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  • Where does the programming language ranking come from? Is the data really accurate?


    As for programming languages, it seems that we often see some ranking lists on the Internet, so where does this ranking come from? Is it accurate? This mysterious veil comes from: tiobe. Then Xiaobian wants to confirm a question that may be beaten. Is PHP the best language in the world? We use the tiobe […]

  • PHP notes 17 18 19 20 21


    catalogue Custom function parameter Function return value Scope of PHP variables local variable global variable Static variable Transfer of parameters Pass parameters by value Pass parameters by reference Default parameters for function Variable length parameter Variable function (variable function) **Recursive function** Built in function Custom function <?php function text() { Echo ‘Hello!’; } text(); Note: […]

  • HTML validate


    HTML validateRefers to HTML validation. It is the process of analyzing HTML documents, marking errors and non-standard code by comparing with standard HTML rules. Web pages are rendered using HTML, and HTML itself adopts HTML specification as its rules and standards. Pass verificationHTML codeAcross multiple browser standards!1. Web site accessibility: Validating HTML code helps you […]

  • PHP installation and deployment elasticsearch process


    For PHPer, it’s important to keep a good record of the configuration related to Java. Because of the needs of the project, we should build our own es environment now Please install the Java environment by yourself. Here we mainly talk about es installation Before installation, the ES home page is the latest version by […]

  • Elasticsearch installation and elasticsearch head plug-in installation under Windows


    Introduction to elasticsearch Elasticsearch is a search engine based on Lucene library. It provides a distributed and multi tenant full-text search engine with HTTP web interface and modeless JSON documents. Elasticsearch has the following features: Distributed, no need to build clusters manually (Solr needs to be configured manually, and zookeeper is used as the registration […]

  • How to implement a search engine with CSS?


    Hello, I’m Carson. stayCSSIn, we passedselector(selector) select a style clip: .title { color: red; } In short, selectorstitleCorresponding stylecolor: red; From another angle, we can also say: Keywords.titleCorresponding datacolor: red; In our life, what else depends on this correspondence? An obvious example: search engine. Enter in search enginekey word, the search engine searches and returnskey […]

  • robots. Txt detailed introduction


    robots. Txt is a plain text file. In this file, the website manager can declare the parts of the website that do not want to be accessed by robots, or specify that the search engine only includes the specified content.robots. Txt basic introductionrobots. Txt is a plain text file. In this file, the website manager […]

  • Ajax support search engine problem analysis


    Any map of Google is made with Ajax, but Google does not support Ajax, and most search engines do not support it. Therefore, if you use ajax as a website, you can imagine the ranking and traffic of the website. Although it may be supported by the development of search engines in the future, when […]

  • HTML rapid growth (1) – initial HTML


    This article is about some basic tips and knowledge points, which is convenient to quickly wake up memory. I have always advocated that writing code does not rely on remembering multiple codes, but on understanding, and then know how to better realize functions and requirements. Code syntax is just a tool, with the focus on […]

  • [programmer’s utility recommendation] MAC efficiency artifact Alfred


    Alfred is a powerful artifact that can effectively improve the efficiency of MAC computers. It can be said that with Alfred, you can basically realize various operations without the mouse. Compared with the Mac’s own focus search, it can be called a rolling advantage. The following figure shows the Alfred icon on the official website:https://www.alfredapp.com/ […]

  • How do I install and deploy Solr?


    Solr is an independent enterprise search application server, which provides an API interface similar to web service. Users can submit XML files in a certain format to the search engine server through HTTP request to generate an index; You can also make a search request through HTTP get operation and get the return result in […]

  • How to judge whether an IP is a crawler


    Judging crawlers by IP If you check the server log and see the numerous IP addresses, you can see at a glance that those IPS are crawlers and those IPS are normal crawlers, like this: In this dense log, it is not easy for us to distinguish not only the real crawler IP, but also […]