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  • The code of batch setting Windows Server Page 1 / 3 of thesafe 1.9.4


    @Echo Off TITLE    Advanced security setter for intranet server :start CLS COLOR 1f Rem   Use the color command to change the console output colorMODE con: COLS=32 LINES=21 Rem   The mode statement sets the width and height of the formSet tm1=%time:~0,2% Set tm2=%time:~3,2% Set tm3=%time:~6,2% Echo  % date%  % TM1% points% TM2% minutes% TM3% seconds  Echo ================================ Echo   Please select the […]

  • CentOS server security configuration policy


    Recently, servers are frequently cracked by violence. This paper analyzes the intrusion behavior and sorts out the common security strategies Minimum permissions + minimum services = Maximum Security 1. Modify SSH default connection port 22 and add firewall firewalld through portSteps: 1) Modify the default port 22 of SSH: vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config 2) Let the firewall […]

  • MSSQL 2005 Security Settings Picture and Text Tutorial


    1. Use mixed mode when installing MSSQL. Of course, SA password should not be empty. In SQL 2005, SA can be modified or deleted as a super user name.use masterALTER LOGIN [sa] WITH NAME= [zxs]/* Modify SA Account*/Sp_password’111111111′,’123456′,’sa’/* Modify SA password*/SA account can be modified or graphically modified by using the above commandsUse a secure […]