• Follow Mr. Li Mu to do intensive reading of Bert thesis paragraph by paragraph (notes)


    Thesis address ; Chinese translation ; Code address ; Video address ; Most of the content of this article comes from。 It’s only for sorting and supplement. It’s recommended to see Mr. Li Mu’s original video. It’s really good Suggested learning sequence:5min global understanding -> Teacher Li Mu’s explanation of the thesis -> Illustration or […]

  • (2) MySQL advanced SQL optimization (show status, explain analysis)


    1. General In the process of application system development, due to the small amount of data in the initial stage, developers pay more attention to the realization of functions when writing SQL statements. However, after the application system is officially launched, with the rapid growth of production data, many SQL statements begin to show performance […]

  • JavaScript programming style (writing habits)


    The “grammar” of a programming language should be followed by every developer; The “programming style” is free to choose. Assuming that there are 100 members in the team, and then each member’s coding style is different, and there is no clear writing specification in the team, you should not fight or spit fragrance in your […]

  • Resultmap result map


    Expand an object to save the query results Create a dto package SRC main Java com mybatis dto Dto is a special JavaBean,JavaBean is a kind of Java class, which conforms to a certain writing specification. It is a specification of entity and information. JavaBean specification: (1) There must be 1 Public parameterless construct (2) […]

  • WAF bypass method summary


    1. Inline annotation bypass In MySQL syntax, there are three annotation methods:–And # (single line comment) and / * * / (multi line comment) if you add an exclamation mark after / *! The statement in / * * / will be executed1′ and /*!1*/=/*!1*/ # In MySQL/*! ….*/It is not a comment. In order […]

  • Study hard go: 6 Process control


    Series articles: Study hard go: 1 Learning lead Study hard go: 2 Environment construction Study hard go: 3 Environment construction – gomod learning Study hard go: 4 Variables and data types Study hard go: 5 Constants and operators Study hard go: 6 Process control Study hard go: 7 Built in collection array Study hard go: […]

  • Study day 8


    C language The general form of the for statement For — loop structure for( :) int a, sum = 0; for (a = 1; a <= 100; a++) { sum = sum + a; } printf(“sum=%d”, sum); A = 1 in parentheses is the initial value of the cyclic variable, a < = 100 is […]

  • (3) MySQL advanced SQL optimization (index)


    1. Index problem Index is one of the most commonly used and important methods in database optimization. Index can usually help users solve most SQL performance problems. This chapter will introduce the classification, storage and usage of indexes in MySQL in detail. 2. Storage classification of index The table data and index of MyISAM storage […]

  • MySQL basic syntax


    Concept of SQL What is SQL: Structured Query Language SQL function: through SQL statements, we can easily operate the database, tables and data in the database. SQL is a standard that all database management systems need to follow. Different database manufacturers support SQL statements, but they all have unique contents. Classification of SQL language: DDL […]

  • Do you really understand export default?


    export default Aandexport { A as default }At first glance, it looks the same, but there are some subtle differences. It is easier to leave a hole. This paper introduces the differences between the two writing methods. importStatement imports a reference, not a value If there is an export, there must be an import. Let’s […]

  • Thoughts on go select deadlock


    Thoughts on go select deadlock https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Ov1FvLsLfSaY8GNzfjfMbg Continuous thinking triggered by an article Summary above Summary I package main import ( “fmt” ) func main() { ch := make(chan int) go func() { select { case ch No matter which case is finally selected by select, getval () will execute in the order of source code: […]

  • [introduction to C / C + + programming] the same data type, linked list comparison array? Which one is more fragrant?


    Speaking of linked list, the first reaction: linked list is a data type! It can be used to store multiple batch data of the same type.   With this understanding, it is easy to associate array. It is also a data type and can also be used to store batch data of the same type. […]