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  • Does the team still need scrum master? -After the team matures (transfer)


    This article is reproduced from the official account of WeChat, “the North Ming tangerine”. The author: Guan Tingting. When can we get rid of this As team members become more familiar with the scrum process, the work of Scrum master gradually decreases. Many people have a question: do mature scrum teams still need a scrum […]

  • How to tell a good story


    I recently applied for the EHF – New Zealand entrepreneurial immigration project. In the process of writing the application materials, I realized the importance of storytelling! Let’s share my example with you. Thank you very much to my good friend Daniel bar. The second version below is an example of how my good friend Daniel […]

  • Do you really know what agile is?


    This article quotes the geek time column “speaking through agile” in many places Agile values: a correct understanding of agile initiative Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software is better than all kinds of documents Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change is better than following plan Although the right term is […]