• Redis installation (stand-alone and various clusters, Alibaba cloud)


    Redis installation (stand-alone and various clusters, Alibaba cloud) preface Last week, my friend quietly pointed to a blog on his mobile phone and said, “this is your blog.”. I took a look at the previous release of rabbit installation (stand-alone and cluster, Alibaba cloud). My friend told me that my blog was tweeted by a […]

  • Redis sentinel mechanism and disaster drill


    The Sentinels use this configuration 1. Modification sentinel.conf configuration file 2. Protected mode no The    protected mode parameter is used to disable access to redis from the external network. If enabled, redis can only be accessed through lookback IP ( If the external network accesses redis, an exception will be reported Note:If the bind […]

  • The underlying principles of several core mechanisms of redis


    1. S & O down Two down states: s-down and o-down   (1) and s down are subjective downtime. If a sentinel thinks a master is down, it is subjective downtime Sdown achieves a simple condition. If a sentry Ping a master exceeds the number of milliseconds specified by is master down after milliseconds, the master […]

  • Redis sentinel (sentinel core mechanism)


    1. Redis sentinel system is used to manage multiple redis services The system performs the following three tasks:   1. Monitoring: sentinel will constantly check whether your master and slave servers are working properly.   2. Notification: sentinel can send notifications to administrators or other applications through API when there is a problem with a […]

  • Interview officer series – redis sentinel, persistence, master-slave, hand torn LRU


    The more you know, the more you don’t know Take a look at it and get used to it Preface RedisIt is so widely used in Internet technology storage that almost all back-end technology interviewers need toRedisIn terms of use and principle, it is a 360 ° challenge for the young people. As a face-to-face […]

  • Design principles and differences of redis sentinel, replication and cluster


    When it comes to high availability of redis server, how to ensure that the backup machine is a complete backup of the original server? Sentinels and reproductions are needed. Sentinel:It can manage multiple redis servers. It provides monitoring, reminding and automatic failover functions. Replication:It is responsible for enabling a redis server to be equipped with […]

  • A kind of Condole interviewer series – redis common interview questions (with answers)


    The more you know, the more you don’t know Take a look at it and get used to it GitHubHttps://github.com/java… Has been open-source on, and there is an interview point mind map, welcomeStarandperfect Preface RedisIt is so widely used in Internet technology storage that almost all back-end technology interviewers need toRedisIn terms of use and […]

  • Three minutes to get you started: sentinel of redis high availability architecture


    What is a sentry? Sentinel is a high availability solution of redis. As we mentioned earlier, master-slave replication is the basis of high availability, and manual intervention is required to complete the failover. Sentinel can solve this problem. In the case of master-slave replication, when the master node fails, sentinel can automatically discover the failure […]

  • Redis master slave replication and sentinel mode (2)


    Redis master-slave replication In order to share the data service pressure of stand-alone redis, read-write separation is needed. Therefore, a master-slave structure of redis is built. The master node is responsible for writing and the slave node is responsible for reading. The master node synchronizes the data to the slave node on a regular basis. […]

  • Redis master slave, sentinel, cluster combat (IV)


    Download address and Version Description Download address of each version of redis: http://download.redis.io/releases/ Version Description: Generally speaking, version number is second, even number is stable version, odd number is version in development This paper is based on redis version as follows:3.2.12 The theoretical basis is as follows: https://blog.csdn.net/sanri1993/article/details/101599701 https://blog.csdn.net/sanri1993/article/details/101620171 Master-slave structure One master multi slave […]

  • Exception monitoring -Sentry service deployment tutorial


    Background:Our iteration in the design of a complete system or business online, in addition to the need to focus on the business data, system operation state, often need to monitor system business exceptions, edge to avoid some of the scenes there is no judgment in development or testing in place, resulting in abnormal online business […]

  • Sentry for front-end error collection of Vue project


    Introduction to sentry SentryIt is an open source error tracing tool that can help developers monitor and repair errors in real time. It focuses on error monitoring and extracting all the information needed for post-processing; supports almost all mainstream development languages(JS/Java/Python/php) Platform, and provide a web to show output errors.Sentry: https://sentry.io/ Sentry installation sentryIt is […]