• org.apache.catalina . connector.ClientAbortException : Solutions


    Basic spring boot 2.2.3.release version test, 2.2.5 does not have this problem Java – how to simulate client abort request? Test in a problem project (some advanced versions of springboot do not have this exception, so it must be tested in a problem project) It mainly simulates that the client actively disconnects from the server […]

  • Learning the secondary development of week1 in B station


    2021 Mar 22nd Day1 get ready: Revit2016VS2012+.NET4.5c# documentation(https://docs.microsoft.com/en… revit2016SDK(http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/…Plug in: add in manager — directly modify the plug-in code without restartRevitlookup — look at API objects Revitapi Development ForumReferences: foundation of secondary development of Tongji 2015 Edition Q&A:Q1: SDK vs APIAPI: communication, abstraction, standard (API format, such as rest: representational state transfer presentation layer state […]

  • Graphic verification plug-in, baidu editor expansion function, nodejs message mechanism and chat room, python do crawler


    Graphics verification plug in Online to find a lot of graphics verification plug-ins, more recommended verify.js $(‘#mpanel4’).slideVerify({ type: 2, vOffset: 5, vSpace: 5, imgName: [‘1.jpg’, ‘2.jpg’, ‘3.jpg’, ‘4.jpg’, ‘5.jpg’, ‘6.jpg’, ‘7.jpg’, ‘8.jpg’], imgSize: { width: ‘400px’, height: ‘200px’, }, blockSize: { width: ’40px’, height: ’40px’, }, barSize: { width: ‘400px’, height: ’40px’, }, ready: function […]

  • SQL server does not support utf8, but PHP uses utf8 to solve the contradiction problem


    Core code function convert2utf8($string) { return iconv(“gbk”,”utf-8″,$string); } function convert2gbk($string) { return iconv(“utf-8″,”gbk”,$string); } When inserting data or modifying data, UTF-8 is converted into GBK and stored in the database. When the data is acquired, the data is converted to UTF-8. This method is designed in the underlying data, and can be called by the […]

  • Be careful, don’t be trapped by Eureka


    Eureka isNetflixThe developed service discovery framework is based onRESTThe service is mainly used to locate and run inAWSIn order to achieve the goal of load balancing and middle layer service failure transfer. Spring cloud integrates it into its subproject spring cloud Netflix to realize the service discovery function of spring cloud. Eureka consists of two […]

  • NPM run script


    NPM run script Sometimes, running a project may require multiple scripts. For example, we need to package the client code and the server code. When the server code is packaged, we need to restart the server. Based on such a requirement, NPM hooks, cross Env, better NPM run and NPM run all can be used […]

  • In depth analysis of SQL server stored procedures


    The stored procedure in transact SQL is very similar to the method in Java language. It can be called repeatedly. When a stored procedure is executed once, the statement can be cached, so that the next time the stored procedure is executed, the statement in the cache can be used directly. This can improve the […]

  • Example of using table values as input parameters in SQL server stored procedures


    Before 2008, if we want to pass the table as an input parameter to the SQL server stored procedure, it will be more difficult. We may need a lot of logic processing to pass the table data as string or XML. Table valued parameters are provided in 2008. Using table valued parameters, you can send […]

  • How to realize go timeout control


    Why time out control? If the request time is too long, the user side may have left this page, and the server side is still consuming resources, so the result is meaningless Too long server processing will take up too much resources, leading to the decline of concurrency, and even unusable accidents The necessity of […]

  • Implementation of asynchronous task queue with PHP + spool


    Recently, I took over a demand for docking SMS. This demand itself is not difficult. Just request a specific interface according to the requirements of the service provider. In the beginning, it was implemented by using the traditional synchronous blocking method. The user experience is not good. Sending short messages needs to wait, and wait […]

  • Example of using SQL Server custom exception raiserror


    When using SQL server stored procedures or triggers, custom exceptions are usually used to handle some special logic. For example, cursor destruction and transaction rollback. Next, we will introduce the use of SQL Server custom exception in detail. Use “raiserrror” to throw a custom exception. The following code: in the stored procedure, throw a custom […]

  • Knowledge carding and summary of building react server rendering project


    GitHub address of the projectreact-koa2-ssr The technology stack used react16. X + react-router4. X + koa2. X preface Some time ago, I did a simple ancient literature net in my spare time, but the project is rendered by react spa, which is not conducive to SEO, so I have the requirement of server-side rendering. Later, […]