpiece in GitHub! Grab the download


    hot wire! Another masterpiece of Ruan Yifeng Bash script tutorial Help you get started with Bash Programmers should master basic bash script commands Especially for operation and maintenance development, bash script is a necessary basic skill To control the development of server You can’t do without it There are many kinds of shell scripts, and […]

  • Comparative analysis of golang socket and Linux socket


    After the introduction of POSIX standard, socket has been well supported on major mainstream OS platforms. Golang is a cross platform programming language with runtime. The socket API provided to developers in go is based on the native socket interface of the operating system. However, the socket interface in golang is different from the native […]

  • Performance optimization based on vue-ssr


    Performance optimization based on vue-ssr About SSR (full name server side render), every front-end students must be very familiar with, we know that SSR can reduce the white screen waiting time, SEO friendly, easy to be captured by search engines, but how can we write a good SSR project? Starting from a famous interview question, […]

  • The implementation of UNIX socket communication with spool


    Server bind(“/tmp/server.sock”); $socket->listen(2048); go(function ()use($socket){ while(true) { echo “Accept: \n”; $client = $socket->accept(); if ($client === false) { var_dump($socket->errCode); } else { Swoole\Event::add($client,function($client){ if(!$client->checkLiveness()){ $client->close(); Swoole\Event::del($client); return; } echo $client->fd.”****”.$client->recv().PHP_EOL; $client->send(“world”); }); } } }); client connect(“/tmp/server.sock”); while ($retval) { $socket->send(“hello”); $data = $socket->recv(); echo “server recv: “.$data.PHP_EOL; if (empty($data)) { $socket->close(); break; } co::sleep(1.0); […]

  • The nginx service refreshes the page after deploying the Vue project, and there is a 404 problem


    Environmental Science 1.vue-cli 3.x 2.Nginx overview Before the project, Vue router used the default “hash” mode, which is no problem in the local and online environment. Because the “#” in the URL is removed, the “history” routing mode is used. After the online environment is deployed again, the home page can be accessed normally, and […]

  • Row in SQL Server_ The usage of number paging query


    ROW_ The number() function numbers each line returned by the select statement from 1, giving it a continuous number. When a sort standard is applied in query, only by numbering can the order be consistent_ When using the number function, you also need a special column for pre sorting to facilitate numbering. ROW_NUMBER() Description: returns […]

  • Understanding JSON web token (JWT)


    What is JWT Json web token (JWT), is an open standard based on JSON ((RFC 7519) implemented to deliver claims between network application environments. The token is designed to be compact and secure, especially suitable for single sign on (SSO) scenarios of distributed sites. JWT’s declaration is generally used to transfer the authenticated user‘s identity […]

  • Jsliang job series – 23 – Performance Optimization


    A catalogue What’s the difference between the front end and salted fish catalog A catalogue 2. Foreword  2.1 DNS resolution  2.2 TCP connection  2.3 sending HTTP request  2.4 server response  2.5 browser parsing rendering page  2.6 others  2.7 summary Three browser cache  3.1 cache location  3.2 caching mechanism Cookie, web storage and indexdb  4.1 Cookie […]