• What is the difference between pseudo classes and pseudo elements?


    What is the difference between pseudo classes and pseudo elements? What is it? Pseudo class(pseudo-class)Is a colon(:)As a prefix, the keyword added to the end of a selector. When you want the style to be rendered to the specified element in a specific state, you can add the corresponding pseudo class to the selector of […]

  • Skin changing function, three sets of colors are prepared in CSS file


    1. Knowledge points 1.document.documentElement //Method to get HTML (document. Documentelement) //Document.documentelement is specifically used to get the HTML tag document.documentElement.setAttribute(‘data-skin’, key) Effect picture: when key = “white” 2.: root selector Definition and usage:: the root selector matches the document root element.In HTML, the root element is always an HTML element. 3. Storage localstorage The value […]

  • “Zhenxiang warning” you may have never seen these 33 super easy-to-use CSS selectors.


    Author: Chen Dayu head github: KRISACHAN preface CSS selectors are a very important part of the CSS world. After CSS 2, all CSS properties are maintained by module. The same is true for CSS selectors. However, the fourth edition – CSS selectors level 4 has been released. The earliest draft of this edition was released […]

  • Html5-css3 summary learning (I)


    1、 What isHTML5 HTML5Concept and definition of definition:HTML5DefinedHTMLThe latest version of the standard is rightHTMLThe fifth major revision, known as the next generationHTML Two concepts: It’s a new versionHTMLLanguage that defines new labels, features, and attributes Have a strong technology set, which refers to:HTML5 、CSS3 、javascript, this is also in a broad senseHTML5 HTML5What has […]

  • JavaScript get DOM element


    Get DOM element  <ul id=”list”>   <li class=”item”>item1</li>   <li class=”item” name=”two”>item2</li>   <li class=”item active”>item3</li>   <li class=”item”>item4</li>   <li class=”item”>item5</li>  </ul>  <script>/ / const defined variables cannot be modified and must be initialized.   const cl = console.log.bind(console);/ / 1, label/ / Li tag get multiple tags use get elements by tag name to get elements by tag name   var lis = […]

  • 3D infinite effect CSS tutorial


    preface Praise first and then watch, and form a habit (incessant sexual encounters)~ In this tutorial, we will show you how to create 3D infinite effects using only CSS transformations and CSS filters. CSS tutorial 3D infinite effect www.bilibili.com To view the video, click the link above HTML So let’s start with the HTML structure. […]

  • Another layout tool, CSS pseudo class: placeholder show


    By Samantha MingTranslator: front end XiaozhiSource: medium Like it and see it again, wechat search[move to the world]Pay attention to this person who has no big factory background, but has an upward positive attitude. this paperGitHub https://github.com/qq44924588…It has been included in the, the articles have been classified, and a lot of my documents and tutorial […]

  • Child and descendant element selectors


    1. Relationship between elements Parent element: an element that directly contains child elements Child element: an element directly contained by the parent element Ancestor element: an element that directly or indirectly contains descendant elements, and the parent element is also an ancestor element Descendant element: an element contained directly or indirectly by an ancestor element, […]

  • HTML5 + CSS3 front end tutorial – start from 0 and teach you how to learn about PC and mobile page development through a mall example. Chapter 3 is about CSS


    Online demonstration of this tutorial case PC terminal with networkMobile terminal with road network Free companion video tutorial Free companion video tutorial Tutorial supporting source code resources Tutorial supporting source code resources Consider how people are described People{ Height: 175cm; Weight: 70kg; Skin color: yellow } CSS basic syntax structure Selector{ Statement 1; Statement 2; […]

  • How to improve the performance of jQuery?


    1Google Code has collected several JavaScript libraries, which we can load from there without having to load through our own server. The advantage of this is to save bandwidth. If users visit websites that also load these libraries, JavaScript libraries will be cached on the user side to improve the loading speed. PLAIN TEXTJavaScript: //Load […]

  • Springboot series (III) analysis of spring boot automatic configuration principle


    The article has been included in github.com/niumoo/javanotes. There are more core knowledge that Java programmers need to master. Welcome star and advice.Welcome to my official account. The article is updated every week. Note: this spring boot series is based on the spring boot versionv2.1.1.RELEASEFor learning analysis, there may be slight differences between different versions. preface […]

  • [advanced CSS] skillfully use pseudo elements before and after to create gorgeous effects


    original:Tell me Zhan to hideSource:Si noLink:Clever use of pseudo elements before and after to make gorgeous effects The so-called “pseudo elements” are page elements that do not exist. There are no such elements in HTML code, but when the page is displayed, you can see that these non-existent elements play a role. This paper mainly […]