• Detailed explanation of IOS integrated Google map (positioning, search)


    Introduction: Recently, I spent some time reading official documents of Google map and integrating them into the international app. The online explanation of Google map for IOS is a little less than that of Android. Almost all the documents that are helpful are English documents. Here are the pits I encountered in the development process […]

  • Go language file regular expression search function example


    In this paper, the regular expression search function of go language file is described. To share with you for your reference, as follows: Copy codeThe code is as follows: package main import (     “fmt”     “os”     “path/filepath”     “regexp” ) func main() {/ / command line parameters     args := os.Args/ / check […]

  • An example analysis of the search function of MySQL regular expressions (regexp and rlike)


    The example of this paper describes the search function of MySQL regular expressions (regexp and rlike). To share with you for your reference, as follows: We know that regular expressions are special strings that describe search patterns. It is a powerful tool, which provides us with a simple and flexible method to recognize pattern based […]

  • The function of search box with search icon based on HTML CSS


    Preface Let’s share a lot of useful ways to make a search box with small icons. Effect display Basic thinking 1. Search image is placed above the search box with absolute positioning 2. The input box sets the text indent, which is the size of the search image plus the outer margin of the left […]

  • Ajax implements paging of search function


    The example of this article shares the paging of search function implemented by Ajax for your reference. The specific content is as follows Previously, only the search function was implemented, but the page cannot be divided into 2333 pages. Therefore, on the basis of the previous article, the page can be modified to realize paging […]

  • VBS calls WMI to search hard disk MP3 files


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: strComputer = “.” Set objWMIService = GetObject(“winmgmts:” _ & “{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\” _ & strComputer & “\root\cimv2”) Set colFiles = objWMIService. _ ExecQuery(“Select * from CIM_DataFile where Extension = ‘mp3′”) For Each objFile in colFiles Wscript.Echo objFile.Name Next Top upExecQuery(“Select * from CIM_DataFile where Extension = ‘mp3′”) Replace the MP3 in […]

  • Improve SQL Server database performance by using the correct search arguments


    Original address: http://www.sqlpassage.at/archive/2014/04/08/improving-query-performance-by-using-correct-search–arguments/ Today’s article talks about a specific performance issue of indexing on SQL server. problem Look at the following simple query statement. You may have seen it hundreds of times — Results in an Index Scan SELECT * FROM Sales.SalesOrderHeader WHERE YEAR(OrderDate) = 2005 AND MONTH(OrderDate) = 7 GO The door-to-door code to […]

  • WordPress add and integrate Google Custom Search implementation steps and code


    It is very necessary to add a Google Custom search to the blog. When users search, they highlight the keywords, improve the accuracy of the search, and use Google high-speed Ajax to load, greatly reduce the burden of the host. Even you can customize CSS, custom display results, and integrate AdSense and analytics in Google […]

  • WordPress blog search keyword highlight implementation code


    Recently, I am very interested in some small improvements of WordPress, which can make your blog more personalized and interesting. The following code can highlight the keywords you search in the results. First, put the first code in functions.php: Copy code The code is as follows: function hls_set_query() { $query = attribute_escape(get_search_query()); if(strlen($query) > 0){ […]

  • PHP combined with bootstrap and JS to realize the function of deleting, editing and searching student list


    This small project of our own will come to an end. There may be many more bugs. Excuse me Delete student function PHP: //Here is the URL from the front-end code HTML, which is obtained by $_get (see the home page for relevant HTML code and the previous blogs) If (empty ($_get [‘num ‘]) exit […]

  • Learn these search techniques and you’ll be 10 times more efficient.


    I mentioned the following sentence in Xu Cen’s course notes (how to train your research ability effectively): “Research is called research in English. Search means search. It’s hard to search that is suitable for research. “ Many novices always like to ask other people simple questions, but in fact, asking others questions without searching by […]

  • Intellij IDEA Plug-in-SearchByBaidu


    Intellij IDEA Plug-in-SearchByBaidu Preface The name of this plug-in is SearchByBaidu, which can also be seen by its name. It is retrieved using baidu. Although Google search is more efficient, Baidu is still useful for Chinese search results. Note: The search engine using Google has been provided in the version of Intellij IDEA 2018. install […]