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  • Netty sticky package & half package solution


    Short link Disconnect after sending data and re-establish the connection when sending next time //Client side Fixed length decoder When the length of the data sent by the client is fixed, set the decoder of the server as the fixed length decoderFixedLengthFrameDecoderThe problem of sticking package and half package can be avoided //Server side Row […]

  • One text serial HTTP, TCP, IP, Ethernet


    Recently, the Department organized a front-end performance optimization exchange meeting. We put forward many optimization points in the process from entering the page URL to the final page display content. But at the same time, I found that many students’ knowledge of HTTP protocol layer can not be connected in series, so I sorted out […]

  • Idea + spring boot + gradle + websocket introduction notes


    Websocket is a network communication protocol. Both ends of a TCP connection can send messages to each other at the same time, that is, it supports full duplex communication. A common application scenario is that the server pushes information to the client. Compared with polling, websocket reduces the waste of broadband resources and has stronger […]

  • Understand websocket in one article


    Understand websocket in one article Websocket is a persistent network communication protocol, which can carry out full duplex communication on a single TCP connection. Without the concept of request and response, they are completely equal, allowing the server to actively send data to the client. Once a connection is established, two-way data transmission can be […]

  • Using Kafka in spring boot


    Kafka is a high throughput distributed publish subscribe message system, which can replace the traditional message queue for decoupling data processing, caching unprocessed messages, etc. at the same time, it has higher throughput, supports partition, multiple copies, redundancy, so it is widely used in large-scale information data processing applications. Kafka supports Java and other language […]

  • Wechat applet realizes real-time speech recognition through websocket


    Before the study of Baidu‘s real-time speech recognition, and applied to the wechat app, write an article to share. Let’s take a look at the results Preconditions Apply for Baidu real time speech recognitionBaidu AI access guide Create an applet Set recording parameters of applet Enter in index. JS const recorderManager = wx.getRecorderManager() const recorderConfig […]

  • Why TCP shakes hands three times instead of two


    According to my understanding, why TCP shakes hands three times instead of two.Step by step. 1. TCP is reliable TCP is a reliable transmission. Handshake refers to TCP establishing link. How can we establish link reliably? 2. The simplest way is to establish a reliable transmission channel A——–>BA wants to send data to B. if […]

  • Implementation of rabbitmq + websocket message push based on hyperf


    introduce Based on hyperf + websocket + rabbitmq to achieve a simple large screen message push. thinking Using websocket protocol to make client and server keep long state link,Save the linked client ID. The message published by the subscriber is broadcast to the saved client ID. Websocket service composer require hyperf/websocket-server Configuration file [config / […]

  • Herf = # results in no data being sent to the background when Ajax requests


    Today, I’m doing the right-click menu. When I click rename for Ajax request, I don’t send data to the background, but jump to the home page directly. I couldn’t understand it. Later, I found a problem on the front page: Copy codeThe code is as follows: <span style=”font- size:24px; “>< Li > < a (?) […]

  • Problems encountered in koa2 post


    Recently, I just set up an internal system of the company. Originally, I wanted to use express. Later, I thought about it and tried something new. So I decided to use koa2, but!!! It’s all pits (anyway, I used koa for the first time). Post is a pit (however, it’s still quite simple for koa2 […]

  • Serial communication learning


    //Prerequisite needs //You need a serialport tool, which can be found in the toolbar of vs //Source code plus serial port tool address: //Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1YbfvdXEmfsJX87D-Jxljyg Extraction code: d32x   //Record the serial port number opened by the user, which can be changed to generic mode string serialPortName; //General computer is no serial number, so use […]

  • How does angular simulate HTTP request delay in unit test


    With the in-depth study of angular application, how to simulate HTTP request delay in unit testing is on the agenda. Before there was no HTTP request delay, we used it in the unit testof()To send data manually.of()Methods undoubtedly bring great convenience in unit testing, but due to thesynchronizationSo it can’t simulate the impact of HTTP […]