• MobTech SMS Verification Android API


    SMS SDK callback (afterEvent) /** * cn.smssdk.EventHandler.class * SMS SDK callback * @param event event code * @param result result code * @param data callback data object */ public void afterEvent(int event, int result, Object data) sample code EventHandler eh = new EventHandler() { @Override public void afterEvent(int event, int result, Object data) { // […]

  • Nanny-level tutorial: write your own mobile applications and applets (Part 4)


    In the previous article, we mainly learned how to introduce third-party SDKs into our iOS or Android applications. With the Introducing SDK article over, the series on getting started with application development comes to an end. So today, we will start to learn how to develop small programs, and see how to write our own […]

  • How to break through the bottleneck of Internet of Vehicles development?


    In recent years, transportation power has become a national strategy, and smart transportation is one of the main directions. According to the plan, the country will “promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence with transportation, accelerate the construction of the Internet of Vehicles and the Internet of Ships, and build […]

  • Nanny-level tutorial: write your own mobile applications and applets (Part 2)


    We know that App development is more at the user level, from UI display to business logic processing, and handles user behavior throughout the process. The SDK is aimed at developers, and the development is more biased towards functions, focusing on the development and realization of functions. In the last article of this series, we […]

  • Introduction to the use of MobPush, an intelligent push service product


    MobPush Product Overview MobPush isMobTechA free push service tool launched, supported by client SDKiOSandAndroidTwo platforms, easy and quick to integrate, and provide complete visual data and powerful management background Main features of MobPush MobPush Advantages push process Android push process: iOS push process: message type MobPush provides three forms of push messages: notifications, custom messages, […]

  • MobPush How to Quickly create an application


    MobPush isMobTecha freePush service tool, client SDK supportiOSandAndroidTwo platforms, easy and quick to integrate, and provide complete visual data and powerful management background 1. Enter the workbenchOpen http://www.mob.com and log in, select “Developer Platform” to enter the workbench. 2. Create an appClick the “Create Application” button, upload the application logo and application name to complete […]

  • MobPush Fast integration method for iOS


    Development tools: XcodeIntegration method: manually import SDK or Pod integrationSDK version support: SDK supports Xcode 9.1.0, iOS8.0+ and above Before registering an account to use PushSDK, you need to register a developer account on the MobTech official website and obtain the AppKey and AppSecret provided by MobTech. For details, you can click to view the […]

  • MobPush Background privacy data item configuration for App Store Connect


    Enter the App privacy configuration entry start data collection Configuration Data Item Identifier – Generic usage data Diagnostics – General Location In the configuration of the data item, check the APP function For detailed operations, please click to enter the MobPush Documentation Center to view

  • How to add SMS login button in the authorization interface on the Android side in MobTech


    SecVerifySDK provides two ways to customize the authorization interface, namely UISetting. It is recommended to use the Adapter method to customize the authorization interface. You can also use the Adapter method combined with UISetting (for example, to realize the opening page animation). write xml layout Use the adapter to achieve customization by writing the layout […]

  • How to realize the scene restoration function of MobLink on the iOS side


    Download SDK 1. Log in to the official website 2. Click here to download SDK Check Moblink, click to download Import SDK 1. Drag the entire SDK file, MobLinkPro.framework, MOBFoundation.framework into the project, as shown below: Tick ​​the following 3 items Add dependency library Select the project Target – Build Phases – Link Binary With […]

  • ShareSDK Android side permission description


    ShareSDK usage rights remove unnecessary permissions General permission removalYou can add the following configuration to the build.gradle file in the module module to remove the optional permission method automatically loaded by Gradle. After removal, you can use it normally without adding other configuration functions: permissions { exclude “Permission to be removed 1”, “Permission to be […]

  • MobTech SMSSDK iOS API


    Returns the user privacy authorization result (uploadPrivacyPermissionStatus) /** Upload Privacy Agreement Authorization Status @param isAgree agree (the result after user authorization) @param OnResult executes the callback result, which can be nil (note that the business logic should not depend on this success result, it is recommended that the business logic be written after calling this […]