• Nexus 3 upload Maven dependency


    When developing in the Intranet environment, it is extremely unfriendly to Maven and other projects, because it cannot be connected to the Maven central warehouse, so the existing solution is to build a maven private library (of course, if you want to import all packages through LIB). After using nexus to build and configure, you […]

  • RFC: Extensible UDT


    Extensible UDT (extensible UDT, uniformly called XUDT in this paper) is an extension based on simple UDT, which can be used to define the behavior that more UDTs may need. Sudt provides a basic core for issuing UDT on nervos CKB, while XUDT can be based on sudt to meet more potential needs, such as […]

  • Don’t worry about loading complex scenes! Thingjs takes you ten times faster


    This is a sweet worry: large 3D scenes have complex structures and high requirements for accuracy, resulting in a large amount of data reading. Therefore, thingjs technical team successfully developedBrowser general temporary cache Persistence technology, greatly reduce the data transmission pressure on the web side and optimize the loading experience of large scenes. This function […]

  • How to reuse external shell scripts under Linux


    In Linux development, shell scripts are often written to perform some tasks. Usually, a script only does one thing. With the increase of tasks, there will be more and more scripts and more reusable places. At this time, it is necessary to extract the common functions in the script and put them into a general […]

  • Use the shell script to automatically compare the two installation directories and generate differential patch packages


    Raising questions The installation packages of various business lines of the company range from tens of megabytes to hundreds of megabytes. When the self built upgrade system is used to distribute the new version to millions of users across the country, the traffic consumption is quite amazing. Sometimes only a few DLLs are changed in […]

  • Docker compose one click deployment mall system


    Hello, I’m big zongzi I feel bad Why? Because many of my friends can’t run my open source projects. Basically, 80% or 90% of them are due to environmental factors. Either MySQL or redis cannot be connected, or there is a problem with the nginx path. Wait! The result was that it didn’t work. Instead, […]

  • Let’s encrypt – use free SSL / TLS certificates


    Free SSL certificates are provided by domestic cloud service providers such as Alibaba and Tencent, but their certificates are only free for one year, and do not support free wildcard certificates. The charged certificates are at least 1K / year, which is certainly unbearable for individual users. Fortunately, we still have themLet’s Encrypt。 adoptLet’s EncryptAlthough […]

  • PHP core features – error handling


    Errors and exceptions Wrong, understandableError in the program itselfFor example, syntax error. The anomaly is more inclined toThe program did not run as expectedperhapsNon compliance with normal process; For the PHP language, the mechanisms used to handle errors and exceptions are completely different, so it is easy to be confused. For example, we want to […]

  • Shell Scripting best practices


    preface Due to work needs, I recently started cleaning up shell scripts. Although most commands are often used by themselves, they are always ugly when writing scripts. And when I look at scripts written by others, I always find it difficult to read. After all, shell script is not a serious programming language. It is […]

  • Use PHP built-in web server to realize simple debugging application


    Because I often execute some PHP code fragments or temporary projects for testing. The office environment is in the virtual machine. I don’t want to destroy the office environment because of some personal tests; Therefore, only one PHP can be installed locally in win (the installation is omitted), or PHP can be installed on Linux […]

  • Introduction to Linux shell script Basics


    introduce Shell script is an important tool to realize Linux system automation, improve efficiency and avoid repeated work, such as the following scenario 1. Optimization and IP address setting after system installation 2. Establishment of service after system installation 3. Monitoring of system resources and services, etc Learning shell scripts is best based on the […]

  • Package the electronic application as a Windows Installer


    This article will briefly describe how to package the electron application as a Windows Installer. Prepare in advance Node environment Install Wix (tool packaged as MSI installer):https://wixtoolset.org/, after installation, add the bin folder of Wix to the path environment variable. for exampleC:\Program Files (x86)\WiX Toolset v3.11\bin\。 Open CMD and entercandleCheck whether Wix is added to […]