• Implementation of select top n in Oracle


    1. Implement select top n in Oracle Because Oracle does not support the select top statement, the combination of order by and rownum is often used to implement the query of select top n in Oracle. In short, the implementation method is as follows: Select column name 1… Column name n from (Select column name […]

  • How to add operation buttons at the bottom of bullet layer for select and cascade of element UI


    Place the operation button as shown in the figure belowselectThe bottom of the shell layer is a very common design method But I’m sorryelement-uiWe didn’t provide this slot for us. Can we only rewrite components or wait for official updates if we want to implement this function? Of course, the answer is no! It took […]

  • An instance of onchange event usage of select in JSP


    An example of this article describes the onchange event usage of select in JSP. To share with you for your reference, as follows: <script language = “JavaScript”> var onecount; onecount=0; subcat = new Array(); <% int count = 0; Java. SQL. Resultset RS1 = dbmanage. ExecuteQuery (“select hydm, zhydm, zhymc from ZY”); // read data […]

  • HTML option disable select disable option example


    Copy code The code is as follows: <select> <option value=””>1</option> <option value=””>2</option> <option value=””>3</option> <option value=””>4</option> <option value=””>5</option> </select>   I don’t want users to choose 345 Copy code The code is as follows: <select> <option value=””>1</option> <option value=””>2</option> <optgroup label=”3″></optgroup> <optgroup label=”4″></optgroup> <optgroup label=”5″></optgroup> </select>   That’s ok

  • The solution of partial coverage of the content of select drop-down box in HTML


    Today, I have a problem: the content of the drop-down box in the query column is too long, resulting in part of it being overwritten. Some data are queried, some are controlled by function, some are controlled by event, some are incomprehensible, some are too complex to realize. Later, I asked my colleague if there […]

  • Php7 install event extension


    Libevent is a lightweight open-source high-performance I / O framework written in C language, which supports a variety of I / O multiplexing technologies: epoll, poll, dev / poll, select and kqueue; supports I / O, timer and signal events; registers event priority. PHP provides the corresponding extension libevent and event. Compared with libevent ext, […]

  • How to make default selection for HTML select option


    Adding the selected = Selected attribute to an option is the default option Such as: Copy code The code is as follows: <select name=”isAudit”> < option value = “2” > all < / option >< option value = “1” selected = “selected” > via < / option >< option value = “0” > failed < […]

  • Ionic1 select cannot be used in IOS, do not display the OK button


    I’m not sure why I can’t use it. Searching some articles on the Internet probably means that this problem will occur after IOS is upgraded to 11. Of course, when IOS releases 11, if I still use ionic1 to explain that the project is an old project or the technology I master is behind. I […]

  • Select pull-down menu to achieve secondary linkage effect


    Needs: establish two data tables, grade and class, obtain information of grade table, and obtain corresponding classes according to grade Design sketch: The imperfection is that when you don’t choose a grade, you can’t choose any class. Code part The first is to create the entities of two tables It’s important to note that notes […]

  • Are you still in select *?


    There are many reasons for the slow application, such as network, system architecture and database. So how to improve the execution speed of database SQL statements? Some people will say that performance tuning is the business of database administrators (DBAs), but performance tuning has a lot to do with programmers. If you use some optimization […]

  • How to make select support readonly


    Copy code The code is as follows: <span style=”font-family:Microsoft YaHei;”><select onfocus=”this.defaultIndex=this.selectedIndex;” onchange=”this.selectedIndex=this.defaultIndex;”> <option value=”1″>test1</option> <option value=”2″>test2</option> <option value=”3″ selected=”selected”>test3</option> <option value=”4″>test4</option> <option value=”5″>test5</option> </select> </span> 1》 Set the readonly property of the formProblem: but the readonly property has no effect on the three forms: Radio, select and checkbox 2》 Set the disabled property of the […]

  • How to set read-only, uneditable and transitive value of select


    1. <select style=”width:195px” name=”role” id=”role” onfocus=”this.defaultIndex=this.selectedIndex;” onchange=”this.selectedIndex=this.defaultIndex;”> In this way, the drop-down box is not different from the normal one, and it doesn’t look any different. The only difference is that after you pull down and select, it won’t bird you. It’s the same as if you didn’t choose it. Is to ignore the choice […]