• CSS3 series notes of Web


    CSS3 series notes of Web CSS3 property selector Property selector list Selectors brief introduction E[att] Select the E element with ATT attribute E[att=”val”] Select the E element with ATT attribute and val attribute value E[att^=”val”] Match the E element with ATT attribute and val as its value E[att$=”val”] Match the E element with ATT attribute […]

  • JQuery all kinds of selectors for you to clarify this article


    JQuery selector Any operation of the page needs the support of the node. How to quickly and efficiently find the specified node is also a key point in the front-end development. JQuery provides a series of selectors to help developers achieve this goal, so that developers can deal with less complex selection process and performance […]

  • Web front end lesson 43: jQuery framework (1) $() function, adding event listening


    1. The way to advance the front end Rookie level: the restoration of design drawings is to write HTML and CSS according to PSD files; Entry level: add page effects, carousel map, menu, tab, seamless scrolling, etc; HTML5 + CSS3 cool page, mobile page; Canvas game; JQuery is a perfect solution for page effects; Common […]

  • CSS selector detailed explanation, with examples


    There are many kinds of front-end CSS selectors. Today, I’ve sorted them out, but this article is only suitable for front-end small sprouts and new ones. Please make a detour. 1. Common selectors element selector a,p,div,li,ul{ color:red; } /*All a, P, Li, UL on the page will set the font color to red, but the […]

  • JQuery filter


    In web applications, most of the client operations are based on the object. To operate the object, we must get the object first. JQuery (v1.3.2) provides a powerful selector to get the object. Here, I divide the jQuery selector into two parts: selecting objects and filtering criteria. Selecting objects means what objects to obtain, and […]

  • Web front end lesson 44: jQuery framework (2) common methods


    1. CSS () method Used to change   The CSS style of JQ object is readable and writable, which is equivalent to   In JS   Style attribute Syntax: $(“selector“).css(“key”, “value”); The second parameter of the CSS () method is optional, If there is only the first parameter, it is the read style; If there […]

  • The type of Android input is date to hide the drop-down arrow


    Recently, there is a requirement to have a date selector, and then the style is custom. The arrow will be hidden automatically on IOS, but Android won’t, as shown in the figure below And then a variety of online search is summarized as follows input[type=”date”]::-webkit-inner-spin-button, input[type=”date”]::-webkit-outer-spin-button, input[type=”date”]::-webkit-calendar-picker-indicator{ visibility: hidden;-webkit-appearance: none;display: none;} However, there is no […]

  • JQuery foundation learning records (1)


    day01 – jQuery Learning objectives: Being able to say what jQuery isBe able to say the advantages of jquerySimple use of jqueryBe able to tell the difference between DOM object and jQuery objectBe able to write common jQuery selectorsCan operate jQuery styleCan write commonly used jQuery animation 1.1. Introduction to jquery 1.1.1 JavaScript Library JavaScript […]

  • JQuery notes collation tutorial (common API and foundation)


    This article is a note I made in learning dark horse course. I often take it out when I forget the knowledge points. It basically includes the knowledge you need to know about jQuery 1. Introduction to jquery 1. Overview Warehouse: you can put a lot of things in this warehouse. Just go to the […]

  • [knowledge sharing] installation and use of layui


    Installation and use of layui Introduction to layui Layui (homophonic: class UI) is a front-end UI framework written with its own module specification, which follows the writing and organization form of native HTML / CSS / JS, with very low threshold, and can be used immediately. The framework, developed by Chinese people and manufactured in […]

  • Less nesting rule


    describeIt is a set of CSS properties that allow the properties of one class to be used for another class and contain the class name as its property. In less, you can use class or ID selectors to declare mixins in the same way as CSS styles. It can store multiple values and can be […]

  • Knowledge sharing HTML and CSS


    HTML and CSS primary coverage HTML ​ HTML(HyperText Markup Language)It’s hypertext markuplanguage。” Hypertext means that the page can contain non text elements, such as pictures, links, music, etc. It is a kind of language to create web page files, and displays links such as image, sound, picture and text through tag. This markup language is […]