• Tidb source reading series (XVI) insert statement details


    In the previous article “tidb source reading series (IV) insert statement Overview”, we have introduced the general process of insert statement. Why do I need to write a separate article for insert? Because in tidb, simply inserting a piece of data is the simplest and most commonly used case; what’s more complicated is to set […]

  • Technical practice of hive migrating Presto


    This article is from oppo Internet technology team. If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and author. Welcome to our official account: OPPO_tech At the beginning of hive design, it was positioned as an off-line warehouse product. Although hortonworks called out the “make Apache hive 100x fast” slogan, it also made a […]

  • I heard that you also want to learn composer —- version number


    The previous article briefly introduced the installation of composer, image switching, and simple usage. This article is mainly about the version number in composer. Version number introduction The setting of version number is recommended to followSemantic versionNorms. In short: Major version number (major version): when you make an incompatible API modification Minor version number (minor […]

  • Interpretation of the paper: the theory of Bert


    Since Google published it in 2018, Bert has always brought surprises to people. During this period, there have been many new jobs due to the emergence of Bert, and even the company’s JD has made it clear that Bert must be understood. It has achieved amazing results in 11 natural language processing tasks, including pushing […]

  • The application and practice of Flink in hungry


    Author: Yi Weiping (hungry) Organized by: Ji Ping (Alibaba real time computing Department) This article will show you the work of big data platform in real-time computing and the evolution of computing engine. You can learn the advantages and disadvantages of storm, spark and Flink. How to choose a suitable real-time computing engine? What are […]

  • Re learn the front-end HTML (4) problems and thinking about HTML tags


    This article is mainly about some questions put forward by Mr. winter and some questions I think of when sorting out this piece of content. All of them are recorded here for self review. Reflection 1、 What is the semantic class tag and what are the benefits of using it?The main difference of semantic class […]

  • Littlewhiteone basic design


    LittleWhite One New version of Xiaobai implemented by chatterbot framework~ brief introduction Core: core framework, modified chatterbot Corpus: English and Chinese training corpus Nltk_data: the required nltk data set Text similarity algorithm LevenshteinDistance SpacySimilarity JaccardSimilarity Levenshtein Distance Algorithm Chinese Name: levinstein distanceReference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/levenshtein’u distance Levenshtein Distance is the concept of representing or measuring the difference […]

  • Performance comparison between Flink and storm


    (Note: original link https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/b8…) Author: sun Mengyao Overview: compare the performance of Flink, a distributed real-time computing framework, with storm to provide data reference for real-time computing platform and business. 1. background Apache Flink and Apache storm are two widely used distributed real-time computing frameworks in the industry. Among them, Apache storm (hereinafter referred to […]

  • Apache Flink SQL overview


    (https://github.com/sunjincheng121/flink-study/blob/test/docs/sql/SQL.md) Author: Sun Jincheng, a famous flower in Taobao The core goal of this article is to give you an overview of the components of a complete Apache Flink SQL job, as well as the semantics of the core operators provided by Apache Flink SQL. Finally, we will use tumble window to write a statistical […]

  • The practice of deep learning in the understanding of listing semantics of merchants


    Guidance:Goldmap has tens of millions of POI interest points, such as building, bottom business, school and other data, and new POI appears every day. In order to maintain the freshness of POI data, Gaud will cover and update through a large number of data collection. In reality, the name of POI is complex and changeable. […]

  • Functions, from editing to compiling


    The link to the previous article is here:Functions, from edit to compile (top) — show you what precompile does Continue: 2. compilation The compilation process isA series of lexical analysis, syntax analysis, semantic analysis and optimization are carried out to produce the corresponding assembly code files.This step is the core part of the whole program […]

  • Zero sample learning guide


    This article is from oppo Internet technology team. Please note the author for reprint. At the same time, welcome to pay attention to our public address: OPPO_tech, share with you OPPO frontier Internet technology and activities. Zero sample learning method is one of the most important research branches in the academic field. Although a large […]