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  • Setting up DNS server in Linux (CentOS 7)


    DNS resolution process For example, client resolution www.126.com The client queries its own cache (records in hosts), and if it does not send the query to / etc/ resolv.conf DNS server in If the local DNS server is authoritative for the requested information, it will send (authoritative answer) to the client. Otherwise, if the DNS […]

  • Wechat payment in Java (3): API V3 verifies the signature of wechat server response


    1. Preface Remember one sentence: public key encryption, private key decryption; private key signature, public key signature verification. The first two articles of wechat payment V3 respectively talked about how to sign the request and how to obtain and refresh the wechat platform public key. This article will continue to discuss how to verify the […]

  • On the limit of ordinal number of OL element in HTML document


    Generally speaking, it is unlikely to encounter a huge < ol > list in HTML documents. This article is just a technical discussion. I happened to run into this problem and tested it. The measured limit is [- 2147483648, 2147483647], that is [- 2 ^ 31 ~ 2 ^ 31 – 1] There are some […]

  • MySQL 8.0 window function ranking and topn


    MySQL 8.0 window function ranking and topn 5.0.5 function has been used in my window before, can be used in a summary of the following functions   what Window function — also known as OLAP function — online analytical processing The window function function is moved from Oracle. It seems that Oracle’s acquisition of MySQL […]

  • Using vbs script to change the serial number of Windows XP


    ON ERROR RESUME NEXT Dim VOL_PROD_KEY if Wscript.arguments.count<1 then VOL_ PROD_ Key = InputBox (“instructions for use: & vbcr & vbcr &” this program will automatically replace the serial number of your current windows, which will be verified by Microsoft. “& vbcr & vbcr &” serial number (OEM version is invalid, default version is XP VLK): “& vbcr & vbcr & […]

  • It’s enough to learn snowflake algorithm (go version)


    Link to original text preface Hi, everybody, I’m asong. This is my 12th article. Today, I’d like to introduce the snowflake algorithm to you. Introduction of snowflake algorithm is secondary, because everyone is too familiar, the main purpose is to recommend my new series. Today, I had an idea to create a new series. This […]

  • CentOS add startup script


    There are many ways for CentOS to set up the service to start automatically. Here, we will introduce the method of adding script for automatic startup by chkconfig command. Script autostart.sh (take boot to start the redis service as an example) `#!/bin/sh#chkconfig: 2345 80 90#Description: power by https://www.shangmayuan.com # rediscd /data1/redisredis-server /data1/redis/redis.conf ` The first […]

  • Common shortcut key operation mode of CentOS 7 system


    catalog Shortcut key operation mode The most useful shortcut key Move cursor shortcut key Cut, paste, remove shortcut keys Repeat command shortcut Control shortcut key Shortcut key operation mode Some common shortcuts in Linux system can effectively improve the operation efficiency and avoid the problems caused by operation errors at some times. The most useful […]

  • [pbft] practical Byzantine fault tolerance


    1、 The necessity of view replacement   view replacement is a method to ensure the availability of the system due to the primary failure. Availability means that the operation can be completed within the effective time.checkpoint, stable checkpoint the states produced by the excution of these requests : checkpointa checkpoint with a proof : stable […]

  • Theoretical basis of distributed system election, majority and lease


    Election is a common problem in the practice of distributed system. By breaking the peer-to-peer relationship between nodes, the selected leader (or master, coordinator) helps to realize the atomicity of transactions and improve the efficiency of decision-making. The idea of the majority helps us reach consensus in the case of network differentiation, and helps us […]

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 installation instructions


    Microsoft SQL Server 2012 installation instructions     Environmental Science:Windows8, Windows7, WinVista, Win2003, WinXP   Microsoft SQL Server 2012It’s a powerfulMySQLdatabaseManagement and development tools. New editionMicrosoft SQL Server 2012 not only continues the powerful ability of existing data platform, but also fully supports cloud technology and platform, and can quickly build corresponding solutions to realize […]

  • Scrcpy controls Android phone with computer (supports windows / Mac OS / Linux)


    1、 Introduction to scrcpy Note: the spelling is scrcpy, a non Python crawler framework. Scrcpy can be debugged through the way of ADB to put the phone screen on the computer, and can control your Android device through the computer. It can be connected via USB (required for the first time) or via WiFi (via […]