• Write a shell Completion Script with me (opening)


    If you are a heavy shell user, be sure to pay attention to the completion function of the shell you are using. The strength of a shell may be the first factor that determines your preference. The shadow of completion in the shell is everywhere. You can have it when you enter a command, when […]

  • Write a shell Completion Script with me (bash)


    In the last article, we decided to givepandocPlan to write a Completion Script: Support for general options Support for sub options (reader options / general writer options) Parameter value sources are supported for options. Like knocking.pandoc -fAfter that, we can make it upFORMATContent. Support main options First, list the procedures to achieve the objectives of […]

  • Read Vue 2.0 from the build, and contribute to your customized implementation!


    First, we will briefly introduce why we should study the background of this matter. We hope that we can customize our own implementation based on weex framework.js. The integration degree of weex has reached the warehouse of Vue. Learning this will help us to understand the context of Vue. Starting from package.json, you can find […]

  • Oracle EBS restart concurrency Manager


    Oracle EBS restart concurrency Manager When Oracle EBS concurrency prompts invalid status, you can restart the concurrency manager to solve the current problem Steps: Access to the AP server of the current environment through terminal software; Input commandcd $ADMIIN_SCRIPTS_HOME, enter the script path; Input commandls, confirm that the script exists in the current pathadcmctl.sh ; […]

  • The method of executing SQL statement in Jenkins project


    Preface In many Jenkins projects on the Internet, SQL files are called based on shell or batch processing to execute SQL commands. Most of them need to be completed based on SQL files. Therefore, when the SQL statements change, you need to go to the Jenkins server to modify the corresponding SQL files or replace […]

  • Using sudo + script to solve the file and directory permission problem of Jenkins construction task


    In general, Jenkins and HTTP services run with their own users, which makes the deployment of code in the construction task encounter a thorny permission problem. For example, if we use nginx to provide HTTP services, and the running user (Group) of nginx is nginx: nginx, then Jenkins does not have permission to delete the […]

  • Using idea to connect database to generate entity class and customize groovy script file


    Introduction: now 2019, there are many plug-ins or editors that support automatic generation of data entity classes based on data tables, such as idea, various mybatis code generation tools, etc. This article introduces how to use idea’s groovy script file to generate entity classes with JPA annotations Reference link: IntelliJ idea detailed steps to generate […]

  • Introduction to BASH


    Genaral Bash (gnux bouene again shell) is a UNIX shell written for GNU plan. It is the default shell used by many linux platforms. Shell is a command interpreter and an insulating layer between the operating system kernel and the user.It can also be said to be a powerful computer language, which is called interpretive […]

  • Two or three things about SVN pre commit hook


    Please jab at the original text:http://galoisplusplus.coding.me/blog/2016/03/12/svn-precommit-hook/ When it comes to tossing SVN hook, it was at the end of last year. Our factory has always had quality assurance processes such as code review, which all depend on the strong output of the old drivers. At that time, many old drivers of our project had to […]

  • Fast execution of Erlang script in VIM


    Recently, I plan to make up my mind to learn how to use iterlangBut I’m not used toerlang shellSwitch back and forth between and vim.After thinking about it, let’s optimize this repetitive process. Just like I configured Python’s execution shortcut, I just pressF6The currently edited Python script will be executed, and a new terminal will […]

  • SQL2005 injection assistant script [rough version]


    Author: tr4c3‘in order to maintain the universality of the script, the usage of and (select col name (object ID (‘tablename’), n)) = 0 is abandoned.‘to return Korean characters, you can modify lines 121 or 136. More settings need to be modified by yourself“More functions, please join yourself Const method = “get” ‘please modify the submission […]

  • FBI warning style SSH login prompt


    It’s interesting to see Qiu Da’s SSH login prompt on Weibo In fact, I don’t know anything about profound skills and fame I tried to modify / etc / MOTD and found that color display is not supported… Then the little friend on Weibo told me that this is to modify the RC file of […]