• Awk learning notes of Linux text processing three swordsmen 11: options, built-in variables and built-in functions


    Many of the contents of this part have been covered in previous notes, so most of them will not be detailed. Built in and predefined have different names, but their meanings are equivalent. These two English words are also used in official documents. option -e: Specify the awk code. The general code can be written […]

  • Go [start]


    Recently, I started to learn go. While learning, I made a note to help myself and others. If there are mistakes, you are welcome to correct them. Thank you very much. install Take binary package as an example Download binary packagewget https://studygolang.com/dl/golang/go1.15.7.linux-amd64.tar.gz Unzip the downloaded binary package to the / usr / local directorytar -C […]

  • JS array to string (3 ways)


    JavaScript  Allows conversion between arrays and strings. Where array   Method object defines 3   Method to convert an array into a string, as shown in the table. Conversion method between array and string of array object Array method explain toString() Converts an array to a string toLocalString() Converts an array to a locally agreed […]

  • Invalid jgit addCommand


    reference resources: https://blog.csdn.net/luckyrocks/article/details/107671468 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45913082/jgit-addfilepattern-not-working-for-my-absolute-path-to-a-file Problem: I used jgit to operate git on windows, but the GIT add file was not added to git management. The GIT directory is D: \ \ AA. I want to add the D: \ \ AA \ \ BB folder and all its sub files AddCommand addCommand = git.add(); addCommand.addFilepattern(“D:\\aa\\bb”).call();\\ […]

  • Collection of test interview questions (4) | Linux and Python Programming (with answers)


    This paper is a study note for the students of Hogwarts Testing Institute. This series of articles summarizes some common interview questions for software test engineers, mainly from personal interview, network collection (improvement), daily work discussion, etc. it is divided into the following ten parts for your reference. If there are mistakes, please correct them. […]

  • Bash: for loop and positional parameters ($*, [email protected])


    Word splitting If the variable is not in double quotation marks, the shell will segment the variable after parameter expansion, command replacement and arithmetic expansion, such as: $ echo a b c d a b c d Shell will$IFSEach character of is used as a separator if$IFSIf it is unset, it has a default value<space><tab><newline>。 […]

  • It’s time to come. There are new features in ES12!


    Author: Kumar harshTranslator: front end XiaozhiSource: Blog Dream, dry goods, wechat search[move to the world]Pay attention to this dish washing wisdom who is still washing dishes in the early morning. This article GitHubhttps://github.com/qq449245884/xiaozhiIt has been included. There are complete test sites, materials and my series of articles for the interview of front-line large factories. Today, […]

  • Use of cut command


    cutIt is used to intercept a part of each line of file or standard input. usecutYou must specify one of the following three options: -b byte-listIntercept by byte-c character-listIntercept according to characters-f field-listIntercept according to paragraph The above three parametersbyte-list character-list field-listIs one or more numbers and ranges separated by commas-Range of connections). The actual […]

  • Export postgre data to a file


    During data migration, you need to export and input data through files, and then import new databases. The specific operation is divided into the following three steps: 1. Log in to the server side of the database PSQL – H (IP) – P (port) – D (Library name) — user name = user name […]

  • Shell: how to traverse text containing spaces


    Blog:Blog Garden personal Translated fromLooping Through a File that Contains Spaces – Bash for Loop Dealing with files that contain spaces or special characters is a must for everyone who uses Linux. In this article, we will discuss how to use the for loop on files with spaces. The test text is as follows: This […]

  • ES12 new features you need to know


    What are the new features of ES12? New features: String.prototype.replaceAll Promise.any WeakRefs Logical operators and assignment expressions Number separator 1.replaceAll Replaceall returns a new string. All characters that meet the matching rules will be replaced. The replacement rule can be string or regular expression Let string =’I love front end, I love front end has […]

  • MySQL merges and splits by specified characters


    It is a common scene to merge or split according to the specified characters. MySQL is relatively simple in the way of merging, but splitting according to the specified characters is relatively troublesome (that is, it needs to write more characters). This article will illustrate how to merge and split according to the specified characters. […]