• On Web font family


    preface Recently, we have studied the font family font settings of major websites, and found that the default values of each website are different, and even some large websites have made obvious mistakes, which shows that the font is still a great knowledge, and we should study it carefully. The default fonts embedded in different […]

  • Interesting CSS property font family


    font-familyIs a website user experience first entrance, it is very necessary to spend time to study. First, we need to understand serif fonts and sans serif fonts, then we need to understand the common Chinese and English fonts and their applicability. Serif font Serif(serif)Each stroke has its own style, the end of the stroke will […]

  • Font settings for international sites


    When developing a website that supports multiple languages, in the process of page layout, there will always be a situation of interlaced Chinese and English, or consider the use scenario, including the situation that the Chinese system displays English pages, How to set the interface font at this time? MDN is defined as follows:The CSS […]