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  • Figure out the advantages and disadvantages of each tree


    preface There are two ways to realize data structure, one is sequential storage, the other is chain storage Sequential storage: the use of a continuous piece of logical address to store dataChained storage: use a pointer to the address of the next element instead of a continuous address Common data structures are: linear table, stack, […]

  • data structure


    1.1 what is data structure? Official explanation: Data structure is a subject that studies the operation objects in the programming problems of non numerical calculation, and the relationship and operation between them. Vernacular: Data structure is a set of data elements organized according to a certain relationship, which is used to organize and store data […]

  • Sequential storage structure of linear table


    1. Definition of linear table Linear table: a finite sequence of zero or more data elements.The number of linear table elements n (n ≥ 0) is defined as the length of linear table. When n = 0, it is called empty table.For a non empty linear table or linear structure, it has the following characteristics: […]