• Run the WinForm program as an administrator


    1. In Visual Studio – Solution Explorer – right click the project name – property, find the “security” option, and check “enable ClickOnce security settings”:   2. At this point, there will be one more under the project“ app.manifest ”The file, Select it and find the code snippet, Replace it with:, 3. After correction, do […]

  • Security of public blockchain “ternary paradox”


    In the last two issues, we talked about the “ternary paradox” of the public chain system of blockchain[scalability]and[decentralization]In this issue, based on the security problems and challenges existing in the public blockchain system, as well as some practical cases, let’s talk about the final topic of this series of articles:Security。 In the view of many […]

  • Android 12 exposure: Google wants to abandon 32-bit support


    Technical editor: Wang Zhizhi from the editorial departmentSegmentFault has he reported the official account number: SegmentFault Recently, the media exposed the x86 of Android s (sorted by alphabet, corresponding to Android 12 system)_ 64 emulator has stopped supporting 32-bit, which means that all applications and support libraries must be compatible with 64 bit security and […]

  • The use of JWT (JSON web token) with separation of front end and back end


    preface Because the JWT technology is used in the project developed by ourselves, the front end adopts theVue.jsFramework, the back end adoptsCodeIgniterThis article helps friends who use the same technology stack. The specific ideas are as follows:Store the JWT token generated by the back-end into localstorage. When the front-end switches the route (refresh the page), […]

  • How to budget for your web server


    Author: Mokhtar Ali Ebrahim Crazy technology house Original text: https://likegeeks.com/budget-… No reprint without permission We all want to save money by sharing hosting, but for some sites, VPS and even dedicated programs are inevitable. If you have to make a more advanced plan, it may mean that your site is growing and getting more traffic […]

  • A guide to Java security coding


    Introduction:As a programmer, it is not enough to write good code. We also need to consider the security of the program. In this world where we can’t talk to strangers, it’s very difficult to help Granny cross the road. So for programmers, especially for those who develop websites that can be accessed publicly, the pressure […]

  • [fractal] blockchain scalability Series 1: what limits throughput?


    The chain structure of blockchain provides participants with a globally consistent ledger (including consistency of content and order). However, in order to avoid excessive bifurcation and ensure the security of the system, classic blockchain projects (BTC, ETH) have strict restrictions on the interval time and block size of blocks, which leads to low throughput. Intuitively […]

  • Simpleid


    Original address: https://www.simpleid.xyz/?t=b_ forum#home Simpleid integrates privacy, security, and convenience into a simple developer experience. Add decentralized authentication and storage to the application in 10 minutes. Simple Auth + Storage: SimpleID No matter which platform you use, simpleid can be used to accelerate application development without compromising privacy and security. Add user authentication and data […]

  • Ali P8 architects talk about Java Concurrent Programming


    I collated advanced Java materials free of charge, covering Java, redis, mongodb, mysql, zookeeper, spring cloud, Dubbo high concurrency distributed course, a total of 30g, you need to get it yourself.Portal:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/osB-BOl6W-ZLTSttTkqMPQ preface Concurrent programming is one of the most important features of Java language. It provides many basic concurrent functions on Java platform to assist […]

  • Wang Xu: the significance of open source is to push the community forward


    The rapid development of Internet technology can be felt by all practitioners and even non practitioners. Especially at the turn of the century, when the Internet began to be popularized in China, not to mention related technologies supporting large-scale website visits, even Linux and load balancing were not widely used. Twenty years later, cloud computing […]