• Implementation of 3D Pie / ring ecarts diagram


    First, make sure that echarts and echarts GL are introduced into the project “echarts”: “^4.9.0”, “echarts-gl”: “^1.1.2” The rest of the configured optiondata data is handed over to the code import echarts from ‘echarts’ import ‘echarts-gl’; export default { name: “cityGreenLand”, components: {}, data() { return { optionData: [{ Name: ‘forest land area statistics’, value: […]

  • Advanced usage of gradients in fluent


    There are three gradients in fluent: LinearGradient: linear gradient RadialGradient: radial gradient Sweepgradient: Fan gradient Look at the original image. The following gradients are completed on the basis of this image. LinearGradient Add a linear gradient from top to bottom to a picture: ShaderMask( shaderCallback: (Rect bounds) { return LinearGradient( begin: Alignment.topCenter, end: Alignment.bottomCenter, colors: […]

  • Canvas actual project operation, including: line, circle, fan, picture drawing, picture fillet mask, rectangle, arc text


    After learning the last chapter I wrote, Xiaobai goes to school canvas foundation, we come here to learn and use it now. Here we first look at our design drawings and the final implementation effect;On the left is the design draft and on the right is the finished rendering: It’s as like as two peas. […]

  • Kotlin wave animation


    Learn kotlin and rearrange some of the previous knowledge First of all, for the operation that needs a lot of drawing, you can’t draw directly   Surfaceview can directly put the drawing work into the sub thread for operation. Otherwise, the drawing work will get stuck when it is increased. However, surfaceview is an independent […]

  • Analysis of Python example of spark


    Here is an analysis of Spark’s own example of PI, as the entry codeFirst of all, let’s introduce the principle of PIIn fact, it is also a Monte Carlo simulation algorithm. The basic method is to consider a square with side length of 1If you draw a circle with a point of the square as […]