• Using Node.js Crawler downloads music


    Author: Sam AgnewCrazy technology houseOriginal text: https://www.twilio.com/blog/w…It is forbidden to reprint without permission There is a lot of information available for human consumption on the Internet. However, if the data does not appear in the form of a dedicated rest API, it is often difficult to access it programmatically. Use jsdom and so on Node.js […]

  • Introduction to layui Part 3 (Le byte architecture, big data)


    Component example                             If you need more information, click on the picture below and pick it up with friends A kind of (indicate the intention)                    Popup < font color = “red” > module loading Name:layer, stand-alone version: layer.layui . com</font> Usage scenarios Since layer can be […]

  • What happened to flume


    Framework learning the most reliable information flume official website and flume source code If you think that pure English is inefficient, you can also search flume in Chinese;This paper is used to record the process of understanding flume and the core technology points of flume, so as to quickly master flume Quick understanding Flume User […]

  • This article takes you to understand the development of web front end


    Abstract:Since the development of the Internet industry, the front-end of the web is constantly changing. Those who are fortunate enough to stand on the shoulders of their predecessors can walk on their shoulders. The development and change of the front end is not only the succession iteration, but also the continuous change and creation. 1、 […]

  • 50 interview questions you have to know about kubernetes


    Kubernetes has always been the buzzword in today’s industry and the best choreographer. It attracts many experienced professionals who want to improve their careers. Kubernetes is also used by multinational companies such as Huawei, Pokemon, box, eBay, ing, Yahoo, Japan, sap, the New York Times, open AI, sound cloud, etc. I believe you already know […]

  • The general selector will greatly improve the capability of MRAM storage technology


    A new innovative technology called universal selector will significantly improve the capabilities of existing and emerging storage technologies, including MRAM, DRAM and ReRAM, as it will provide a novel way to design vertical cell transistors to achieve higher levels of performance, reliability and density. The general-purpose selector of spin memory is a selective vertical epitaxial cell […]

  • Python disk commemorative coin series 3: automatic reservation script writing 03 & series summary


    The previous article omitted the automatic input of “reservation exchange date”. This article will introduce how to handle it. In addition, we will make a simple summary of the “Python disk commemorative coin series”. Automatic entry of appointment exchange date Unlike the text input box and drop-down selection box, a date selection control will appear […]

  • Summary of knowledge points of CSS


    preface     cssIs the page makeup artist, is also each front-end must grasp the foundation, in the work also often because frequency in the business, and cannot very good precipitation technology, this article mainly is the author amateur study records down the note, mainly recordscssSome common foundations, as well asAdvanced application of CSSFor exampleSprite map,Font IconWait, […]

  • JQuery advanced selector, property selector, filter


    Create element <div>1</div> <div>2</div> <div>3</div> //How to write jquery $(“div”). Text (“hello”); //Common JS writing method var divs=document.getElementsByTagName(“div”); for(var i=0;i<divs.length;i++){ Divs [i]. Textcontent = hello; } **$(“div”). Text (“hello”); // is equivalent to adding textcontent value to each div as hello** console.log($(“div”)); The selector gets a list of all div tags. This list is called […]

  • Front end learning of a female college student


    introduce oneself to Hello, friends, Hello, my name is Shi Xiaoming. You can call me Xiaoming classmate. I’m a college student who hasn’t graduated yet. Now I’m working Now I’d like to tell you my summary of the year and my outlook for the future 2019 – Part I during school days I don’t like […]

  • Front end knowledge system CSS


    Box model A page is composed of many box models, and each element can be regarded as a box model BOX = margin + border + padding + content Species:W3C standard box model | ie box modelbox-sizing:content-box | border-box The only difference:Standard box model:width = contentIe box model:width = content + border + padding other:When […]

  • JS common functions


    Here are some functions commonly used in jQuery or JS 1.load Load function of Ajax in jQuery: used to load the resource of URL address to the specified location: $(“selector”). Click (function (){ $(“designated location”). Load (URL); and; }); The above code, when the element selected by the selector is clicked, will load the URL […]