• The pit of iview data verification


    1. Select is set to multiple multiple selections. When only one is selected, it will prompt a message that the verification fails, but the submission can pass. There will be no prompt for multiple selections. It is reasonable to select 1 or N. It is no problem. As shown below: Validation rules: { type: “array”, […]

  • iview select reset binding invalid


    question:iview frame select component plusfilterableThe attribute realizes the pull-down search, and it cannot be bound when the v-model value is reset. Some people say that the latest version has been changed, but I2.14.3 / 4.2.0have problems Solution: Add v-if to the component when resetting, let it hide first, and then display it with settimeout setTimeout(() […]

  • Custom iview selector (original) – select all button Csearch


    This component depends on iview‘s select, and can be used freely in projects where Iview is installed globally or pages where Select is locally introduced. Table of contents Show results Function description structure code logic code component application event hook github Show results From left to right are: unselected state, one selected state, all selected […]