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  • Installation and upgrade of rabbitmq server


    Download address The corresponding versions of rabbitmq and Erlang are as follows:https://www.rabbitmq.com/which-erlang.htmlRabbitmq Server package download address:https://github.com/rabbitmq/rabbitmq-server/releasesErlang package download address:https://github.com/rabbitmq/erlang-rpm/releasesDownload address of socat package:https://pkgs.org/download/socat install You need to check the version of your system before installing # uname -a Linux admin.blog.test 3.10.0-1160.21.1.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue Mar 16 18:28:22 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux You can […]

  • Configure git to automatically execute the add SSH command SSH add


    In the bash.bashrc file of GIT’s installation directory, add at the end: 1. Change SSH add to your computer’s secret key name 2. eval “$(ssh-agent -s)” 3. ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa 4. ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa_tow

  • Win10 home upgrade professional


    reference resources: Xiaomi laptop win10 Professional Edition activation code sharing The home version of win10 is upgraded to professional version automatically Upgrade: win key to enter Settings > update and Security > activate > change the product key. After the network is disconnected, fill in vk7jg-nphtm-c97jm-9mpgt-3v66t Activate: Win + X press a to open the […]

  • Development of web call IC card reader Chapter 4 reading and writing IC card data


    (IC card reader web reads and writes IC card data)Using the web plug-in of youwo Technology IC card reader can read and write the ordinary IC card. According to the actual business needs, you can manually click read and write and automatically read and write in the web page Read data from IC card web […]

  • Zoom will provide e2ee function for users all over the world to ensure that the platform has the ability to prevent and combat abuse


    Technical editor: Xu Jiuyi Recently, in the virtual zoomtopia customer activity held online, zoom confirmed that it will start to deploy end-to-end encryption (e2ee). Zoom also made it clear that this e2ee deployment will be divided into four stages. The first stage is the 30 day technical preview stage, which mainly focuses on collecting user […]

  • Alibaba cloud SMS sending SDK


    Code encapsulation sms.proto syntax = “proto3”; package sms; //Send SMS parameters message SmsRequest { string mobile = 1; // cell-phone number string template = 2; // Template number string payload = 3; // Additional parameters } SDK initialization parametersoptions.go /** * Author: [email protected] * Date: 2020/1/16 * Time: 15:42 * Software: GoLand */ package sms […]

  • Professional English in cryptography


    anonymousAnonymous communicationCripher passwordCiphertextCryptographyCryptographyCryptanalyticsCryptosystemDecryption algorithmDecryptDigital signatureEncrypt encryptionEncryption algorithmEncryption modes encryption mechanismModern cryptographyOne time keysPlaintextPrivacy mechanismsPrivately outsourcing computingPrivate ciphers encryption algorithmProtocol protocolSymmetric encryptionServer serverSecrect keySecurity problemsSecure multi party computation cryptography This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the author and the link of this article Hacking

  • Installing docker CE on Ubuntu 18.04 (community version)


    Uninstall old version If you previously installed an older version, you need to uninstall it first: $ sudo apt-get remove docker docker-engine docker.io containerd runc Set up warehouse to updateaptPackage index: $ sudo apt-get update Give WayaptCan use the warehouse through HTTPS: $ sudo apt-get install \ apt-transport-https \ ca-certificates \ curl \ software-properties-common Add […]

  • [everyone knows cryptography] the most easy to understand java cryptography introductory course


    Passwords are closely related to our lives. From state secrets to personal accounts, we deal with passwords every day So, where does the password come from? How to realize the common encryption in life? How to ensure personal information security? This article will be discussed from these aspects, if there are mistakes, please correct. The […]

  • Cryptosystem


    Generally, a cryptosystem can have the following parts: Message space m (also known as plaintext space): the set of all possible plaintext M; Ciphertext space C: the set of all possible ciphertext C; Key space K: the set of all possible key K, in which each key K is composed of encryption key K and […]

  • How to use VIM to encrypt and decrypt files quickly


    Whenever you have a text file in the Linux system that you want to keep private, no matter what privileges other users with accounts may have, you can use encryption to implement it. An easy way is to use the built-in features in the VIM editor. You need to provide a password and remember it […]

  • The concept of cryptosystem


    A series of articles: The main tasks of cryptography The concept of cryptosystem Plaintext: the original message.Ciphertext: transformed message.Encryption: the process of transforming the original information (plaintext) into ciphertext.Decrypt: the process of restoring encrypted information (ciphertext) to original plaintext, also known as decryption.Cryptographic algorithm: cipher, usually refers to the information transformation rules used in the […]