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  • MySQL startup options and system variables


    The configuration information of MySQL can be realized in two ways. One is the command line form. When starting the MySQL service, the relevant configuration parameters will be brought along. This way will be invalid after the restart of MySQL. Another way is to write the configuration file, such as my.cnf, to start or restart […]

  • Simple use of go language net / HTTP package


    1. Open GoLand and click new project to create a new project   Then fill in the project name of the new project and select SDK   After selecting and setting, click create to complete the creation. Select the project name, right-click and select new > go file   Enter the name and press enter […]

  • PlayJava Day028


    1. Socket in network program is used to connect application program and port The socket is an imaginary connection device, just like the plug-in device “socket”, which is used to connect electrical appliances and wires, as shown below Client: application socket port Server: application socket port Java abstracts sockets into classes. Programmers only need to […]