• Several ways for Vue to override element UI style


    1. Remove scoped and promote the style to the global. But in this case, you need to add namespaces to solve the pollution problem. 2. Use the depth selector. When your child component uses scoped but you want to modify the style of the child component in the parent component, you can use > > […]

  • CSS selector details


    Tools and Resource CenterHelp developers work more efficiently and provide tools and resources around the whole life cycle of developershttps://developer.aliyun.com/… 1、 CSS selector introduction brief introduction CSS selectors are a pattern used to match elements in HTML documents. The associated style rule is applied to elements that match the selector pattern.Selectors are one of the […]

  • Getting started with the front end — a little basic knowledge


    What is HTML5? Full stack > Web front end ≈ HTML5 = H5 Relationship between H5 and artificial intelligence and big data Data processing and logic calculation (back end) < = > interface display (front end) < = > people (users) Web page (website) Browser is the carrier of web pages (websites). Web pages need […]

  • Microservice gateway Apache Shenyu


    summary Gateway is the core component of microservice architecture, so it is very important to choose an appropriate gateway when building microservice architecture. There are many technical frameworks of gateway we have contacted before, such as spring cloud gateway, zuul, Kong (nginx + Lua), etc. These gateways will not be introduced in detail. Today, I […]

  • About sass


    brief introduction Sass is an auxiliary tool to strengthen CSS. It adds advanced functions such as variables, nested rules, mixins and inline imports on the basis of CSS syntax. These extensions make CSS more powerful and elegant. Use sass and sass’s style library (such as [compass]( http://compass-style.org/ ))It helps to better organize and manage style […]

  • Solution of anchor points in web and mobile uniapp


    introduction When the front end is working, it will encounter the demand of anchor point from time to time, that is, after clicking an element, it is required to jump to another place or move the scroll bar to the specified position Web side Control scroll bar document.body.scrollTop = 750 The above identification scroll bar […]

  • Declaration and use of SASS variables


    What are variables? Variables in sass can be used to store some information and reuse it. Variables can store information including strings, numbers, Boolean values, color values, and so on. Declare variable Variable declaration in sass requires$Symbol in the format: $variable name: variable value; Example: For example, we define a variable and assign a color […]

  • Front end summary of jquery


    Some summary of jquery Definition: jQuery is an efficient, concise and feature rich JavaScript tool library. Its API is easy to use and compatible with many browsers, which makes it easier to traverse and manipulate HTML documents, event processing, animation and Ajax operations Use: put a selection expression into the constructor jQuery () (abbreviated as […]

  • Sass nesting rule


    In this section, we will learn about nesting in sass. Nesting should be familiar to you. Nesting of tags is supported in HTML. Sass allows one CSS style to be nested into another style, and the inner style is only applicable to the selector range of the outer style. Example: For example, the following CSS […]

  • Learn hyperlink a tag


    Q: I’ve used CSS to define the style of hyperlinks, but hover doesn’t work when browsing. Why is that? Is it a browser problem?Answer:Although you think the possible reason is the browser problem, it is more likely that you have the wrong order in style definition. In order to ensure that the connection styles in […]

  • How does a master write a selector that others can’t understand


    The title of this article isHow to write a selector that others can’t understandHowever, the original intention is not to expect you to write such complex choices. Some complex (weird) selectors may be useful in some specific scenes, or they are written based on the special background at that time. Through these cases, we can […]

  • Basic concepts of NiO programming


    1 NiO overview 1.1 NiO basic concepts Java NIOFull nameJava non-blocking IO, meansJDKNew information providedAPI。 fromJDK1.4Start,JavaIt provides a series of new features of improved input / output, which are collectively referred to asNIO(i.eNewIO), is synchronous and non blocking. NIOThere are three core parts:Channel(channel)Buffer(buffer zone)Selector(selector)。 NIOyesBuffer oriented or block oriented programmingof The data is read to […]