• ABAP regular expression


    Regular expression is more complex, but you can use regular expression to kill many programmers, because others have written a lot of bad code, you can do it in one sentence. se24 CL_ABAP_MATCHER Exercise 1:^[0-9]+abc$^Enter the starting position of the string for the match. [0-9] + matches multiple numbers, [0-9] matches a single number, + […]

  • Auction system design (knowledge transfer of seckill system)


    Since finishing the article of seckill system (PHP + golang commodity seckill) last time, knowledge migration is a new project, commodity auction. Technology: PHP, mysql, redis, laravel Business objects: goods, sessions and orders Bidding process: 1、 Crud of goods, auction sessions and orders;2、 The information of seconds, goods and inventory will be written into redis […]

  • It only takes a few steps to finish the second kill!!


    Soul torture Second kill this kind of big concurrent write scene, direct sub library sub table open dry? Is it difficult to cope with the peak traffic of second kill activity? Don’t cheat me with Taobao level second kill Characteristics of second kill activity I dare say that all the students who have done e-commerce […]

  • [open source project] new advanced functions of laravel shop E-commerce


    function Function list: High performance infinite level classification; Crowdfunding commodity management; Crowdfunding product order logic; Crowdfunding commodity end logic; Payment of orders by instalments; Calculate the installment overdue fee; Refund of installment orders; Adding attributes to commodities; Use elasticsearch to reconstruct the commodity search module; Faceted search; Similar goods inquiry; Index migration of elasticsearch; Second […]

  • It’s just a few steps to finish the second kill!!


    Soul torture Second kill this kind of large concurrent writing scene, directly sub database sub meter open dry? Is it hard to deal with the traffic peak of seckill? Don’t fool me with Taobao level seconds Characteristics of seckilling activities I dare say that all the students who have done e-commerce will encounter the “high […]

  • Second kill idea based on PHP spool extension


    Second kill idea based on PHP spool extension After AB pressure test, the average QPS of script is 4500 ab -n1000 -c10 Script code, ideas are basically explained in the code comments application-Index.php /** *Using the Chan and coprocess of swoole to deal with seckill *Ideas *Set the channel number of a channel to […]

  • Seckill system background implementation details


    Seckill background implementation This paper mainly explains how to solve the following problems in the actual combat of the project 1) Realize the asynchronous order of the second kill, master how to ensure that the producer consumer message is not lost 2) To prevent malicious swiping 3) To prevent the same product from repeated second […]

  • The optimization of high concurrency of Tomcat and JVM in an online shopping mall


    Source: https://urlify.cn/jyYny2 For online system optimization, it itself is a technical activity. It not only needs strong technical combat ability, strong problem positioning, problem identification, problem troubleshooting ability, but also needs a lot of tuning ability. This article from the practical point of view, from the problem identification, problem positioning, problem analysis, put forward solutions, […]

  • Comprehensive understanding of message queuing (1)


    Let’s think about message queuing: 1. Why is MQ used in the system? Must it be used in distributed systems? 2. What middleware does MQ have? What are their characteristics? 3. Does MQ bring benefits to the system, but does it bring any problems? How to solve it? Generally, during our interview, the interviewer will […]

  • Live app ushers in a peak with goods, how to quickly own its own live app platform?


    <!– /\* Font Definitions \*/ @font-face {font- family:Helvetica; panose-1:2 11 6 4 2 2 2 2 2 4; mso-font- charset:0; mso-generic-font- family:swiss; mso-font- format:other; mso-font- pitch:variable; mso-font- signature:3 0 0 01 0;} @ font face {font family: Song typeface; panose-1:2 160 0311 11 11; MSO font- alt:SimSun; mso-font- charset:134; mso-generic-font- family:auto; mso-font- pitch:variable; mso-font- signature:3 […]

  • What is peak shaving? How to solve the peak cutting scenario of seckill business


    The origin of flow peak cutting It mainly comes from the business scenarios of the Internet, for example, the Spring Festival train ticket rush to start soon, a large number of users need to rush to buy at the same time; and the well-known Alibaba double 11 seconds kill,In a short time, hundreds of millions […]

  • The design of seckill system


    The more you know, the more you don’t know Take a look at it and get used to it GitHubHttps://github.com/javafamily has the brain map and personal contact information of the interview site of the first-line large-scale factory. Welcome to star and advice Preface RedisIt is so widely used in Internet technology storage that almost all […]