• Implementation of ZABBIX with dry goods four line script_ Server high availability


    This article includes: four lines of shell script to implement ZABBIX_ High availability of server, ZABBIX_ How to solve the Chinese garbled code when the server executes the window script. Transferred from @ TWT community, [author] Liu Junyuan Four line shell script to realize ZABBIX_ High availability of server Scene simulation: The importance of high […]

  • How to upload Vue project to server automatically after packaging


    Write at the beginning Let me talk about why I want to write this first. Because I was not able to write the 5.0 System before, after modifying the bug, the front end will passnpm run buildAfter packaging, the file is generated, and then uploaded to the server through FTP tool. In the whole process, […]

  • [Mr. Zhao Qiang] using WLST tool of Weblogic


    1、 What is Weblogic WLST? Weblogic scripting tool (WLST) is a command-line scripting interface, which is used by system administrators and operators to monitor and manage WebLogic Server instances and domains. WLST provides the following functions: New WLS domain Check and update WLS domain Configure deployment applications Gets the statistics of the runtime server 2、 […]

  • [notes outside the mountain – basics of hackers] learning windows PowerShell script (Part 1)


    Video address: [hacker foundation] windows PowerShell script learning Study notes on December 5, 2019 1. $psversiontable: view the version information of PowerShell. 2. PowerShell interface: Start searching for “PowerShell” in the interface, and click “PowerShell. Exe” or “PowerShell ISE”. Enter “PowerShell” in the command interface of CMD. 3. PowerShell shortcut Alt + F7: clear command […]

  • Distributed e-commerce project (4) — Linux system configuration and deployment


    virtual machine Virtual machine description 1. Modify the IP range2. Check the gateway address3. Set IP lease Remote server link Using toolsMobaXtermMobaxterm, also known as mobaxvt, is an enhanced remote connection tool, similar to xshell. You can easily try GNU UNIX commands on UNIX / Linux. In this way, we can try out the virtual […]

  • Failed when the file name contains spaces


    Questions raisedError using previous script to add template to Xcode: #!/bin/bash SAVEIFS=$IFS IFS=$(echo -en “\n\b”) PROJECT_TEMPLATES_PATH=”/Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/Library/Xcode/Templates/Project Templates/iOS/Application/” FILE_TEMPLATES_PATH=”/Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/Library/Xcode/Templates/File Templates/Source/” EMPTY_APPLICATION_PATH=”$PWD/Empty Application.xctemplate” OC_CATEGORY_PATH=”$PWD/Objective-C category.xctemplate” OC_PROTOCOL_PATH=”$PWD/Objective-C protocol.xctemplate” OC_EXTENSION_PATH=”$PWD/Objective-C class extension.xctemplate” cp -R $EMPTY_APPLICATION_PATH $PROJECT_TEMPLATES_PATH cp -R $OC_CATEGORY_PATH $FILE_TEMPLATES_PATH cp -R $OC_PROTOCOL_PATH $FILE_TEMPLATES_PATH cp -R $OC_EXTENSION_PATH $FILE_TEMPLATES_PATH IFS=$SAVEIFS Analyze the problem1. According to the prompt, the path of […]

  • Record a redis cluster exception. (error) clusterdown the cluster is down


    Accident description Previously, we used docker compose to build a redis test cluster on the test server. It ran for a long time without exceptionBut there was an accident in the computer room, and the server was rebooted for no reason. There was no exception when the redis cluster was rebooted, but the get, set […]

  • Hpqlocfg batch management HP ILO practice


    preface HP ILO, Dell Idrac, IBM / Lenovo IMM and other names should not be unfamiliar to server hardware engineers. Of course, when the server is purchased and put on the shelves on a large scale, many small partners are expected to crash. OOB out of band management IP needs to be manually configured, and […]

  • Practical course of SYSTEMd process management tool


    Introduction to SYSTEMd SYSTEMd is the main system daemons management tool on the Linux system. On the one hand, init is serialized for process management, which is easy to block. On the other hand, init only executes startup scripts, which can’t manage the service itself more. Therefore, since CentOS 7, init has been replaced by […]

  • Amazing! 100 shell scripts out of the box. Here you are~


    Shell script is a powerful tool to help programmers and system administrators complete the tedious work of time-consuming and laborious. It is an effective way to interact with computers and manage files and system operations. Just a few lines of code will allow the computer to act as you wish. Migrant brother sorted out 100 […]

  • Real time syntax checking of raku (perl6) script with language server in VIM


    ======Update 2021.02.07: update syntax check code Previously, I sorted out a raku script as the language server of raku in VIM / neovimIt can check the syntax of raku script after the file is saved Because the previous language server script usedraku -c foobar.rakuStatement to check the syntax of the script. The above syntax check […]

  • Introduction to the installation and use of the latest version of gradle


    brief introduction The latest version of gradle is 6.7, which has been developing for 11 years from the first version in 2009 to 6.7 in 2020. Gradle is introduced as the official building tool of Android. In addition to Java, it can also support the building of multiple languages, so it is widely used. Gradle […]