• 021 abnormal security of rust Necromancer’s book


    introduce The videos recorded in this series are mainly put on station BRust dead book learning video The source code information related to rust dead book is ingithub.com/anonymousGiga/Rustonomi… Abnormal security Two levels of exception security are mainly considered in rust: In non secure code, the lower limit of exception security is to ensure that memory […]

  • 022 pollution of rust’s death book


    introduce The videos recorded in this series are mainly put on station BRust dead book learning video The source code information related to rust dead book is ingithub.com/anonymousGiga/Rustonomi… contaminated All non secure codes must ensure minimum exception security, so not all types can ensure maximum exception security; When an exception occurs, everything should be destroyed. […]

  • Network management protocol


    Network management protocol SNMP version SNMP protocol versions include SNMPv1, snmpv2c and SNMPv3. Both SNMPv1 and snmpv2c use community name based authentication. NMS controls access to the device through the community name list, while the agent does not verify whether the sender uses the authorized community name. At the same time, SNMP messages are not […]

  • JavaScript anti HTTP hijacking and XSS for front end security


    catalogue HTTP hijacking, DNS hijacking and XSS HTTP hijacking DNS hijacking XSS cross site scripting The page is embedded in the iframe and the iframe is redirected Use white list to release normal iframe nesting Change URL parameters to bypass operator logo Inline event and inline script interception Browser event model Static script interception Using […]

  • Hive’s JDBC connection


    Related knowledgeHive is the basic component of data warehouse application in big data technology cluster, and it is the benchmark of other similar data warehouse applications. Basic data operations can be processed by hive client in script mode. If you need to develop applications, you need to use hive’s jdbc driver to connect.Hive jdbc driver […]

  • The role of JDBC type in mybatis


    background See colleagues using JDBC type in code, I am very confused. knowledge This is for the security of the program. In some special cases, when the passed in parameter name is empty, the program will not have problems. When the name is empty, mybatis does not know what JDBC type to convert to. In […]

  • How to design a powerful API interface


    In daily development, there are always various interfaces. Front and back end data transmission interface, third-party business platform interface. The front-end and back-end data transmission interfaces of a platform usually communicate in the Intranet environment and use the security framework, so the security can be well protected. This article focuses on how to design the […]

  • Compared with AOF, redis RDB has higher recovery priority


    Comparison of RDB and AOF – RDB AOF boot priority low high volume Small large Recovery speed fast slow Data security Loss of data for several times Decision based on Strategy Persistence mode selection If the data security requirements are very high, two persistence methods should be used at the same time. If you can […]

  • How to realize java thread safety


    This article mainly introduces how to realize java thread safety. The sample code is introduced in great detail, which has a certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work. Friends who need it can refer to it The first solution to thread safety problem: using synchronous code block Format: Synchronized (lock object){ Code that […]

  • Java Concurrent Programming — basic knowledge (1)


    1. What is thread safety? When multithreading accesses a class or a resource, the class or resource can show the following characteristicsRight behaviorSo this is thread safety 2. What is thread safe class? When a multithread accesses a class, no matter what scheduling mode the running environment adopts or how these threads execute alternately, and […]

  • Spring Security page Jump failure solution


    This article mainly introduces how to solve the problem of spring security jump page failure. In this paper, the example code is introduced in detail, which has certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work, and friends in need can refer to it Today, I started the new springboot project and added spring security […]

  • Server security settings batch processing


    The first one is more complete, and the first one is recommended Copy codeThe code is as follows: @ECHO OFF CLS TITLE SERVER SAFE SETUP PRO COLOR 0A echo y|cacls.exe C:\ /p Administrators:f system:f “network service”:r echo y|cacls.exe D:\ /p Administrators:f system:f servU:f “network service”:r echo y|cacls.exe E:\ /p Administrators:f system:f servU:f “network service”:r echo […]