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  • Find the communication port of crash 3


    Install crash 3 in the simulator Find the process ID of the simulator in the task manager. The Mumu simulator I use has multiple processes, of which only one process is related to network communication. Open CMD console netstat -aon|findstr “7408” There are many communication ports related to “7408”. Only ports with status established are […]

  • The preview of the new features in the software v4.7 version supports setting different heartbeat detection times for each port


    In previous versions, the heartbeat detection function of multi port monitoring can only be configured on the main service, and the heartbeat time cannot be set separately for each port. For example, you need to9501Set on port30Seconds, and9502Set on port60Seconds. fromv4.7The version is supported. Let’s learn more about it. Configuration item stayServerTwo configuration items are […]

  • About network protocol


    network Network is a virtual platform for information transmission, receiving and sharing Through it, the information of each point, surface and body is linked together, so as to realize the sharing of these resources There are certain rules for network data transmission, which we call protocol HTTP protocol is one of them, and it is […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (70): Dig


    Recommended reading:Learn a Linux command every day (69): NSLOOKUP Command introduction The dig command is used to perform network DNS lookup. Dig is a flexible tool for querying DNS name servers. It performs a DNS lookup and displays the answer returned from the name server of the query. Dig can be used to solve DNS […]

  • Redis study notes (XIII) copy (2)


    In the last article, we wrote a simple application of redis replication function. Let’s take a look at the implementation process of redis replication function. The following is basically the theoretical part, boring, but I hope you can have a look, after all, knowledge is not all interestedStand loneliness, stand temptation, can keep prosperous ~~Implementation […]

  • CentOS7 install spark+ipython-nodebook


    ipython-nodebook IPython notebook has become an important tool for teaching, computing and scientific research with Python. IPython notebook uses the browser as the interface to send requests to the background IPython server and display the results. In the browser interface, cell is used to save all kinds of information. There are many types of cell, […]

  • A guide to curl


    Reading guide Curl is a common command-line tool used to request web servers. Its name means the URL tool of the client. Its function is very powerful, and there are dozens of command line parameters. If you are proficient, you can completely replace graphical interface tools such as postman. This paper introduces its main command […]

  • Getting client IP with PHP


    REMOTE_ Addr is the IP address when your client “shakes hands” with your server. If anonymous proxy is used, remote_ Addr will display the IP of the proxy server (proxy can be used in nginx_ set_ header X-Forwarded-For $remote_ Addr; to solve the problem).HTTP_ CLIENT_ IP is the HTTP header sent by the proxy server. […]

  • 36. Springboot configures CORS to solve cross domain requests


    CORS (cross origin resource sharing) “cross domain resource sharing” is a W3C standard. It allows the browser to send Ajax requests to cross domain servers, breaking the restriction that Ajax can only access resources in the site. CORS is used in many places. JS payment of wechat payment is to send cross domain request to […]

  • The MAC terminal is connected to the server


    After the MAC terminal is connected with the remote server, it may be disconnected because there is no data interaction with the server for a period of time. Now, the following methods can be used to maintain the long-term connection between the terminal and the remote server. Edit “SSH”_ Config “file: sudo vi /etc/ssh/ssh_config Under […]

  • Specific meaning of parameters in HTTP request header


    As a front-end development, it is necessary to understand that browsers send HTTP requests. 7 steps of HTTP request 1. Establish TCP link 2. The browser sends a request (get / sample)/ hello.jsp HTTP/1.1) 3. Request header sent by browser 4. Server sends response (HTTP / 1.1200 OK) 5. The server sends the response header […]

  • Service registration, discovery, heartbeat


    Using akka to achieve service registration, discovery and heartbeat Message class: package org.examplecase class RegisterWorkerInfo(id: String, cpu: Int, ram: Int);case class WorkerInfo(val id: String, val cpu: Int, val ram: Int) { var lastheartbeat: Long = System.currentTimeMillis ();};case object RegisteredWorkerInfo;case object SendHeartBeat;case object StartTimeOutWorker;case object RemoveTimeOutWorker; Case class heartbeanpackage (ID: String); server master: package org.exampleimport java.util.concurrent […]