• How to use switch in table component of layui


    In the table component, when the background data is loaded, a switch value is displayed on the page, and the data can be changed by directly selecting the switch on the page. 1. First, in the table component, use its template to display the switch ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– table.render({Element: ‘demo’ / / specifies the original table element […]

  • WEB-jQuery


    1 jQuery overview JQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript framework. The purpose of jQuery design is “write less, do more”, that is to advocate writing less code and doing more things. It encapsulates the common function code of JavaScript, provides a simple JavaScript Design pattern, optimizes HTML document operation, event processing, animation design and […]

  • Flutter common library, timely use of entry-level methods (some often used)


    UI related flutter_screenutil flutter_screenutil: ^0.6.0 https://pub.flutter-io.cn/pac… Flutter screen adaptation scheme, so that your UI in different sizes of the screen can display a reasonable layout! How to use it (getting started)https://pub.flutter-io.cn/pac… flutter_swiper flutter_swiper: ^1.1.6 https://pub.flutter-io.cn/pac… Flutter’s most powerful siwiper, multiple layouts, unlimited carousel, Android and IOS dual adaptation! How to use it (getting started)https://pub.flutter-io.cn/pac… fluttertoast […]

  • Read the source code of zepto


    This one is still the samedomRelated methods, focusing on the methods related to the search of set elements. Read the zepto source code series and put it on GitHubreading-zepto Source version The source code of this article iszepto1.2.0 Internal approach There was a chapter before that《Internal method of reading zepto source code》It’s a special interpretationzeptoThere […]

  • CSS Foundation


    1. Differences of standard CSS box model and IE box model Standard CSS box model: content width does not include padding and borderIe box model: content width includes padding and border 2. Box sizing property Used to control how the browser box model is parsed,Border box indicates that the traditional box model of IE is […]

  • Play with CSS variables


    If the CSS preprocessor variables in those years opened the door to a new world for me, then the CSS variables will undoubtedly be a bolt from the blue for me. Its function can not only gracefully deal with the previous JS is not easy to deal with or not suitable for business needs. More […]

  • How to use pyquery, a python crawler artifact


    preface Do you thinkXPathIs the usage of a little obscure and hard to remember? Do you thinkBeautifulSoupIs the grammar of English a little stingy and difficult to understand? Do you even study regular expressions and get mad because you’re a little bit less? Do you already have some front-end knowledge of selectors and get confused […]

  • CSS tag selector


    In this section, we will learn about selectors in CSS. Selectors are a very important concept in CSS. All tag styles in HTML are controlled by different CSS selectors. We only need to select different HTML tags and specify various style declarations through selectors. In CSS, there are three basic selectors: tag selector, class selector […]

  • My third day in the front end of Le byte learning – learning notes: H5 + CSS3 Interview Questions Summary


    H5 + CSS3 Interview Questions Summary 1、 The differences between HTML 5 and HTML are as follows 1. HTML5 adds semantic tags: footer, NAV, section 2. HTML5 fully supports CSS3 3. Support local offline storage 4. Add the canvas tag 5. Add video and audio tags HTML5 offline storage Localstorage stores data for a long […]

  • JQuery pit, talk about the pits that everyone has stepped on


    1 random selector Pitfall index: 200 JQuery selector calls cost a lot and the efficiency of repeated calls is lower. The method of caching objects or chain call should be used. //Wrong way of writing $(“#button”).click(function(){ $(‘#list li’).addClass(‘strong’); $(‘#list li’).css(‘color’, ‘red’); }); //Correct writing $(“#button”).click(function(){ $lis = $(‘#list li’); $lis.addClass(‘strong’); $lis.css(‘color’, ‘red’); }); //A better […]

  • Style chapter – CSS basic summary


    Cascading style sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language, which is used to describe the presentation of HTML or XML (including XML branch languages such as SVG, MathML and XHTML). It describes how other elements of the screen should be rendered on paper, CSS, etc. CSS is one of the core languages of open network, […]

  • Who said you just “know how to use” jQuery?


    preface Apply the previous articletowards zepto.js Learn how to trigger events manually in DOMWhat’s the beginning of this??? The front end is really hot in recent years. Vue, react and angular frameworks emerge in endlessly. If we don’t know a two-way data binding and what is virtual DOM, we may be despised. Behind the hot […]