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  • [daily] use tcpdump and ethereal packet capturing to analyze exceptions in HTTP requests


    In the process of testing the function, such a phenomenon appears. After the front-end JS initiates the Ajax request, it can be seen that the status is pending in the browser’s review element network state. After 15 seconds, JS will cancel the current timeout request and turn it into a red cancel. For this reason, […]

  • Communication processing between server and client based on signalr


    Signalr is a real-time communication framework of. Net core /. Net framework, which is generally used in asp.net. Of course, it can also be used in WinForm to realize message communication between server and client. This essay is mainly based on signalr to build a communication processing case between server and client based on WinForm, […]

  • Apple reviews IPv6 overseas solutions – about app store


    Original short book article address (also my own) First of all, I’m not responsible for your internal server. Second, read the article carefully. If others can, you can too    Apple on June 1IPV6The agreement hindered most of the active developers in China, and our company was no exception. After being rejected three times, we […]

  • Realize automatic refresh of client configuration through bus mechanism (consul, spring cloud config, spring cloud bus)


    Automatic refresh of client configuration through bus mechanism Schematic diagram Using the webhook notification function of GIT service, after each configuration update, GIT server will call the / Actor / bus refresh interface of configuration center by post mode, and the bus service of configuration center will broadcast this event to all clients joining the […]

  • Cookie and session learning of Serlvet


    HTTP protocol Web communication needs a language, just like Chinese people speak Chinese, European and American people speak English. The HTTP protocol used by the web is also called hypertext protocol. There are two kinds of people using HTTP protocol: client and server. The role of requesting resources is client, and the role of providing […]

  • An example of HTTP server and client implemented by go language


    The net / HTTP package of go language is very simple and elegant (1) server package main import ( “flag” “fmt” “net/http” ) func main() { host := flag.String(“host”, “”, “listen host”) port := flag.String(“port”, “80”, “listen port”) http.HandleFunc(“/hello”, Hello) err := http.ListenAndServe(*host+”:”+*port, nil) if err != nil { panic(err) } } func Hello(w http.ResponseWriter, […]

  • Manjaro install redis manually


    The windows system used to be used before has been a little annoyed by win10 recently, and has entered manjaro’s pit. Some software under windows has been installed in manjaro with a record. My system information   Let’s start work. I. preparation steps Download Redis https://redis.io/ Two, installation 1Current directory / home / yzhl / […]

  • Virtual host built by IIS Web


    Virtual host built by IIS Web Virtual directory: it can store the files of a website in different directories of the same computer and other computers. Benefits of using virtual directories: 1. Store the data on different disks or computers, which is convenient for development and maintenance. 2. When the data is moved to another […]

  • Go microservice fault tolerance and resilience


    Service resilience refers to that when there is a problem in the running environment of the service, such as network failure or service overload or some microservices are down, the program can still provide some or most of the services. At this time, we say that the service is very resilient. It is a very […]

  • MySQL installation and connection


    1. installation Download address: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/ Common problems and solutions: https://blog.csdn.net/chen97_/article/details/81484286 1.1. Add environment variable Add the extracted mysql-5.7.21-winx64 \ bin path to the system environment variable. Open my computer – right click in the blank – properties – advanced system settings – Advanced – environment variables – double click path, create a new one, and […]

  • Windows group policy experiment – Local Group Policy and domain control group policy


    Windows group policy experiment – Local Group Policy and domain control group policy Local group policy is only valid for local computers. Domain policy is a user-defined policy for a group of computers joining the domain after computers join the domain environment, which is convenient for management Local group policy: I. Experimental Environment Windows 7 […]

  • Implementation of golang websocket server


    Create a websocket server package smile import ( “errors” “log” “net/http” “sync” “time” “github.com/gorilla/websocket” ) const ( //Write time allowed to wait writeWait = 10 * time.Second // Time allowed to read the next pong message from the peer. pongWait = 60 * time.Second // Send pings to peer with this period. Must be less […]