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  • The model is retrained and deployed, which is easier to do


    Technology is based on lazy people! In order to save trouble, improve efficiency, save time and reduce cost, we will try our best to help ourselves “lazy” by means of automation. So when you are engaged in a project related to machine learning (ML), it is inevitable that you need to create and train the […]

  • Kiali can’t log in


    reason After upgrading the k8s cluster, it was found that kiali could not log in. The specific reason why kiali could not log in due to upgrading the k8s cluster is not clear. The reason why you can’t log in is as follows: The red font in the picture above is translated as follows: The […]

  • Win7 my computer icon replacement method — win7w.com


    Many partners of win7 system have been using it for a long time. They may be tired of the icon on the computer and want to change it. So how to change it? Let’s take a look at the detailed methods below. Win7 how to change my computer icon: 1. Click and open the bottom […]

  • Yolov5 simple tutorial


    This library represents ultralytics’ open source research on future object detection methods, and combines with the previous Yolo library https://github.com/ultralytics/yolov3 Best practices from training thousands of models on custom datasets.All codes and models are under active development and are subject to modification or deletion without prior notice.If used, at your own risk. GPU speed measurement: […]

  • Overview of react context API


    This article is translated from Seth corker’s a look at the react context API, and it is not 100% of the original translation. Some parts that the translator thinks are not important are omitted, and some explanatory words that are not in the original text are also added. If you want to read the original […]

  • [post] compatibility level of SQL Server


    Original post address:https://www.cnblogs.com/jinanxiaolaohu/p/10030021.html Alter database (transact SQL) compatibility level https://docs.microsoft.com/zh-cn/sql/t-sql/statements/alter-database-transact-sql-compatibility-level?view=sql-server-2017 Applicable objects:SQL Server (from 2008)Azure SQL databaseAzure SQL data warehouseParallel data warehouse Set some database behaviors to match the specifiedSQL server version is compatible.  For other alter database options, seeALTER DATABASE (Transact-SQL)。 For more information about syntax conventions, seeTransact SQL syntax conventions。 grammar copy ALTER […]

  • Kendra, a self built enterprise search engine, is very simple


    Facing the vast amount of data on the Internet, how to quickly find the information you need? Search Engines! Enter the keywords, press enter, and mass results are waiting for you to review. But in the enterprise environment, facing a variety of IT systems, document libraries, and other kinds of different data sources, how to […]

  • To complete the ML model based on table data, Amazon sagemaker is enough


    Tabular data has always been the main data storage method adopted by many industries, including finance, health care and manufacturing industries. Most of the machine learning (ML) use cases also focus on traditional structured or tabular data. For example, a fraud detection example detects whether there is a risk of fraud in a transaction through […]

  • Ali architect takes you to play git, set git warehouse visibility, and let git control it with one hand


    With the continuous popularity of GIT, companies basically deploy projects to git for management. However, projects are different, and different project modules are also different. Some are public projects, and some are internal projects. How do we set the visibility of GIT? Just like Java, it is also divided into public and private…. Content of […]

  • CSS diagram


    CSS box model Please refer to the original for details CSS selector weight

  • [ asp.net Higher and stronger routing


    Preface Previously, we introduced the request to find the controller through routing, and the data flow between the controller and the view. So, let’s go back to some other uses of routing. 1. Route attribute According to the English direct translation, routing attribute means routing attribute, but in fact, the official name of attribute in […]

  • CentOS 7.8 (2003) with download address


    CentOS 7.8 has been released. As we all know, CentOS is recompiled from the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, so the upstream version of CentOS 7.8 is the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.8 released earlier this month. Major changes Python 3 has been used. Installing the python 3 component will provide a python […]