• Redis sentry


    catalogue 1、 Basic concepts and architecture 1.1 basic concepts 1.2 architecture 2、 Deployment demo 2.1 deploy master-slave nodes 2.2 deploy sentry nodes 2.3 failover demonstration 3、 Client connection (configuration provider) 3.1 code 3.2 principle 4、 Implementation principle 4.1 three scheduled tasks 4.2 subjective offline and objective offline 4.3 leader sentinel node election 4.4 failover 1、 […]

  • Analysis of common problems in redis


    1. How to ensure high availability and high concurrency of redis Redis master-slave architecture, with one master and multiple slaves, can meet high availability and high concurrency. When an instance goes down, it automatically switches between active and standby, configures read-write separation, and relieves the read-write pressure on the master. 2. How to implement redis […]

  • Redis high availability cluster solution (master slave replication, sentinel mode, redis cluster)


    Redis cluster is a relatively good redis high availability solution in the continuous improvement of redis architecture in recent years. This paper involves the evolution process of redis multi instance architecture in recent years, including the introduction of common master-slave architecture (master and slave can separate read and write), sentry mode master-slave architecture, redis cluster […]

  • Redis fragmentation mechanism


    Redis performance optimization Second speed: the memory capacity of a single redis is limited. However, if there is a huge amount of data requiring cache storage, multiple redis nodes should be usedDefinition of redis fragmentation mechanism: Redis fragmentation mechanism configuration Configuration planningConfiguration Description: prepare three redis servers with port numbers of 6379 / 6380 / […]

  • Redis cache


    1.redis 1.1 what’s up, redis Redis is an open source (BSD licensed) in memory data structure storage system, which can be used toAs database, cache and message middleware.It supports multiple types of data structures, such asStrings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted setsWith range query, bitmaps, hyperlogs and geospatial index radius query. Redis has built-in replication, Lua […]

  • Redis installation, fragmentation, sentry, cluster


    1. Download the redis installation package Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1Dvvo…Extraction code: aozu 2. Redis installation System: Linux 2.1 upload redis Upload the redis installation package to the Linux system and put it in the directory of / usr / local / SRC / 2.2 unzip the installation package After entering the directory where the installation package is […]

  • The most complete course of redis


    The most complete course of redis 1. Redis installation 1.1 download the installation package from the official website. Here we take redis5. X as an example. After downloading, use xftp to upload to your server or your virtual machine. The directory can be arbitrary, but it is recommended to put the software installed in/optFolder. Using […]

  • Jingtao project day13-14


    Implementation of cache service with AOP ============= 1.1 business requirements 1) . custom annotation @ cachefind (key = “XXX”, second = – 1)2) Use custom annotation to identify the business method and save the return value of the method to the cache3) AOP is used to intercept annotations, and surround notification is used to realize […]

  • High availability implementation of sessionstate ~ redissessionstateprovider


    As early as a few years ago, there was a way of sharing session with session state. Today, let’s summarize the way of sharing session with highly available redis Construction of sentinel cluster Working process diagram to configure Redis data service configuration First, configure the master-slave server of redis and modify it redis.conf The document […]

  • Docker compose to arrange redis cluster


    Common architecture of redis Master and slave One master and many followers Master slave read write separation Daemonize no docker requires at least one foreground process in the container, so it cannot be set as a daemon Setting master IP replicaof < masterip > < masterport > from slave node version: ‘3’ services: master: image: […]

  • Summary of redis high availability: redis master-slave replication, sentry cluster, brain fissure


    The harder you work, the luckier you are,This article has been collected in GitHub Java community, which has interview sharing, source code analysis series articles, welcome to collect, likehttps://github.com/Ccww-lx/Ja… In actual projects, high availability of services is very important, such as whenRedisAs a cache service, it can relieve the pressure of database, improve the speed […]

  • Chapter 2: Advanced: master some advanced operations of redis (Linux Environment)


    Details of common redis configuration files To be able to view, understand and modify the configuration file reasonably can help us use redis better. Let’s go on in the order of redis configuration files The sizes of 1K and 1KB, 1m and 1MB, 1g and 1GB are different, and they are not sensitive to case […]