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  • How does SAP ui5 framework perform single step debugging of batch requests


    req.get(‘content-type’) Normal batch operation, responsecontent-typeHTML type should not be returned: Correct batch response,Content-TypeThe value should bemultipart/mixed; boundary=batchresponse_ Followed by a guid Success handler is the following figurefnSuccess, wrapped inwraHandlerLi. Different content type responses are handled by different handlers. httpClient. If the request is executed incorrectly, it will enter thecatchBranch, error message: invalid MIME part type […]

  • The preview of new features in the v4.7 version of spool supports setting different heartbeat detection times for each port


    In the previous version, the heartbeat detection function of multi port monitoring can only be configured on the main service, and the heartbeat time cannot be set separately for each port. For example, you need to9501Set on port30Seconds, and9502Set on port60Seconds. fromv4.7The version has been supported. Let’s learn more about it. Configuration item stayServerTwo configuration […]

  • How to convert an encoded string to another encoding in c\.


    When sending a request to the server and obtaining the returned JSON, the encoding of the string may not be what we want. For example, if the returned code is GB2132, it may be garbled in c\. At this time, we need transcoding, such as converting GB2132 to UTF-8. Following functionsTransferStrUsed to complete transcoding,TestFunction. private […]

  • Redis master-slave synchronization


    Principle: 1. Send the sync command from the server to the master server. 2. The master server receiving the sync command will call the bgsave command to create an RDB file, and use the buffer to record all the next write commands. 3. When the master server executes bgsave command, it will send RDB file […]

  • Apizza — write websocket interface document


    Using websocket documents 1. What is websocket? Websocket protocol was born in 2008 and became an international standard in 2011. All browsers already support it. Its biggest feature is that the server can actively push information to the client, and the client can also actively send information to the server. It is a real two-way […]

  • Understand browser cache


    For a small advertisement, the author developed a website integrating high-quality programming tutorials and videos (including a large number of Muke network system courses and practical courses). Interested students can have a look,Qingping www.qingp.com net summary The cache control in HTTP is “browser cache”. Browser cache is to cache front-end resources such as JS, CSS […]

  • The basic principle and process of Ajax


    The basic principle and process of Ajax Send an asynchronous request to the server through the XMLHttpRequest object. After obtaining the data returned by the server, use the DOM operation to update the page. The core part is the XMLHttpRequest object. At each stage of the life cycle, different functions of the XMLHttpRequest object are […]

  • Cookie principle in java learning


    1. Cookie principle1) In general, a cookie is like a “membership card” sent by the server to the browser. The browser will take this “membership card” every time it sends a request to the server. When the server sees this “membership card”, it can identify the identity of the browser.In fact, this so-called “membership card” […]

  • The Pinus front-end server sends messages to the back-end server


    The project framework of Pinus is the same as that of pomelo. Thanks to the project team of Pinus, this server framework has been developed. The relationship between different classes is complex. This article does not want to sort out the content of the relationship. It just introduces the process of sending messages from the […]

  • Redis | Chapter 11 Server Replication redis design and Implementation


    catalogue preface 1. Implementation of legacy copy function 1.1 synchronization and command propagation 1.2 defects of old version replication function 2. Implementation of copy function of new version 2.1 implementation principle of partial resynchronization 3. Implementation of PSYNC command 4. Detailed steps of copying 4.1 set the address and port of the master server 4.2 […]

  • Navigator.sendBeacon()


    navigator. The sendbeacon () method can be used to asynchronously transfer a small amount of data to the web server over HTTP. grammar navigator.sendBeacon(url, data); parameter url The URL parameter indicates the network address to which data will be sent. data The data parameter is the arraybufferview or blob, domstring or formdata type data to […]

  • Find the communication port of crash 3


    Install crash 3 in the simulator Find the process ID of the simulator in the task manager. The Mumu simulator I use has multiple processes, of which only one process is related to network communication. Open CMD console netstat -aon|findstr “7408” There are many communication ports related to “7408”. Only ports with status established are […]