• How to implement an easy-to-use word cloud generation tool?


    Creative background It has always been a personal dream to generate a cool cloud picture at any time. A long time ago, I wrote a simple version:http://houbb.github.io/tools/…。 The effects are as follows: However, there are some small problems: Automatic word segmentation is not possible Cannot set font size based on word frequency So I walked […]

  • vue+ pdf.js +Experience of canvas


    Recently, the company has done a project, the main function is to drag and drop the seal on the PDF. This function has two main points The contents of the seal are displayed immediately by dragging and dropping the block; Pdf echo (because it involves multi person operation, the echo includes the final effect signed […]

  • Using in WinForm program Spire.Pdf Add seal to the page


    In some cases, we often need to use a seal to stamp each page of the document to indicate that the document has been certified by a certain department. The conventional way is to stamp the document after printing, and scan the electronic file again if necessary. In this way, if there are a lot […]