• Follow up design planning of elasticjob


    An overview of this article product positioning architecture design Elasticjob lite and elasticjob cloud adjustmentsModule planning ·Task trigger ·Resource governance ·Task governance ·Product form About the community 1. Product positioning Elasticjob is currently a piece scheduling middleware based on timed tasks, which adds the ability of resource governance in elasticjob cloud.The future elasticjob hopes to […]

  • Comparison and explanation of NoSQL and RDBMS


    summary The traditional relational database and data warehouse are more and more unable to deal with big data. Because the design of relational database management system (RDBMS) has never considered the ability to handle the growing and changing data format, and the demand of users to access and analyze the data is growing explosively. They […]

  • hot wire! Elastic job 3.0.0-beta released


    Highlights of this issue This week, the Apache shardingsphere team is pleased to announce that ApacheNew versions of shardingsphere elasticjob-3.0.0-beta and shardingsphere elasticjob ui-3.0.0-beta have been released! ElasticJobIt is a distributed scheduling solution, which provides fragmentation of distributed tasks, elastic scaling, automatic discovery, multi task types based on time driven, data-driven, resident and temporary tasks, […]

  • Optimization of SMB client file upload based on electron


    >>Blog original link I Preface Last articleDevelopment record of SMB client based on electronThis paper describes the core functions, implementation difficulties and project packaging of the whole SMB client developmentFile fragment upload moduleTake it out to share and mention some function points related to electron main process, rendering process and file upload optimization. II demo […]

  • Best practice: pulsar provides converged storage for batch streaming


    It’s a great honor to have the opportunity to share with you how Apache pulsar provides integrated storage for batch processing. I hope that today’s sharing can be helpful and enlightening for students doing big data processing. This sharing is mainly divided into four parts: This paper introduces the unique advantages of Apache pulsar compared […]

  • New features of mongodb 4.4


    Reprinted from:https://mongoing.com/archives/75020 Mongodb 4.4, as an annual big version update, was officially announced on July 30GAUnlike previous versions, there are always some heavyweight features released, such as change stream & causal consistency of 3.6, multi document transaction of 4.0, and distributed transaction of 4.2. This version of 4.4 is more like aMaintenance versionAnd it’s aUsers […]

  • Apiccloud developer’s way to advance | [module tutorial] tencentcos module use tutorial


    Module introductionThe module can store pictures, videos, files and other types of file resources to Tencent cloud storage, and can upload resource files to cloud storage. At the same time, the uploaded files will automatically upload according to the size of the file or not, and automatic breakpoint continuation.Module explanationStep 1: register or log in […]

  • Test the should know and should know of twemproxy


    1、 Background Recently, the middleware development group has reformed the discovery and registration mechanism of tweakproxy. It has never been exposed to tweakproxy before. Taking the opportunity of this test, I have learned some knowledge about tweakproxy. Now I will use “test language” to sort out (from the perspective of testing, what skills can be […]

  • Elasticsearch learning one (basic introduction)


    1、 Introduction to elasticsearch You can describe elasticsearch as follows: A distributed real-time document storage, each field can be indexed and searched A distributed real time analysis search engine It is capable of extending hundreds of service nodes and supports Pb level structured or unstructured data Elasticsearch is a real-time distributed search and analysis engine […]

  • Detailed interpretation of distributed | dble release notes


    The following is a detailed interpretation of the release notes of dble The article is mainly divided into the following three parts: 1、 Introduction to dble project 2、 New version of the main update interpretation 3、 Complete release notes and Translation 1、 Introduction to dble project DBLE — Enterprise level open source distributed middlewareThe […]

  • Mongodb fragment cluster for distributed document storage database


    Previously, we talked about mongodb’s replica set and configuration replica set. Please refer tohttps://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/13953598.htmlToday, let’s talk about the partition of mongodb; 1. What is fragmentation? Why split? We know that the bottleneck of database server is usually caused by disk IO, high concurrency network IO, or CPU and memory of a single server. Therefore, in […]

  • Upload optimization of large size files


    Author: TJ In the development process, we received such a problem feedback that uploading files over 100 MB on the website often failed, and it took a long time to try again, which was difficult for users who needed to upload large-scale files. So what should I do to upload quickly? Even if it fails […]