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  • Git initial experience: about installation, clone, add, push, fatal


    install https://git-scm.com/downloadsSelect the corresponding version to install, for example, I install it on my own computer. Select 64 bit git for windows setup in windowsAfter downloading, select the default to install. Download code from git repository Right click the local folder where you want to save the project code on GIT. Git bash here opens […]

  • Redmine installation process detailed problem management system


    Detailed explanation of installation process of redmine problem management system In the process of program development, we often need a perfect bug management system to improve the efficiency of development and bug tracking. Here, we suggest to use redmine (I think the function is more comprehensive). The construction process is a little more complicated, and […]

  • Setting up the environment of Ubuntu GIT and connecting GitHub (password free) through SSH


    Git local environment configuration 1. Install GIT sudo apt-get install git 2. Configure user information $ git config –global user.name “Your Name” $ git config –global user.email [email protected] 3. Initialize local warehouse configuration git init Connecting GitHub via SSH 1. Install SSH sudo apt-get install ssh First, SSH keygen confirms the storage location and file […]

  • Spring boot integrates JWT to realize user login authentication


    JWT introduction What is JWT JWT is the abbreviation of JSON web token, which is based on theJSON(RFC 7519). A concise, self-contained method is defined for communication between two partiesJSONThe formal security of the object. Because of the existence of a digital signature, this information is trusted and can be used by JWTHMACAlgorithm orRSAThe public […]

  • Alicloud Linux server modifies SSH connection port and sets key login


    Today, I found that someone attacked my alicloud server. Although I used a strong password, I still felt a little uneasy. I decided to restrict access only through key and change the SSH connection port 1. Generate key pair First of all, execute the following command on the login server ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ” […]

  • Official course of redis


    Programming with redisA complete list of commands implemented by redis, as well as a complete document for each command.Pipeline: learn how to send multiple commands at a time to save round trip time.Redis pub / sub: redis is a fast and stable publish / subscribe messaging system! Look at this.Redis Lua script: redis Lua script […]

  • JWT introduction


    This article is translated from the official website of JWT to introduce what JWT is and what it can do. JWT is a concise and URL safe declarative specification for transmitting security information between two parties. As an open standard (RFC 7519), JWT defines a concise, self-contained method for the safe transmission of information between […]

  • Promise a very simple use


    During the development process, I have encountered many asynchronous problems, which are solved in a very stupid way. I have encountered them again today. I decided to use promise for a try. After looking at it for a while, I found that the simple use of promise is very simple, so I feel like sharing […]

  • 1024 programmer’s day, come and get your lifelong free cloud server


    After being a programmer, do you want a cloud server with your own little things? Whether it’s a good idea or just practicing technology, it’s good to put your work on the cloud server and access it on the public network. Both Alibaba cloud and Tencent cloud have cloud servers for rent and sale. According […]

  • Manually implement a JSON webtoken


    Write it at the front This article will let you knowjwtAndbase64The principle of coding. At the same time, I also simple realizationjwtTo generate, click here. What is JWT It’s essentially a signed piece of data in JSON format. Since it is signed, the receiver can verify its authenticity. At the same time, because it is […]

  • Web authentication and API using token


    First of all, I’ll post the article I’ve read:1.http://www.cnblogs.com/xiekel…2.http://blog.leapoahead.com/20…3.http://blog.leapoahead.com/20…4.jwt demo :https://github.com/bigmeow/JWTFive https://github.com/jwtk/jjwt There are several good ones here, which are officially recommendedSix http://blog.csdn.net/koastal/… Anti replay attack scheme based on timestamp and nonce The company’s current web design is based on HTTP basic auth, and has always felt that there will be great security problems, and […]

  • Koa JWT documentation (machine retouching)


    Koa-jwt node>=7.6.0 npm v3.2.2 This module allows you to authenticate HTTP requests in your koa application by using JSON web token (hereinafter referred to as JWT) This document gives a good introduction If you use koa version 2. +, and you have a node. Installation earlier than 7.6 [email protected] The koa JWT version 3 + […]